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Weekly Pickin's - Week 10

Fall 2019 Session Awards

Social Bar Challenge: 

Len's Balls Deep LeGacy & LeGendary GoatSack! Congrats Guys!


Cant Two Hand Touch This 54PPG!

GoatSack! 46PPG

Bodak Yellow 52PPG

Mavericks 49PPG

Stunners and TouchDown There Both 40PPG

Losing Streak 50PPG, Wanderers 45PPG, and Totes 44PPG


Shake n Bake 27PPG

Wanderers 32PPG

Bamf Ninjas 33PPG

Gucci 31PPG, and Team Genesis 30PPG

Laces and Jugs-n-Nutz both 32PPG

GoatSack! 27PPG, and North Buffalo Knights 30PPG

Show Me Your... Hot Assets

Special Teams Award: 

Adolph's First Ward! Labatts Blue!! Joe, Sue, Gen, Amber, Marty, Tim, Brandon, and LENgend

Team No One Wants To Matchup Against:

LacesOut!  -  Mavericks  -  Menaces  -  Pierogies  -  Boozing N Loozin  -  Family Feud

"Movin On Up" Award:

North Buffalo, Goatsack!, Boozing n Loozin, Jugz n Nutz, Cant Two Hand Touch This, Bodak, Family Feud, BeashMoe, Mavericks, and Shake n Bake.

Referee Award: 

Lost the Envelopeâ?¦. The Award will be Awarded at the Award Ceremony, Award Section of the Award show, at the Award Table.

Underdog Champion Prediction:




Boozing N Loozin%

Best Musical Performance:
With all the Game On! Musical Talent, can the Awards party have a section for all talented singers (and rappers) to collab and perform/entertain the Game On! Champs/Teams in attendance? 

Best Male Podcast Performance in a Pod:

Marty - Except when he mentions his love for the New England Patriots

Best Podcast Actor in a Supporting Pod Role:

Stephanie, Rags, and Pink-Casted-Ralph

Best Podcast Moment:
Beer Power Hour - 60 Questions

Listening to the guys softly, sophistically, sensually, sassally, and seductively slurp 60+ beer shots up close and personal on the microphone is something the dedicated listeners will never forget.

Playoff Pick 'em

Orange Playoffs:

#2 Losing Streak v #3 Slurpees - Game of the Week Candidate

Previously: These teams went 1-1 against each other this session.  7 point win for Slurpees and a 25 point win for Losing last week.  John and Junior Nelson vs Dave and Matt. Both Teams have a Jordan on their team? Both teams have great offenses, but whom will get a stop on D.  One of these 2 teams will be in the Championship game, and one will hit the golf course.  We like the females on both teams.  Who will be more effective. Can Matt keep the Ball moving and will Jordan complete his long pass attempts? Weather? Wind? Prediction: Slurpees again lose to Pierogies in the first round of the playoffs.  Correctional Prediction: Slurpees lose again to Losing Streak for the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

#4 Menace v #5 Totes

Previously: Aug 31st - Menace beat the crap out of the Goats 60-16.  16 points is pathetic for a team who brags of their long flushing history, with new orange shirts and clearly no practice or play calls. Adam is the 5-5 King of Game On! The Labor Day weather is going to be a lot different than this Saturdays wind and rain.  Prediction: Menace wins 40-30, but who knows whom Baker will bring from across the tracks.  Whomever wins this match-up between 4 and 5 seeds gets the lucky opportunity to play the most dominant team in our league. Menace has a different QB than last session, and Marty is getting older and older but has experience in the league and in the Playoffs.  Last fall, #1 Wanderers had an undefeated session. During spring, Pierogies were retired in the last game, to finally give an Old LeNgend his first taste of Game On! hardware.  Currently at 9-1 Wanderers have nothing to prove, like many of the other division teams, this could make Captains Randal & Salvatore more dangerous come game time and bar time.

Yellow Playoffs:

#4 Gucci v #5 Buffalo Stunners

Previously:  Stunners beat up Gucci about a month ago.  Serious question:  Who would win in a Cage match? Bad Boy Jennings? Or Kelly "The Legend Killer" Kane?  Jennings has double the wins in Game On! as Kelly, but the Irish Giants and Stunners have had a rivalry that we all miss/remember.  Who plays better on offense will decide the game, Dave or Chris? Prediction: Stunners Stun Gucci 32-29, and Jennings becomes the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time intercontinental Game On! Champ once again. #1 Mavericks - Whomever wins this game between the #4 and #5 seeds will have the wonderful opportunity to take down the Mavericks. Who are an offensive machine. Last fall No Soup For You won this exact Yellow division with Jordan, Anna, and John. Last spring, Jordan, Anna, and Queen Ellieen found themselves with another championship ring (in a pink cast).  Currently and somehow Soup is back with a new name, to again attempting to take the Yellow Division with no aspirations to tackle the Orange competition division in the Spring.  

#3 Remember the Beer v #6 Touchdown There - Game of the Week Candidate

Previously: Twice, The Beer lost to Touchdown this session.  Beer Team is always inconsistent session to session. They either win eight games, or lose eight games. Unfortunately for Touchdown Crew, this is one of the great sessions for the Beer team. Last time Remember the Beer had a winning session they were eliminated easily from the playoffs in the first round. TouchdownThere is newer to D2, and if they think that just throwing the long ball will work, then they will be surprised that Savion has another plan for the Touchdown Team, and a Costume.  We enjoy the Beer Team, but love the Touchdowns overall Spirit, and the way they attack at full throttle.  Whomever is the QB for the Beers better relax and not treat this game as a D1 battle.  Enjoy the playoffs, enjoy the competition, and try to enjoy the weather.  Prediction: 3rd times a charm, Touchdown wins 40-30.  Enjoy Podcast Golf Marty and Timmy. #2 Shake n Bake - whomever gets the victory will get the super duper opportunity to take down the Ball Control Shakin' Masters.  

Purple Playoffs:

#1 Cant Two and Touch This v #8 Fresenius BIG

Previously: Touchers beat the crap out of BIG 69-32.  Will this be some of the same? We think so, because the Touchers are big, fast, and a great group of athletes.  Fresenius is getting stronger every week, but they show inconsistencies on offense, giving them loses in close games, and awarding them with the unfortunate #8 seed, playing against #1.  Prediction:  Can't Touch This is a juggernaut.  Sorry Friend-Sin-e-us great session. Enjoy golf.  Touchers 40-20. Let's party, but you Can't Touch Me, or This

#3 Laces Out! V #6 Family Feud - Game of The Week Candidate

Previously: Laces got beat badly by Feud. Both of these teams statistically are very even looking at the standings. Laces QB and Podcast Jokester Brandon has a little more experience than family feuds QB, but the family feud is used to playing in the top division against different types of Talent Juices. Will Laces win this game to save their season? Can Brandon run fast enough to get away from Bane, correction we mean Blaine? Will the physicality of family feud be too much for Laces to stay in control, keep their cool, and be consistent on offense? Prediction: Family Feud 35-34 In a wild ending in the mud, guts, and snow.

#4 Jugs-n-Nutz v #5 69ers

Jugs 52-30 over 9ers, that's a 22 point victory on Sept28th.  Will this be a mirror image performance? NO! NO! NO! 69ers will never be bet against from Vegas, they are one of the only few Teams to ever average 60+PPG for an entire session.  At UB the Black Colored 69ers were fast, good looking, and exciting to watch.  What the Hell happened, where did this bunch of ballers go? Hoff was still playing on Beer and Talent Juice, but where the heck did the rest of the 9ers go?  Whatever, welcome back 9ers, we root for you, and hope that with a few tune ups this team will again light up offenses.  Laura from Jugs can't beat the 69ers all by herself.  She will need the rest of the Nutz to make catches in poor weather.  HEY, Xavier, Josh, Nickx2 we're talking about you guys, you only lost close games.  Prediction: 69ers 2.0 get it done and upset the Nutz, and the Jugz 33-22.

#2 Bodak Yellow v #7 Beash Moe - Game of the Week Candidate

Previously: Bodak beat Beash 57-51 september 28th.  What a game that was.  Why are these teams in this division? Looking at the offensive production 43ppg and 52ppg, both teams need a challenge next session.  Question: Can one of these teams actually beat the Two Hand Touchers or LacesOut? Will Justinski be calling the plays in from the pressbox? Does that even help? Prediction: Bodak can rap, and they can play very fast.  Beash can rock n roll, and they can play very aggressive football. Musical Prediction: Rap is better than Rock and Speed is more addictive than aggression. Well Done Weldon - Bodak 40-33

Brown Playoffs:

#4 Boozin N Lozin v #5 Hot Assets

Previously: Hot ASSets won 44-26 many weeks ago. That is a 3 score dominating win!  Will the weather be a factor to give Boozin more a chance? Vegas loves statistics, we also love money, sooo looking at PPG of both teams, the Boozers averaged 10 more points per game in the regular session.  Prediction: Boozers N Loozers win a close one 30-20, enjoy the win, because "Ball Control, Loud Snap Count, Yellow Armored, North Buffalo Knights" will be waiting on their "High Horses". NBuff will be waiting patiently for a grueling battle. #1 North Buffalo Knights - Best Team in the League? Mecker keeps his troops trusting the "Knights Code of Honor". Weeks Ago: The Boozers tied NBKnights 42-42, and the very HOT ASSets lost to the Knights 20-37.  So the Boozers have a better chance in the later semi-matchup.

#2 GoatSack! V #7 Joe Said NO!

Let's be honest to start off this pick'em. Every single player on GoatSack other than David Taylor is over 6 foot tall. They should not be playing football, they should put together their own Buffalo basketball team. Andy (Last Name we can't spell) is a true pioneer in the Game On! world.  His unique cadence and sexy GoatSack tendencies are to be studied.  The Goats even have different themes for football Saturdays.  Joe Said NO! AKA The inappropriate team Name, has a blue great attitude, and can be seen after every game at the bar. Team inappropriate can also be seen with shorty shorts, smiles on their faces, and inappropriate words coming out of their mouths. We do not know what ring toss is on the West Coast, but it sounds really unsanitary, but exciting.  Joe Said No was 5-5 which means they have a 50% chance of winning.  Well that is incorrect because GoatSack is scary good and their females will knock down your door if you lock it.  Previously: GoatSack 54-28. This Week Prediction: GoatSack!!!!!!!!!!!!! 54-28. GoatSack!!!

#3 Show Me Yourâ?¦ v #6 Still Running

Previously: 19-32 Show Me Your TDs beat up Still Running. Game On! Employee Alan recently took the responsibility of QB on the Runners.  This is not an easy job because the Simpson boys haven't been seen running with the team this session (Hunting?).  Both brothers were replaced with Captain Jordan and Legendary Game On!er Julianna.  Show Me Some of Those TDs is a very physical team that needs to improve their offensive in the red zone to complete their session and move to the championship game.  Show Me Team should win this game.  Should.  Think about the weather and the very fast Still Running Team.  Which QB will be a Star and which one will be the Hero, and whom is immortal?  Josh needs to pump pints of Labatts into his players' bodies before game time.  Will Philip wear a snow suit or his booty shorts and fake leg tattoos? Who is Chad?  Listen old captain Jay, how long have you been attempting to Show Someone Your TDs, 2013? Prediction:  Upset City, Running Runs away with this one 28-21. Still they are Running.

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