Weekly Pickin's - Week 10


Fall 2018 Awards

Offensive Awards (ppg): Losing Streak (58.1), Wanderers (57.2), Pierogies (55.7), No Soup! (50.6), Injured Reserves (48.8), Bodak Yellow (44.6), Total Recall (42.8), Threat Level Midnight (49.4), Show Me Your TDs (42.6). 


Defensive Award (ppg): Shake n Bake (18.0!), Sizzurp Slurpees (36.2), Talent Juice (38.6), Conquistadors (30.2), Beash Moe (27.3), Strategic Financial Solutions (28.2).


Special Teams Award: Joe, Sue, Genevieve, Amber, Brandon, JJ, Lauren, Marty, Timmy, Tommy.


Surprise Team: Sizzurp Slurpees, Shake n Bake, Lightning Falcons


Moving Up Party: No Soup!, Threat Level Midnight, Injured Reserves, Conquistadors, Total Recall, Bodak Yellow, Lightning Falcons.


MVP: Podcast Crew Amateur Hour, Thank You For Weekly Updates and Time Devotion


Bar Challenge: Balls Deep! (the only thing they're good at, lately) Shout out also to GoatSack!


Orange Division Playoffs

#5 Flyin Pierogies V #4 Sizzurp Slurpees

Last time these two teams faced off. Pierogies scored only 30pts? How did this happen? We feel that FlyingPs are too much offense, with huge fire power. Slurpees have one of the best defenses in the division with Tom and Dave being deceptively quick. Remember Pierogies like to play at 9am, but again let me remind you that Slurpees already beat the Pierogies badly.  Who would like to play the Wanderers?  Prediction: Pierogies play well in the playoffs and win 40-32. Note: There is only one bye in the orange division, and the tie-dye squad grabbed it last week. The Wanderers Averaged 57 PPG and did not lose a game all session! Pierogies lost to Wanderers in the Spring playoffs? Will this happen again? Wind and Rain and Snow? 


#6 Totes McGoats V #3 Talent Juice

How did Totes make it into the playoffs? Marty? Who did you pay off? Well the Champion Juicers are back in the playoffs, just where they want to be, under the radar.  Last session Talent had to win 3 close playoff games to become the Champs, and they will have to do the same this year to stay on the mountain.  Totes hasn't beat Talent in a long time so we are going to pick the team that had more than 4 wins.  Prediction: Talent makes it to Chip again 40-28, listen to the podcast for a good debate about this one. BTW #2 Losing Streak averaged 58PPG.  Losing Streak lost two games and were the highest powered offense in the whole league, out of about 45 teams, for the second session in a row. 


Yellow Division Playoffs

#6 Bougie Ballers V #3 Conquistadors

The Conquistadors had a great session, but now it's the playoffs, and now anything goes. Both teams have some seriously fast, dedicated WRs. Which newbie QB will play better? Very good match up right here!  The Conquistadors beat the Bougie out of the Ballers last time they played, beating them by 2 scores. Both very fast, shifty, and exciting QBs played very impressively during this session, but need more games under their belt before taking on Stunners, Reserves, or Soup.  They just don't score consistently enough.  Prediction: Same as regular season Conquistadors win by a few. 36-27 in the wind.  Female TDs will win this game.


#7 The BBC V #2 Injured Reserves

The BBC is in perfect position to upset this very good Injured Becker team.  Theo Becker still amazes defenses, just as Mike Thomas still does on BBC. Becker Reserves are the favorite to win this game and to face Conquistadors right after. BBC Meg has been quoted as saying she loves losing in the playoffs.  Will BBC come to play? Prediction: Reserves play defense and win 40-29 and move onward, again The BBC shows inconsistencies in the wind, and in the postseason. 


#5 Little Giants V #4 Buffalo Stunners

Game of the Day? Little "Irish" Giants had a rough last week against Stunners, only scoring a few points, that cannot happen again this week in the wind, or the Stunners will slowly, and methodically move on to play No Soup.  Stunners are ready this session as both teams played in the Orange division last session and didn't make the playoffs.  Now both squads are a little more comfortable in the Yellow division, and are ready to take a big trophy home.  King Jennings was at UB last time he hoisted a trophy, and Roughneck Kane was playing with Irish Giants or Gucci as a receiver.  Captain QB of Tiny Giants has her team running crispy routes, and QB Jennings always spreads the ball very well, and doesn't get flustered in a stunning pinch.  We mildly predict that, just like last week, if Giants get flustered or "stunned" early then this game will not be even close. Remember 8+8+Molly=Giants Win! Prediction: Stunners Spank Giants 40-25.  BTW #1 No Soup For You! Averages 50 PPG, whomever plays this team needs to either play strong strong strong D or out score the long ball #1 seed Jordan, Anna, Eileen.  Lets go Upsets! 

Last Week Purple:

Total Recall took top spot in the Division by beating Bodak Yellow in a Game of the Week that did not disappoint; but then they inexplicably lost to the chaos that is Saturday Morning QB Club.  Bodak Yellow also lost to Labatt Blue Ballers and head into the postseason having lost 3 straight.  Shake & Bake beat Tight-Ends to take the 3rd spot.  Beash Moe's doubleheader sweep, beating Not Fast Just Furious and BAMF Ninjas, pushed them into fourth.  Saturday Morning QB Club also swept their season ending DH, somehow beating a disinterested Total Recall and squeaking by a surprisingly frisky Kostas Spartans.  Not Fast Just Furious fell to Beash Moe and ended up 6th with a .500 record.  Poles & Holes lost their season finale to the BAMF Ninjas but held onto the #7 seed.  Labatt Blue Ballers split their DH, losing to the aforementioned frisky Spartans and beating Bodak Yellow to grab the last playoff spot.  Touchdown There got by Tight-Ends to end their season a high note.  Tight-Ends lost both their games to end the season on a low note.  BAMF Ninjas came back from the dead after getting creamed by Beash Moe to beat Poles & Holes.  Kostas Spartans sputtered to the finish line, losing a close one to Saturday Morning QB Club after squeaking by the Blue Ballers. Hello basement, my old friend.

This Week Purple:

#8 Labatt Blue Ballers @ #1 Total Recall

The Blue Ballers allowed the second most points of all Purple playoff teams, while Total Recall scored the second most.  The Ballers are averaging an impressive 39 points scored per game.  Isaac will have TR ready. Will Captain Nicole have her Ballers ready? Prediction: Total Recall is surprised by the Ballers tenacity, but they'll pull out the 36-30 win.

#7 Poles & Holes @ #2 Bodak Yellow

Bodak has the highest scoring offense in the Division, averaging almost 45 points a game, but have lost 3 in a row.  Poles & Holes are allowing about 28 points a game and have also lost 3 straight.  Which team wants to move on? Bodak lost interest once the top seed was out of their reach, but what about the Poles? Prediction: Bodak Yellow makes Poles & Holes look more like Holes & Holes, 44-27

#6 Not Fast Just Furious @ #3 Shake & Bake

Shake & Bake has the stingiest defense in the Division, allowing only 18 points a game.  Bakers are also on a 3 game winning streak.  Not Fast Just Furious is allowing 41 points a game while only scoring 34, the largest disparity in the Division, but have won 4 of their last 5.  The old bookmaker "Eyeball" Chambers always says to watch the numbers, but we're a little leery of Shake & Bake's defense. Prediction: they can shake all they want, but there's no way they're baking a victory, Not Fast Just Furious 38-32

#5 Saturday Morning QB Club @ #4 Beash Moe

Both of these teams are about the same offensively; the real disparity (there's that word again!) is on defense, where the Moes are giving up on average a TD less than the QB Club.  You'd think a name like "QB Club" would have a higher scoring offense than 7th in the Division, behind 2 teams below them in the standings and one that didn't even make the playoffs.  Justin had the Moes motoring last week, and that should continue. Prediction: Beash Moe runs past whatever or whomever is running the QB Club, especially when the game isn't being played Saturday "morning", 32-24

Last Week Brown:

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons romped all over Shattered Dreams to take the #1 seed.  Threat Level Midnight took 2nd with a DH sweep of goatSACK! and still running.  Show Me Your TDs finished in 3rd without playing a game.  goatSACK! takes 4th and goes into postseason play having won 3 of their last 4.  Philly Special beat the North Buffalo Knights to take 5th and send the Knights to 6th.  Boozing and Losing finished at .500 after boozing and winning over balls deep.  Freenious B.I.G. survived against a tough 2nd Greatest Show on Turf to take the #8 seed from still running, who lost to Threat Level Midnight to seal their fate.  Strategic Final Solutions beat up the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf but it wasn't enough to get into the playoffs. Shattered Dreams and balls deep couldn't shake off shaky QBing to muster any sort of offense, while the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf heads to the chalkboard to avoid becoming the 3rd Greatest Show on Mud.

This Week Brown:

#8 Fresenius B.I.G. (5-5) @ #1 Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (8-2)

Both of these teams are averaging about 40 points a game, but the Falcons are giving up about 12 points a game less than B.I.G.  Falcons have won 3 of their last 4, while Fresenius has lost 5 of their last 6.  B.I.G. needs some big plays early so they won't get down on themselves and let the game get away from them.  Falcons need to keep the pedal to the metal and not let the other guys up. Prediction: Closer than the Falcons think it'll be, and while Fresenius is thinking upset, they can't get away from their egregious spelling error at the beginning of the season. Falcons 40-28

#7 Boozing and Losing (5-5) @ #2 Threat Level Midnight (8-2)

Threat Level Midnight boasts the most potent offense in the Division, putting up almost 50 a game, but there were a few games where they were padding their stats and running up the score.  The Football Gods don't like that.  Boozin' and Losing is giving up 44 a game, not a good sign when they're going against the top offense.  Boozin' is on a 3-game winning streak.  Threat Level Midnight has won 7 of their last 8. Prediction: there's too much to ignore, and even though the Football Gods may not like their tactics, Threat Level Midnight moves on, 48-26

#6 North Buffalo Knights (5-5) @ #3 Show Me Your TDs (7-3)

The Knights of North Buffalo are one of three .500 teams in the playoffs.  Show Me Your TDs is scoring 43 points a game while allowing 30 per.  Knights have won 5 of their last 6.  The TDs beat the Knights by 18, but that was back in September.  Knights are averaging 36 points scored and 36 points allowed.  We like the TDs offense, but the Knights might be able to stall that offense a bit more than they're used to. Prediction: Knights smell the upset, but can't stop themselves from throwing the long ball. TDs will pick those off all day. Show Me Your TDs 43-36

#5 Philly Special @ #4 goatSACK! (6-4)

When was the last time a goatSACK! team was favored in a playoff game? Might have to go all the way back to Houghton Park for that.  Philly Special is averaging 35 points scored and 35 points allowed.  Philly Special is on a 2-game winning streak and has been going 2-losses-2-wins since their September tie.  goatSACK! won by a point against the Special 3 weeks ago.  goatSACK! is averaging 31 points scored versus 30 points allowed.  The SACK! Have won 3 of their last 4.  Can QB Kaz keep the ducks out of his throws for another game? Prediction: SACK! QB Kaz sticks with what works but throws in a few that definitely don't work, but they come out with a 28-26 win.

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