Weekly Pickin's - Week 10


#4 Totes (46.8PPG) v #5 Pierogies (44.0PPG)

Pierogies lost to Totes in the regular season. Good old fashioned rivalry game if you can get out to watch this game I suggest you do. On that note Pierogies have had a fantastic season, winning close games and putting up a lot of points because of Hogan's almost veteran no huddle speed first, think later at the bar mentality. Totes has had an interesting session with about 16 players on their team always running to games or maybe making it at half. Will the McGoats be consistent this week, and can they do it for 2 straight games? Prediction: Until Hogan beats Marty were picking Totes 38-37. The winner of this game will see the tie-dyed crew Wanderers directly after. Who beat Hustle last week to clinch top spot in the division. Alan will be scampering at a high level you can bet that.

#6 Tight Butts (40.0PPG) v #3 Talent Juice (42.0PPG)

Talent Juice lost twice to Tight Butts this session... In this game we like tight butts 42-34. We think that talent Juice is very inconsistent on offense this session (Tim), but Rags couldn't be a better back up, he did what he was supposed to do, keep them in games and get great defensive production. We also feel that Tight Butts offense has shown first division caliber play for the last year. These match ups will come down to who plays quarterback for The Juice Crew, and how well Pickens distributes the ball to his amazingly athletic females. If either of these teams come out alive they will be facing hustle who has a new breed of quarterback launching long balls with the ease of 4men. And the squad height of an NBA team. 


Division Round up Discussion:

--Two Hand Touch beat BBC last week? Will they win again this week? Upset City? This is the best game of the day we feel? Agree?  -Can Kane's cut through the cold, and beat the most athletic team with a super accurate QB Alex who beat them week one? Obviously Sleepy Pandas and Desi will beat/upset Member The Beer Team...right? Beer won week one by only 1! Will Beer have all their girls? Can Stinger sneak down field for a last second TD, as Beer wins on last play? Great matchups this round. Ram Rod will be Ready with Darmel, Trish and Beckers.

#7 Can't Two Hand Touch This vs #2 BBC

These two teams met last week, and going into that game, not many here at the warehouse gave Can't Two Hand Touch this a chance. But they went out and played a good game, and punched their card to the playoffs. Now they square off again. Will BBC have learned from their mistakes last week? Will they have their full roster? For Can't Two Hand Touch This, it seems to be a good thing this is an 11am game - they shouldn't have as many beverages in them as they normally might. And even though this is the playoffs, and you think teams would be more focused, Can't Two Hand Touch this likes their beer and football, in that order. Should be one hell of a game. We see another close game, but this time the BBC wins. BBC 44-40

#6 Sleepy Pandas vs #3 Remember the Beer

The Pandas looked dead in the water three weeks ago. Then they won their last three to make the playoffs, including a 102-0 win last week against North x West (side note...North x West - please come back. You were miscast in this division, but go down a division, learn the ropes, then come back for vengeance on all these teams that put up 100 on you!). For Remember the Beer, they won 6 out of their last 7, and leap frogged a few teams to grab the three seed. For Beer, they picked up Sal from the Wanders for a few games, and he and Savion formed a very formidable safety tandem that shut down teams. How will Beer's defense hold up? Beer captain Tim will be back to help provide those answers. For the Pandas, they put up the second most points in the division this year, but that was aided by 102 against North x West, and they lost their games to the top 4 teams in the division, including a loss to Beer on opening day. Beer gets a lift from the return of their captain, Rachael catches 6 TD's, and even JJ gets in on the action and makes some plays. Oh, and Jeff will pick on all of them during the Game On live chat show previewing the playoffs (go Talent Juice!). I digress. Beer wins 38-37

#5 Beash Moe vs #4 Irish Giants

Beash Moe was one of the many teams that finished 5-5 this season, but they needed to win their last two to get there. The Irish Giants had a chance at the #1 seed late in the season, but dropped their last two to fall all the way to the four seed. For Beash, it's the same story every week - who shows up. Some games, they have three full teams on the sidelines. Other games, they are missing some of their key players. But the constants for Beash Moe - Trish and Justin - should be there to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And Trish just informed me she's all out of gum. For the Giants, they had one of their best seasons in years, and scored more than we're used to from the Giants. They have one of the better overall female rosters in the division, with Molly, Laura, Kelly and Cara forming a four headed monster. Throw in their guys, and they are a tough team. It all comes down to how Giants QB Kane plays. Rumors are he might want to retire from QB soon, and this could be one of the last chances he has at winning another division title. We're not sure if they'll win it all, but we think the Giants will have enough for Beash Moe this week. Giants win 40-30


#6 Bamf Ninjas v #3 Still Running

Twice this session Bamf Ninjas and Still Rundown have faced each other.  The first meeting the Rundown did lose, but the 2nd meeting the ninjas ended up losing the game. Whose team will play better in the bad weather? We will all be wondering what QB Dan will be doing this Saturday morning... seeing that it is hunting season. Will ninjas flip the script? Prediction: Ninjas improve every week... this is a stepping stone for a future great team. Ninjas win 30-23.

#5 Hail Jerry vs #4 Motion and Takeover

Both teams finished 6-4. M&T scored more points this session, while Hail Jerry gave up fewer points. The interesting there here is this is another game where the playoff contenders played last week. M&T may have gained some confidence as they beat Hail Jerry easily last week. Will this being a 9am game be a factor? It definitely could, as temperatures will be quite chilly at 9. M&T captain Emily has to be given kudos for getting M&T back to the playoffs after a disastrous spring. Hail Jerry won four of their last 5 to make the playoffs, with that long loss coming against M&T last week. Jerry captain Ryan is a veteran of this league and of playoff matches...that could be Jerry's advantage in this game. But...we don't see it. Emily from M&T is already preparing for this game, doing pushups in her goalie equipment on the streets of Buffalo. While she has bigger worries like wondering is Henrik Lundqvist's career is over, she'll pull her focus to this week. M&T pulls away in the second half. M&T 36-26


#1 Laces Out! (9-0-1) vs #8 Balls Deep (4-6)

Balls Deep snuck into the playoffs on the season's final day, while Laces Out! has been patiently waiting for the postseason since Week Five. In the two games these teams have played in the last 2 years, Laces Out! has won both. Outie QB Brandon should have all his lady parts for this game, and we hear he finally finished crocheting his football jersey just in time for the playoffs. If Balls Deep is within 7 points at halftime, they could win. If they are leading at halftime, they will win. They won't and they won't. Laces Out! 46-24

#2 Hanging With Hernandez (8-2) vs #7 Show Me Your TDs (5-5)

Show Me Your TDs has wanted to shake off the stink of honking a winnable playoff game to Balls Deep for a year now. It'll be an uphill climb as Hanging With Hernandez has been playing as good as anyone this season. After figuring out the roster rules, they've been pretty much unbeatable. The TDs need to be shown for the #7 seed to have a chance here. We think Hernandez, who has yet to show his battle-scarred face at the field, much less the bar, will throw everything he can at Show Me Your TDs and not worry about defense. Hanging With Hernandez stats strong and finishes stronger, 56-22

#3 SHC (8-2) vs #6 GOATSack (6-4)

At one point we were thinking of selecting this as our Upset Special. But the Sack QB, Kaz, went on an interception-palooza against Balls Deep that included 3 TAINTs (Touchdown After INTerception for you non-believers) and one in the end zone that would have won the game. If that Kaz shows up, it'll be one-and-done for our favorite Brown Division team. SHC has been playing everyone tough, and if they can keep it up in the cold, then they should be able to keep GOATSack down. SHC moves on 36-18

#4 Fresenious B.I.G. (6-3-1) vs #5 Labatt Blue Ballerz (6-4)

The Ballerz are the biggest surprise of the season, starting 0-4 before reeling off 6 straight W's. It looks like they got their QB just in time for the second half of the season. Fresenious started out hot...6-0-1 to be exact...but losing to Balls Deep sent them on a 3-game losing streak heading into the playoffs. Not exactly the way you want to go into a win-or-go-home tournament. The Ballerz may be the underdog here, but that's just on paper. Labatt's defense was the better of the two, and for them to win, that'll have to continue. We think they will. Labatt Blue Ballerz move on with a 36-24 win.

Fall 2017 Session Notable Awards

  • Offense Award: Conquistadors (61.9!!!!!PPG), Hustle (56.0PPG), Wanderers (55.8PPG), Team Ram Rod (50.2), Laces Out (42.7PPG)
  • Defensive Award: Talent Juice(42.0Def), Remember the Beer(32.0Def), No Soup For You(29.8Def), SHC(22.8Def)
  • Special Teams Award: Joe, Sue, Genevieve, Tim, Marty, Alan, JJ, Brandon
  • Referee Award: Close race this year, but the Award once again goes to Mike & Rich! 
  • Moving Up Party Award: Conquistadors, Team Ramrod, The BBC, No Soup, SHC, Laces Out
  • Best at Bar: Congrats to Randy and The Wanderers! Thank you Labatt Blue and The Amazing, Famous, Delicious, and always Warm Swannie House!!!! 
  • ***Special  Thanks to the TalentBookLive Crew! Keep it up! Glad the feed is clear in Vegas! We heard the Weather is always an X Factor in Buffalo, Good Luck against Tight Hustling Butts! Pickem Boyz! ***

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