Weekly Pickin's - Week 10

Last Week Before Playoffs:


This Week: 

Notable Matchups

Soup v Slurp, both need a big W. Wanderers v Dangerous for #1seed. Juice v TightButts.  Hulks v Motion & Shake n Bake. Bastards v HK9.


Menace (5-3) v Totes (2-6)

Is James still a Tote? Or did he leave bad blood with Kern n friends? Menace is dangerous on every offensive play, period. Predictions: Menace 37-22. Adam n Marty prepare for locker clean out and starting again in the fall. We dont see any consistency with either of these teams. Menace needs to prepare for the post season. 


Pierogies (6-3) v Wanderers (6-2)

Game of the week. This will not be Hogan/Jeremy/Olsens last game because as usual the Pierogies make the playoffs. It is already expected that Pierogies will play Wanderers in the Postseason, as this has been a trend. Wanderers have always had the Pierogies number when it comes to winning close games. Prediction: Wanderers in a Shootout as per usual 61-60. Under over is set at 95. Prepare for fireworks if they meet in the playoffs. If Pierogies or Dangerous beat Wanderers they will be the number one seeded team. 


Stunners (2-7) v Remember The Beers? (2-7)

Game of the week candidate: so what if the records dont depict the game of the week, these teams have had great sessions, but they lost close games or had a difficult time with personell or conflicting game times. Both teams are no strangers to the bar. Well Tim is a stranger to the bar, but Bad Boy Jennings can be spotted at the bar with a pitcher of beer till the sun sets. Great session in a difficult division. Get your rest and sunâ?¦.. see you in the fall.


Gucci (2-6) v Motion n Takeover (5-3) 

Kane v Frank. This game doesnt look to have any post season ramifications. Gucci has struggled winning very close games, and that has prevented them from getting a playoff birth. Motion has won 5 and moved to the playoffs, but still need a win or two to get a better bracket seeding. If Kane can sling the rock with the force of a Irish Giant then Gucci has a chance, along with playing strong defense to stay in this game. Motion will score points, about 30 a game, they average. Can Gucci Max that point prediction/average? Prediction: Motion 30-18. 


Last Week Purple â?? When I say â??1,2â??! You Say â??3, 4â??!

Touchdown There kept their undefeated streak alive by crushing Poles & Holes 40-13â?¦Laces Out! finally righted the ship by slipping past Blood Sweat & Beers 42-36â?¦the Orchids of Asia had a happy ending for the first time in a while, coming out on the frothy end of a 48-18 game against Beash Moeâ?¦the Moes almost bounced back against Labatt Blue Ballers, but the Bllers had an extra 18-pack and won 38-37â?¦the Spartans put up a good fight but lost their doubleheader, 41-36 to Saints Among Savages and 37-22 to Soul Takersâ?¦the Blue Ballers swept their doubleheader with a 38-14 win over Family Feuders and Some Other Duders...there are a couple of teams outside the playoffs that have a shot at getting inâ?¦among them Poles & Holes, Orchids of Asia & Beash Moe. But they all need to win and some help.


This Week Purple â?? Off We Go, This Song Wonâ??t Sing Itself

Beash Moe (2-7) vs Spartans (3-6)

Spartans need the win to keep their playoff spot from Beash Moeâ?¦Moe needs the win to take a playoff spot from Spartansâ?¦Spartans are scoring at a 30 ppg clip, while Moe is putting up 25 points a gameâ?¦on the other side of the line, Spartans are allowing 38 points a game and the Moes defense is giving up 34 ppgâ?¦if Beashâ??s Trish plays this game instead of her other commitments, theyâ??ll have their secret weapon.  Prediction: Trish stops by in the second half, Moe wins 36-32 and itâ??s off to tiebreakers.


Family Feud & Some Other Dudes (5-3) vs Saints Among Savages (4-5)

Feuders have two this weekend, this is their first before finishing up against Touchdown Thereâ?¦with a win, Saints Among Savages have a chance to get a better seedâ?¦Family scoring at 37 ppg, while Saints are giving up a savage 25 ppgâ?¦Savages scoring at a saintly 24 ppg pace and the Dudes are allowing 31 a gameâ?¦a win here gives Feud 6 wins with  possibility of 7 if they sweep.  Prediction: Feuders & Duders get out of the gate fast and coast home, 42-30


Labatt Blue Ballers (7-1) vs Poles & Holes (3-6)

Poles need a winski and some helpski to get into the playoffsâ?¦first of two for the Ballers who finish up against what could be a disinterested Laces Out!...Poles scoring at a light 20 ppg, Ballers spinning the scoreboard 31 times a gameâ?¦Poles allowing 36 points a game, while the Ballers are giving up just 19 a gameâ?¦this game will be won or lost on the Poles defense, where there have been many holesâ?¦theyâ??ll need to spackle over a lot of them to have a chance.  Prediction: Ballers take this and then face off against Laces Out! 44-20


Last Week Brown â?? We Raised the Roof, Now Weâ??re Lowering the Floor

The Knights of North Buffalo had a bad weekend, losing to Victorious Secret 22-16 and Still Running 33-8â?¦Losing & Boozinâ?? and the Interdimensional Lightning Falcons shared an interesting piece of trivia, as both posted identical 51-20 wins, the Boozers over Strategic Financial Solutions and the Falcons over Shattered Dreamsâ?¦the North Buffalo Wizards doubled up Show Me Your TDs (and a little bit more), 46-22â?¦Champagne Supernova had the same weekend as the Knights, losing both ends of their twin bill, 32-18 to the Wizards and 48-22 to Fresenious B.I.Gâ?¦Fresenious also slapped GoatSack! 28-6â?¦Balls Deep switched QBs but had the same result, as they lost to GoatSack! 21-14. Losing & Boozinâ?? and Strategic Financial Solutions are both a game out of the playoffs so this week is a must-win and they need help to keep going.


This Week Brown â?? If The Devil Wants to Dance, Then the Piper Wants His Pay

GoatSack! (5-4) vs Show Me Your TDs (2-6-1)

The Sack! are playing to get a better seed in the playoffsâ?¦Show Me Your TDs are playing for next yearâ?¦Kaz and the boys and girls have been scoring 25 points a game while giving up 24â?¦truly a mediocre performanceâ?¦the TDsâ?? offense has been puttering along at 17 points a game, while their defense has been giving up 25 a gameâ?¦not overly generous but not stingy either.  Prediction: GoatSack! gets ready for the playoffs with a 36-13 win.


Shattered Dreams (4-5) vs Still Running (6-2)

First of two for Still Running, who still have a shot at the #2 seedâ?¦Dreamers could used a win or else there could be a shmozzle of 4-win teams trying to get into the playoffsâ?¦Now for some numbersâ?¦Still Runningâ??s offense has been a little less than shoot-out-the-lights, averaging 30 points a gameâ?¦their defense has been their best unit, giving up 21 a gameâ?¦Shattered Dreams has been doing it with an offense that averages 21 points, while their defense gives up 23 ppgâ?¦the Dreamers are the only playoff team with more points allowed than scored.  Prediction: Still Running takes this one before trying to get the sweep, 38-20


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