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Weekly Pickin's - Week 12

Orange: Wanderers v Pierogies

Pierogies enjoyed having a bye probably as much as beating Slurpees in the playoffs by more than 20pts, for the second time in 2 sessions. Wanderers beat a Macho Menace team in a low scoring game. QB Hogan has said this is his last game, but will he be able to go out on top? Rumor is that Wanderers also may not be returning in the fall. Who will leave on top of the Game On! Mountain?  This session Pierogies beat Wanderers in the regular season, but Wanderers are the Fall18 champs. Who to bet on from Vegas? Amber or Emily, Hogan or Sal. Pierogies and Wanderers per usual have the highest PPG in the league, with Pierogies finishing 2nd out of 45 teams with at 43PPG average.  Prediction: They may get loud, it may be aggressive, but when the final horn sounds it will be the perfect, and appropriate send off for a Game On! Legend. Good luck Hogan, you probably would not have had it any other way. Pierogies 51-50.


Yellow: HK9 v Inglorious Basterds 

So what happened last week? Let's recap, HK9 beat a very good Shake n Bake team with a studly QB. The Bastards smoked two good teams with easy offensive scoring, and brutally good defense. The Bastards and Isaac beat The Hulks who were the number one seed in the division. Will Dave again be able to control the ball and keep up with Hogan's fast pace, score now offense? Last week of the regular season HK9 beat Bastards. Does this help? Prediction: HK9 should win this game, right? Basterds 40-38.


Purple: Touchdown There v Labatt Blue Ballers

Touchdowns QB Tony has been in the league for a while now, please do not underestimate his arm. The TD There crew went 10-0 this session, not easy to do, but in comparison the Patriots went undefeated until facing a "Blue" team in the Super Bowl (see a correlation). First game of the session, the Blue Ballers lost to Touchdown by only 3 points.  Last week, the Ballers beat a very good Spartan team, and then snuck a 3 point win against the Savages. Can Blue keep up with Touchdown There's super high PPG average (44.2)?!?! Prediction: Upset City from Vegas! This message is brought to you by the sponsors of Labatt Blue. The best beer we have in Buffalo. Be careful not to Touchdown There because Labatt Blue Ballers are top the Mountain 32-30


Brown: Fresenius B.IG. v (35PPG) Victoria Secrets (34PPG) 

Game of the Week?!?! Fresenius BIG is the talk of the town, how did they beat a very good Still Running team, and then, how in the world did they smoke the Interdimensional Lighting Falcons 48-10? Pink team already played the Fresenius B.I.G., it was week 5, and The Secrets beat them up badly 53-26.  Why will this outcome be any different this time, if Victorious beat them by more than 25 points?  Last week, Pink beat the very good Wizard team from Buffalo, and then they came into the GoatSack arena and doubled what Andy and GoatSack could muster in the heat. All the well-rounded players on Victoria Secret are going to have to be gearing up for this fierce Fresenius battle. Jordan will be with clipboard in his pink casted hand, and he will be vigorously taking notes and directing his mates Ralph and James as they try to capture a title in the Buffalo heat.  With speed of Ralph on both sides of the ball, it should be fun for James to try and out throw him.  BIGs Captain Pat has 17 players on his current roster.  Who will show up, and more importantly who will make the BIG plays against this experienced Victorious Squad? Prediction: Secrets Secrets are no fun.  Secrets Secrets can hurt someone. Secrets win B.I.G. 33-21 and hopefully prepare for fall session.


#2 Wanderers vs #1 Flying Pierogis - As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Man's Feet)

The Menaces trounced No Soup For You 36-7 before the Wanderers snuck by 'em 33-28.  Sizzurp Slurpees beat up Woke Up Real Dangerous 22-17, then pulled a 1 st half no-show as the Pierogis won 59-30.  This game marks Col Hogan's last game in the Game On universe, as he will be taking his talents to Florida to try and make a living betting on jai alai and dog races.  The Wanderers have long-time D-4 QB Synor on the roster to see if they can get him a championship before his knees finally give out.  Pierogis beat the Wanderers 53-50 in their season finales.  Prediction: when these two teams meet, it usually gets ugly, and the defenses don't show up.  Wanderers send Hogan out with a last loss, 48-44


#2 HK9 vs #5 Inglorious Basterds - Apocalypse in 9/8 (co-starring the Delicious Talents of Gabble Ratchet)

HK9 abused Abusement Park 46-14 before getting past Shake and Bake 29-23 to reach the final game.  The Basterds took out Sometimes We Go Out 58-28 and then turned the Hulks back into Bruce Banner 57-12 to become the biggest surprise of the season.  HK9 has a lot of talent, but not a lot of depth.  The Basterds have a lot of depth but not a lot of talent.  HK9 won a Week Nine slugfest, 49-30.  We heard Hogan is doubling down on his last gasp at championship by piloting the Basterds to the Final Game.  HK9 can play it slow and easy or fast and loose.  If the Basterds let HK9 dictate the pace, they won't have a chance.  Prediction: they don't. HK9 has just too much left in the tank, and take this one 40-28


#2 Labatt Blue Ballers vs #1 Touchdown There - The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man

The Ballers defeated the Spartans 48-20 before slipping past the Saints Among Savages 30-27.  Touchdown There waited for Family Feud & Some Other Dudes to beat Laces Out! 42-34 before punching their ticket to the Final Game by punching out the Feuders 50-30.  The second 1v2 matchup of Championship Saturday, but this will be played on Championship Tuesday.  Touchdown There has been on a tear all season and beat the Ballers 30-27 in Week One.  Prediction: The Ballers can give Touchdown There a game, and with the game on a Tuesday, we'll take the Ballers 38-32.


#2 Victorious Secret vs #5 Fresenius B.I.G. - Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men

Victorious Secret took the magic away from the North Buffalo Wizards 42-14 before sacking the goats out of GoatSack! 53-24.  Fresenius came up B.I.G. in a 36-26 win over Still Running and then came up even B.I.G.ger in an 48-10 upset over the previously undefeated Interdimensional Lightning Falcons.  The Secrets beat Fresenius 53-26 in Week Nine.  We don't think B.I.G. has the horses to compete with the Secrets, especially if all the ladies show up.  Prediction: Victorious Secret will win, but it won't be easy, 48-39


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