Weekly Pickin's - Week 11


#1 Pierogies 43ppg is the second best in the league next to TouchdownThere at 44.

#2 Wanderers, 41ppg.


#3 Menace 33ppg v #6 Soup 31ppg

By Soup not having a reliable QB in this situation, the edge goes to James and Baker for Menace crew. Menace lost to Soup a couple weeks ago 23-26, a real barn burner. Soup will be ready for the fall with their leader back, and stud John getting the long ball again. The Winner has to play last year's champions Wanderers. Will Menace have their very short roster show up for the game? Will Jordan be ready to play by this Saturday? The word from Vegas is that Jordan has been sleeping in a hyperbolic air machine to speed up his recovery time, like Terrell Owens used to do in Buffalo. Prediction: Menace and James with cannon arm 40-29.


#4 Dangerous 33ppg v #5 Slurpees 37ppg

Excellent mashup. This one is a toss-up. Do you take the Slurpees with their more efficient offence, or Dangerous with their experience? Both teams have a cast of great females. QB comparison is looking relatively even also. Both strong and 6 foot tall.  Looking at the scores from these teams current session, it proves to be a little inconsistent when it comes to scoring for both squads. Slurps lost pretty badly to Dangerous a few weeks ago. This should be the game of the week but who can predict what will happen in the late afternoon Buffalo sun.  Will Matt show us the clutch gene, and win 2 games on Saturday??? Is it All Star QB Ginter's time to shine??? Purple v light blue??? Winner plays #1 Team, with the best ppg average Pierogies.  Prediction: Slurpees come to play and win as Dave hurdles and leaps towards the end zone 40-32. 



#1 Hulks, 37ppg Get the bye as the #1 seed. Great Session. Vegas predicted you guys won't like Hulks when they get angry. Well they Hulk Smashed their way to the playoffs and 8-2 record.


#2 HK9 40ppg v #7 Abusement Park 26ppg

The offensive ppg is swaying in the HK9s direction. The Becker crew has had an up and down session, losing a lot of games they should have won. HK9 is the model of efficiency in the yellow division. Can Dave stay in control the whole game, and play mistake free football? HK9 still has to win 2 games this Sat because they lost to the Hulks in a crucial tie-breaker game. Will the Hulks play HK9 in the Championship game? Odds say definitely not but, Prediction: HK9 and ball control, 40-22.


#5 Basterds 41ppg v #4 Sometimes We Go Out 31ppg

We feel stern that this is the game of the week for the yellow division. We know Megan and BBC normally don't have the best playoff success, but Vegas does show records of first round playoffs dominance for BBC. The Bastards have Hogan playing for them along with a lot of other really spicy Isaac recruits. This game probably will be very exciting and it will be easy to tell within the first 10 minutes of the game who is running on all cylinders. Prediction: Vegas feels that the game will be tied at the end of regulation, and go into an overtime shootout. Where those Bastards will win by scoring a female touchdown to Amber over BBCs We Go Outs 7 Point scoring drive. Basterds 45-44. Oh by the way, Basterds lost to Sometimes We Go Out this regular session.


#3 Shake n Bake 34ppg v #6 Motion n Takeover 42ppg

Shake and Bake beat Motion and Takeover 40-30 in regular session play. This is an interesting game because the first time these teams played each other they were both in the playoffs. The newer QB of Shake and Bake is proving to be a stud. The females on the Shakers are really proving themselves also, as they make great catches all the way down field with a smile. The females on Motion have already proven themselves in other divisions but are not accustomed to the yellows unpredictability. Emily and Frank will be looking for their time to shine near the end zone and Shake and Bake may get Hot and Spicy.  We like this Matchup. Prediction: Motion Wins with experience 40-33.


Last Week Purple -   You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best

Spartans came up big in their season finales, romping Beash Moe 44-18 to make the playoffs.  Labatt Blue Ballers did some romping of their own, 42-12 over Poles & Holes to stay at #2.  With a mismatched line-up, Laces Out! gutted out a 26-20 win over the Blue Ballers.  Laces Out! then gave the Orchids of Asia the beginnings of a not very happy ending by slipping a 20-14 mickey on 'em.  The Orchids then finished up their sad ending by getting shut out, 21-0 by Blood Sweat & Beers.  The Bloody, Sweaty Beers then ended their season with a 26-14 loss to the Soul Takers.  Family Feud & Some Other Dudes split their season-ending doubleheader, winning 48-23 over Saints Among Savages, before falling to the undefeated Touchdown There 40-26.


This Week Purple -   Fishie got a hook in his throat, Fishie got problems


#7 Spartans (4-6) vs #2 Labatt Blue Ballers (8-2)

These teams met 3 weeks ago, with the Blue Ballers coming out on top 44-18.  Ballers won 7 in a row before losing their season finale to Laces Out!  Spartans finished the season 3-3 and had two 2-game losing streaks.  Prediction: Spartans had a nice late-season surge, but the Ballers should be primed to move on, with a 42-28 win.


#6 Saints Among Savages (4-6) vs #3 Soul Takers (8-2)

These teams met in Week Two, with the Soul Takers winning 20-18.  That was before the Saints hit the waiver wire and brought in a few more Savages.  Saints finished on a 3-3 run, and their season had a 3-game winning streak and two 2-game losing streaks.  Clearly a team that likes streaking.  The Soul Takers come into this game on a 4-game winning streak, their second such streak of the season.  Prediction: Soul Takers seem to be pushing all the right buttons at all the right times, so we're going Soul Takers, 36-20


#5 Family Feud & Some Other Dudes (6-4) vs #4 Laces Out! (7-3)

These two tangled in a Week Four match-up, with Laces Out! coming out on top 31-26.  Laces Out! ended the season by winning 4 of their final 5 games after a 2-game losing streak which had some observers questioning their leadership and talent.  Add the Feuders to the list of teams that finished 3-3.  Their season featured a 2-game winning streak which upset their tightly balanced "win 1, lose 1" approach to the season.  Prediction: Laces Out! won't have their usual QB and a few other pieces, so we're calling for a mild upset, Family Feuders 40-30


Last Week Brown - Have a wonderful day in our one-way world

Show Me Your TDs showed a few TDs and almost pulled off the upset, but GoatSack! pulled out the 48-38 win.  Champagne Supernova popped the corks early as the won via forfeit against Strategic Financial Solutions.  The Supernova never got on track in their second game, as the Knights of North Buffalo stormed their castle, 28-14.  Losing & Boozin' kept up with their first half of their name as they lost 30-26 to Fresenius B.I.G.  The Boozers then won their final and giving Balls Deep their first no-win season, 36-12.  Shattered Dreams snuck into the playoffs with their 42-28 blitzing of Still Running.  The Runners were very Still in their second game, losing to the North Buffalo Wizard 36-20.  The Interdimensional Lightning Falcons finished up their undefeated season with a 32-18 over Victorious Secret.


This Week Brown - Jacob, wake up! You've got to tidy your room now

#8 Shattered Dreams (5-5) vs #1 Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (10-0)

These two met a couple weeks ago, with the Falcons taking an easy 51-20 win in Week Nine.  Obviously, the Falcons are riding a 10-game winning streak which spanned the entire season.  The Dreamers are coming in on the opposite of a hot streak, having lost 3 of their last 4.  Prediction: Can anyone stop the Falcons? If you think you can, you must be Dreaming.  Falcons Shatter that Dream, 48-22


#7 North Buffalo Wizards (5-5) vs #2 Victorious Secret (8-2)

The Secrets were Victorious in a Week Five game against the Wizards, winning 25-14.  Wizards are coming in on a 3-game winning streak, but that followed a 4-game losing streak.  Victorious Secret has won 3 of its last 4, and their season featured 5-game and 3-game winning streaks.  Prediction: If the Secrets get competent play from whomever their QB Wheel lands on, they should not have too much of a problem with the Wizards. Wizards need some of that old tyme magik, but even then, it's Victorious Secret, 38-20


#6 GoatSack! (6-4) vs #3 North Buffalo Knights (6-4)

First meeting of the season between these two longtime Game On! franchises.   The Knights of North Buffalo are 2-2 since Memorial Day.   Started 4-0 but then lost 2 of 3.   The Sack! won 4 of their last 5 to get to the playoffs.  Prediction: The Knights are coming into this lukewarm, dare we say tepid, while the Sack! is trending upwards.   GoatSack! Wins this first match-up of four 6-4 teams, 28-22

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