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Weekly Pickin's - Week 11

Game On! Championship Games

Orange Championship:

#1 Wanderers (46 PPG) v #2 Losing Streak (51 PPG)

Last Week: Losing Streak beats rival Sizzurp Slurpees 46-30, with great catches and strong Man-D from Anna.  Totes upset the Haunting Menaces! Just when everyone started to doubt Totes McGoats, and praise Menaces as an "elite team", Totes hangs onto the early lead, and scores late to seal the deal.  Later, Totes v Wanderers ended with the defending Champs winning 55-34 as Totes couldn't punch past Mike O and Sal.  This week's game is a rematch of last Fall's Championship game where Wanderers were victorious by one score.  Losing Streak has had some success against the number one team in the division, beating them on separate occasions.  Note: This fall, the weather has been "Beautiful Buffalo", but the seasons are a changin', prepare for wet, cold, snow, and sassy winds.  Jordan and his band of Losing Streakers are still looking for that elusive D1 Hardware.  If Losing Streak wants to be the #1 Team they are going to have to win/take the Championship that Wanderers have been protecting for almost 3 years.  Can Losing Streak have the same success as Talent Juice did when they beat the Wanderers by holding them to 30points? Can John and Sean Jr., or will Emily and Alan do it again?  Orange Championship Prediction: Wanderers beat Losing Streak again and Wanderers still go round and round and round for Captain Randy, rainy game 40-36.

Yellow Championship:

#3 Remember the Beer (38 PPG) v #5 Buffalo Stunners (45 PPG)

Last Week:  How did this happen? Vegas is rich! The odds of #1 Mavericks and #2 Bake n Shake losing?  Phew, back-up a little, Gucci finishes the session losing a nail biter to Buffalo Bad Boy Stunners, and then The Stunners Stun the whole City of Buffalo by beating Mavericks 44-42!  Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer, not forgotten but remembered for their easy win over a shorthanded Touchdown There. This stomping in the first round for the Beer warmed them up a little, and lifted their spirits to a mountainous level.  38-36 Beer holds onto the win against an amazing Shake n Bake team.  I bet the guys on the On!core Podcast will be descriptive about their big wins, and their fear of the Bad Boy Savion, The Bad Boy Cezar, The Bad Boy Brian, and especially the Baddest Boi on the Block Desiree. Note: This fall the weather has been Stunningly Beautiful Buffalo, but the season is a changin', prepare for wet, cold, snow, and sassy winds.  Stunners have been in the league for a long time now (longer than Marty and Tim) and have the experience to win this game.  Will Beer be inconsistent? Prediction: Stunners win! The Bad Boy is back! Stunners win 40-32. Good Luck Both Teams, This game should be close and high scoring.  Beer will be served at the bar and the Team will only be Remembered.

Brown Championship:

#1 North Buffalo Knights (38 PPG) v #6 Still Running (29 PPG)

Last Week: North Buffalo beats the Boozers 19-18! Wow what a game! Then #6 Still Running (Bookbinder/Zippiroli) uses their speed and beats both #3 Show Me Your... and the most dominant team in the division #2 Goat Sack 34-31. How the Halloween Weekend did Still Running win both of these games? Better Question, how did NBuff Knights not score during the 2nd half of a playoff game?  Still Running (Rundown 2013) has been in the league longer than the Knights 2014-15, if you can believe this statistic, it really levels the playing field.  NBuff is the favorite, but both QBs have the potential to play mistake-free football, and put the team on their shoulders and exit the park as champions.  Mekker has more efficient play calls and control in his huddles than Rundown.  QB Rundown Alan has the potential to keep any play alive, and is one of the savviest Game On! players when it comes to understand the rules and game clock. Note: This fall the weather has been Beautiful Buffalo, but the season is a changin', prepare for wet, cold, snow, and sassy winds. Prediction:  Upset City?  No No NO! North Buffalo has been waiting patiently for their opportunity to take the trophy, this is their session.  The weather is the only factor that will affect the receivers and interceptions.  Championship Pick is North Buffalo Knights 31-22.  Go Yellow! Great Playoffs Rundown Twins.

Purple Championship:

#2 Bodak Yellow (52 PPG) v #5 69ers 2.0 (40 PPG)

This is the largest division in Game On! Football, so these 2 teams had to rise from the dead, claw, and bite their way to make it to the final showdown.  Bodak lost to 69ers on Oct 12th.  The experience of Hoff, and recently added EX-Pierogi QB Jeremy, the 69ers are now efficient on offense.  Bodak is a great young team in our league.  What Bodak lacks in longevity, they make up for by using speed, and an amazing team rapport. Listen, No Really Listen Close, Bodak was losing 33-6 last week, and won 33-34! That is very impressive, showing massive amounts of team unity, and fighting/playing tough from behind.  This also fully illustrates the inconsistency of the offense of Bodak Yellow.  This game may be the highest scoring game of the day, if the QB of Bodak can get his team moving early, this game could be +100 points. Note: This fall the weather has been Beautiful Buffalo, but the season is a changin', prepare for wet, cold, snow, and sassy winds. Prediction:  Vegas' decision comes down to which QB makes more championship mistakes. Hogan will be the X-Factor, step up to the plate Bodak or 69ers will Win this one easily 50-41.

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