Weekly Pickin's - Week 11



#1 Wanderers (8-2) vs #6 Tight Butts & Sweaty Nutts (5-5)

We always expect the Wanderers to be playing in the last game of the season. Tight Butts & Sweaty Nutts...not so much. Finishing as the 6-seed at a less-than-glamorous 5-5 leads us to believe there was some high-level underachieving going on last week on the part of the Tight opponents. Talent Juice, the #3 seed, only managed 18 points. Hustle, the #2 team and the one team that posed a threat to the Wanderers, lost by 2. The Wanderers don't have anything left to prove, but they won't lie down for the Butts & Nutts squad. Wanderers 44-28

Wanderers v Tight Butts n Sweat Nutts

The Wanderers should be the favorite to win this game, but due to the weather situation, and Tight Butts being a very scrappy, 'play to your competition' type of team, we feel that they have a upset city "pickins" brewing on this championship crown. This post season was crazy!! Tight Butts upset city Talent Juice, who only scored 18 points on Sweaty Nuts Defense. Even more surprising Hustle got canned, legend is it went to 5+ overtimes!!! The Wanderers are going to have to do... well what they always do, just wander their way in circles on the field, then wander to the bar, then wander home. Wanderers are the #1 seed and bar challenge winners. Both teams have strong defense! (because of their females). Looking back... Tight Butts beat Wanderers this session by more than three scores. This team is no joke they won the 2nd division in the spring, and are looking to dominate the top this cold fall. We like the fantasy matchups across the board, on both sides if the ball. Also, A long, long time ago: Buffalo Stunners (Tight Butts) in the playoffs beat the Wanderers at UB stadium to advance, BUT How do you beat the Wanderers? Prediction: Wanderers go around and around and around and win 31-29.


#2 BBC (7-2-1) vs #4 Irish Giants (7-3)

A couple of surprising teams in the Final Game here. We didn't think the BBC would continue their strong play all season, but here they are. Both playoff wins were by 2 points, so they can play and win the close ones. The Giants had two 1-point victories in their playoff run, including a 37-36 win over top-seeded Ram Rod, as the football gods punished them for running up the score on North x West a few weeks ago. Giants QB Kane hasn't been in a Championship Game in a while, so it'll be interesting to see if his arm comes along for the ride. The Giants calling card is still their opportunistic defense, and it'll be up to BBC QB Hoot Gibson to find the holes. We're picking this one to go to OT, and Styles says he's afraid of what BBCer Meg will do to him if he picks against her again, so we're going with BBC 54-48 in OT as Giants QB Kane's arm falls off in the last OT, sealing the BBC victory.


#2 No Soup For You (9-1) vs #1 Conquistadors (10-0)

Finally a genuine Clash of the Titans in the Last Game of the Season. Two top-seeded teams, going at it for the Champeenship. Both teams had a relatively easy time in their playoff wins, beating teams that were playing their second games of the day. The Conquistadors were the highest scoring team in all of Game On this season, averaging almost 62 points a game. Stopping that offensive onslaught will be Soup's No. 1 challenge. They need to put some stops on them in the early going, and force Con QB Emil Muzz to go conservative and do the 'safe' thing. The Conquistadors did not get this far by playing it safe though. The weather could screw this up, but we're looking at a 62-54 win for the Conquistadors.


#3 SHC (8-2) vs #5 Labatt Blue Ballerz (6-4)

Of course, the only Division to not send either one of its top two seeds to the Championship is the Brownies. Top-seed Laces Out! barely got past #8 Balls Deep before blowing an 18-point second half lead to Labatt Blue Ballerz. #2 Hangin' With Hernandez couldn't hang with SHC, who rode a surprising mistake-free game to a 27-21 win. The Blue Ballerz haven't lost since Week Three, and have now won 8 straight. They are the hottest team in all of Game On right now. SHC has won 3 straight of their own, but have shown a tendency to lose focus at times. The Ballerz need to force SHC to make mistakes and then capitalize on them. But SHC has been playing strong the last couple weeks. If the Ballerz can get past the clingy SHC defense, then they can force SHC to play catch up...which would be deep passes all the time. Labatt Blue Ballerz finish off a successful return campaign, 36-24

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