Weekly Pickin's - Week 09

Last Week Orange:

Anything can happen this week but, Wanderers again clinch the top spot in the division by beating South Buffalo in the cold rain, and then beating Talent Juice by one score. Wanderers Frank and Alan are again gearing up for the playoffs, as Juice loses 2 games at the last second.  Losing Streak is quick off the ball, and won on the very last play, now they have locked in the 2nd seed. Lost in the Sauce got some respect back to their names, as they also beat South Buffalo.  Totes barley won by 2 points, and they are most likely OUT of playoffs.  Wait, what?  Not exactly true, they still have a small McChance, but it's very unlikely.   Menace to Society, who we all thought were too rusty, dusty, and fussy, are now on a winning streak and beat the fried batter out of Pierogies, by one point, at the very last wink.  Good luck teams! We in the West are looking to get this Post Session started

Orange Division Podcast Question:

Do any Football Video Game Franchises beat Madden? Tecmo Bowl, NFL2k, Blitz, QB Club, Mutant League, NFL Street, etc???  

This Week Orange:

Wanderers (8-0) V Flyin Pierogies (4-4)

Statistics: DEF 57 v 53. What was the score the last time these teams played week one? Every time both these teams play they score over 100 points combined. No questions asked. Will Hogan and Company finally get over the tie dye mountain and beat this team that is disliked by the red. Prediction: Possible matchup in playoffs, which we believe last year Wanderers knocked Pierogies out of the playoffs in the first round.  Will the deep fried sassy girls of pierogies be there like Trish and Janell? Prediction: With tie-dye clouds lingering around the park, Wanderers win again 50-47.

Sizzurp Slurpees (4-3) V Menace To Society (4-4)

Possible Game of the Week?! If our calculations are correct, the Slurpees have 2 1/2 games this Saturday. Slurpees need to win one out of 2.5 games to guarantee them a spot in the playoffs, keep in mind this is their first session in the orange division (not easy to win). Early in the session we were praising Slurpees as they were winning games, but then how did they lose to Sauce and Totes.  Menace to Society started out horribly, by losing their first four games. Then they won their most recent four games. So question: Which trend will continue this week, will Menace go back to their losing ways? Menace has to play Wanderers also? Will slurpees keep their cool all day for 2.5 games?  Prediction: Menace wins 40-29 and boots Totes out of playoffs, right to the golf course.

Last Week Yellow

Can't Two Hand Touch beat Laces up and down, and in, and Out. The Conquistadors destroyed Two Hand Touch right after.  How inconsistent is Hand Touchers? Or are the Conquistadors, that good?  No Soup, wins again! And almost locks down the #1 seed in the playoffs, almost.  Little Giants playing like Big Boys, and beat up and knocked out the deep ball HULK team that stuttered, and puttered in the mud.  Bougie Ballers kept their season alive as they played great defense, holding Injured Becker Reserves to only 30pts.  The Reserves were muddy, and wet, but not discouraged, due to the fact that they are already in the playoffs, and then later in the day slaughtered Rainbow Sprinkles by 50pts.  Stunners got Shut Out. Stunners got shut down.  Black cat, full moon, is a small curse compared to this No Soup Haunting! How the Haunted heck did 72-0 happen, disgusted blue.  Talk about Stunning! Good luck all you muddy, sweaty, and sassy teams looking to get in to Post Session.

Yellow Division Podcast Question:

How come QB's in Game On! Sports do not take 3, 5, or 7 step drops before passing? 

This Week Yellow:

Little Giants (5-4) V Buffalo Stunners (5-3)

Prediction: Both squads already made the playoffs. This game really does not matter because both teams had successful Octobers.  The only point we would like to mention is that both teams lost to teams with very poor records, these games are supposed to be winnable... Both squads were in the orange division last session, and did not win as many games as they have this session. In the yellow division, it is possible to throw one or two interceptions in one half, and still keep your team in the game. Every time the Little Giant score it is 8 points, this is a huge advantage for their team. Little Giants are not so little with Big Thomas, Tall Salvatore, and Lanky Kevin rushing. The speed and experience of Buffalo Stunners here is something to brag about. They have been in Game On! since the days at UB, but have not won a championship game since UB Kuntz Field. Will our Suplexing Master QB B.Jennings get shut out again this week? Can Jennings step his game up this week to prepare for the playoffs next week? Both of these teams are going to have a difficult time beating Conquistadors, Injured Reserves (Beckers), and especially No Soup! In the playoff wind. Prediction Tie: 40-40 drinks after to celebrate good sessions

Rainbow Sprinkles (24.75PPG) V Laces Out! (38.2 DEF)

This game is considered a real barn burner, and motivator for both teams who are unfortunately at the bottom of the yellow division. Both teams need to come on Saturday to play hard, they need to play consistent, and attempt to spread the ball to everyone to quickly spark conversation for next session. Both squads lost to very good teams in the yellow division. Looking at PPG, Laces Out actually has a decently high points per game average. The Rainbow Sprinklers need to score way more points than 20PPG if they're going to attempt to be successful. Prediction: Laces by 10points 30-20.

Last Week Purple:

Total Recall beat Kostas Spartans and then creamed Touchdown There to move into a tie for first.  Bodak Yellow kept pace with a win over Beash Moe but faltered in a loss to Saturday Morning QB Club.  Shake & Bake shook and baked to a doubleheader sweep, unfortunately they played a tripleheader.  Not Fast Just Furious beat Tight-Ends to move into 4thplace. Beash Moe stumbled in their make up to Shake & Bake before gaining a forfeit win from the Spartans of Kostas.  Poles & Holes lost a heartbreaker to Tight-Ends in the rain, unfortunately both teams they're tied with have a game in hand.  Saturday Morning QB Club beat Shake & Bake in the morning and had enough time to regroup and beat top-seed Bodak Yellow. Tight-Ends barely held onto the last playoff spot. Labatt Blue Ballers had enough left in the keg to beat the BAMF Ninjas.  Touchdown There's 2 losses knocked them out of contention.  BAMF Ninjas need a miracle in the form of a tripleheader sweep to have a chance.

Purple Podcast Poser:

Which teams look the strongest going into the playoffs?

This Week Purple:

Poles & Holes (4-4-1, 6th place) @ BAMF Ninjas (2-6, 11th place)

Poles & Holes have not clinched, as everyone around them has a game in hand.  Ninjas are trying out for next season, but could spoil the Holes playoff chances. Ninjas defense has been their problem all season, and will need to tighten up to have a chance.  Chief Pole Wojciehowicz will have his team ready, but ready for what? Prediction: They may be Poles, but they have Holes the Ninjas can get through. Upset Alert, BAMF Ninjas 38-32

Bodak Yellow (7-1, tied for 1st place) @ Total Recall (7-1, tied for 1st place)

Game of the Week, no doubt about it.  Both teams can score, averaging around 40 points a game, but can they do it in the expected slop this week?  Total Recall captain Isaac has rallied his team from a late start to be in this position.  Bodak has been flying high all season, but what can we expect from a team that hasn't played a competitive game in a long time? Prediction: This one lives up to the Game of the Week hype, and it goes down to end, 42-38 win for Total Recall.

Labatt Blue Ballers (3-5, 9th place) @ Kostas Spartans (1-7, 12th place)

The Ballers could sneak into the playoffs with 2 wins and probably some help.  The Spartans are left wondering what happened to their season.  Ballers second game is against Bodak Yellow, who could be looking ahead to their match against Total Recall.  We like the Spartans a lot, but last week's forfeit to Beash Moe leaves us wondering. Prediction: Blue Ballers have a little too much Labatt for the Spartans to handle, especially with the large 6-pack looming over the field. Blue Ballers 30-18

Last Week Brown:

Show Me Your TDs finished their season early by finishing up their beat down of balls deep and losing to goatSACK!  The Interdimensional Lightning Falcons lost to Philly Special to fall into a tie for first place.  Threat Level Midnight finished up their 2 week vacation in 3rd place.  goatSACK! turned their season around and are now in the playoffs.  The Knights of North Buffalo squeaked by Shattered Dreams to get into 5th place.  Fresenius B.I.G. had last week off and woke up in a tie for 5th place.  Philly Special upset the Falcons, giving them just their 2nd loss of the season.  still running shut out the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf to move into a tie for 8th place.  Boozing and Losing boozed and won, beating 2nd Greatest Show on Turf.  Strategic Financial Solutions had a bye and will need a win and some help to make the playoffs.  balls deep finally won a second game, albeit against the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf.  That 2nd Greatest Show on Turf kept their unblemished record intact by losing all 3 of their scheduled games.

This Week Brown:

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (7-2, tied for 1st place) @ Shattered Dreams (3-5-1, 10th place)

Shattered Dreams needs a win and a lot of help to keep on playing.  The Falcons don't want last week's stumble to Philly Special to start a trend now that the playoffs are in sight.  Show Me Your TDs has already wrapped up their season, so at least a tie in this game gives the Falcons the top seed.  Dreamers have been playing on borrowed time since balls dep took them to the woodshed in Week One. Prediction: All the Falcons need is a tie, and it looks like that's what'll happen until some late Dreams breakdowns. Falcons 34-24

North Buffalo Knights (5-4, 5th place) @ Philly Special (4-4-1, 7th place)

The Knights, who started 0-4, have reeled off 5 straight wins to jump into contention.  A loss and everyone below them winning could have a "sky is falling" effect on these Knights.  Philly Special tackled a presumptive #1 seed last week and a win here could give them a playoff berth, while there are 3 other teams that could tie or pass them in the standings. Prediction: In a game that could have been Game of the Week in any other week, Philly Special ekes out the 28-26 win.

still running (4-5, 8th place) @ Threat Level Midnight (6-2, 3rd place)

This could be a contender for Mismatch of the Week, but it all depends on who shows up on each team.  A win puts still running in that Heatwave/Balls Deep 5-5 level which is where teams do their damage in the playoffs.  Threat Level Midnight has had 2 weeks off, and could be a little rusty, although playing goatSACK! prior to this could shake off most of that rust. Prediction: Threat Level Midnight 38-22

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