Weekly Pickin's - Week 09

Last Week:

Shake n Bake beat HK9! And Pierogies beat Totes for a second time in two weeks. Maybe Marty should retire and Hogan can play for Adam and Totes.  BASTARDS beat up on Bodak and Stunners. Talent Juice McGoated Totes. Pierogies then lost to Woke Up Dangerous. Hulks win twice?!? Yes Hulks n HK9 are fighting for the top spot in Yellow. Slurpees beat the Juice stains out of their clothes, and then lost to reigning champs Wanderers by a score. Wanderers also beat a fast Menace team. Stunners beat BODAK, Conquistadors beat No Soup! (Go Manny Go).  Lastly Gucci Fights their way to a Fashion win, with defense against the Abusement Park Becker Team


This Week:

Woke Up Very Dangerous (4-3) v Conquistadors (3-4)

Watchable Games: Pierogies & Soup play Tight Butts late in the day, and Menace plays Juice.  Prediction: Conquistadors will win this game if they can show up on time and be ready to play. Woke up Dangerous is a very skilled team with a lot of games under their belt, and will always be prepared. Conquistadors beat a very warm Soup Team last week by ten points, and the Dangerous team beat a very good Pierogies Playoff team.  223ppg v 209ppg. This game could go anyway pending on a single gust of wind, and/or an early turnover.  Both teams have a challenge in front of them if they want to play after next week (playoffs).  Prediction Again: Conquistadors still win in the sunshine! 


Menace (4-3) v Soup! (3-4)

Menace 224ppg and Soup 240ppg.  Very close offensive matchup.  Prediction: This is a great debate between James and Jordan. We should pick the person whom is not currently injured and can more noticeably determine the outcome.  So we are leaning towards James to win.  Wait will James be playing? Is Jordan ready yet? Who will QB Victoria Secret this week? Is Charas Jaw Broken? Will this Menace team make it off the Jet plane to make the scheduled game time?  Prediction Again: Soup wins, 30-26.  Why?  Too many factors to predict this one folks.  Spread is set at "even" and under/over is set at 65. You decide. 


Motion & Takeover (5-2) V Shake n Bake (5-2)

Prediction: Whomever wins this game has a very good chance to be the top 2 seeds in the division, scoring the tiebreaker match up game. Shake and Bakes offense is very strong and they enjoy shooting for the end zone at any distance.  Captain Shaker Taylor, has been in the league for about 2 years now. SHC (meaning?) was Taylor's old team, and it evolved to Shaking and Baking.  The only question for the Bakers is 33ppg? Motion is averaging 43ppg. This is a 10 point difference and may be the deciding factor when they faceoff. Motion QB Frank from Wanderers is no stranger to tight games or shootouts.  Don't let the M&T Bankers fool you they have been a team for a few years now (2016) and have had success with any QB Emily has used.  Score Prediction: 43-33 Motion over Shake n Bake.


Remember the Beer (1-6) v Sometimes We Go Out (4-3)

Prediction: We choose Remember the beer in this game because they will finally gather the troops and figure out a way to get past Megs/Mikes strong defense. So far the session Beer lost a few games, but they did beat a very good Shake n Bake team week 2.  If you look at Beers scores you will notice that Beer only lost games by one score.  Will the team of QBs make a strategic move to split time in the pocket? Sometimes We Go/BBC has to play Abusement Park first then play against the Beer, this could be the advantage Beer needs to win this game.  WE GO OUT lost to HK9, Hulks, and Motion Takeover, all teams who have a playoff spot already.  This means that Meg is keeping her machine well oiled, and preparing them for her first round playoff upset loss to seal a yellow division spot next year.  We are kidding obviously, and root for Meg and legendary BBC to succeed in the postseason.  2nd Prediction: Beer still wins, 40-39 as 4 QBs share time, and all throw TDs to only Rachael. 


Last Week Purple -- I got decisions to be made between lager and ale

Laces Out! continues to stumble, as they seemed more concerned with getting off the field quickly instead of making sure they win, and this week was no exception as they were bounced by Touchdown There 42-33.  TDT remains undefeated and the team to beat after that one.  Labatt Blue Ballers kept to their winning ways, defeating the Spartans 44-18.  Saints Among Savages were more savage than saints in their 35-18 dismantling of Blood Sweat & Beers, who need a little help in a lot of places.  The Spartans rebounded from their loss to the Ballers to give the Orchids of Asia a not-so-happy ending, 40-22.  The ex-employees of Orchids of Asia could not get a rub-and-tug out of Family Feud & Some Other Dudes, who beat the towels off the Orchids 50-30.  Poles & Holes got back to their winning ways, smothering Blood Sweat & Beers 44-14.  The Soul Takers kept a grip on 2nd place by knocking the "beash" out of Moe, 47-26.


This Week Purple -- Didn't have change and I lost my damn brains - So I started humming In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Beash Moe (2-5) vs Labatt Blue Ballers (5-1)

Blue Ballers can't be looking past this game.  Second in a row for the Ballers, after taking on Family Feud & Some Dudes (5-2).  Moe may be able to get a win here, if the first game doesn't go well for Labatt.  Will Trish show up for Moe? Will Justin?  Ballers will be coming hard for this one, no matter what happens in their first game.  Both teams have a veteran roster, so they all know what to do.  We like the Ballers scoring prowess, and Beash Moe's "D" has been a little lackluster of late.  Prediction: Moe's defense is a little banged up, and the Ballers take advantage, winning 38-24


Saints Among Savages (3-5) vs Spartans (3-4)

Both teams are on the cusp of a playoff spot.  Also, both teams are on the verge of being out of the playoffs.  This game will go a long way towards determining who's in and who's not.  Saints don't score much (22 ppg) but they also don't give up much (23 ppg).  Spartans are a little more prolific on offense (30 ppg.  We did say "a little"), while the defense is more generous (37 ppg).  The Saints offense should be able to put up some points in this one, which will make their women happy.  Spartans need to come up with a game plan to beat that stingy Savage defense.  Prediction: this one goes the way the averages suggest, Spartans 30-22.


Last Week Brown - Big Smoke, built for speed and comfort

Strategic Financial had no Solution for an early morning GoatSack!, but found enough magic in the old brown hat to get past the North Buffalo Wizards 21-12.  Victorious Secret almost doubled up Fresenius B.I.G. 53-26 before pulling away from Balls Deep 26-8.  Balls Deep then fell to Champagne Supernova 30-26 when a late TD went for 6 points when Balls Deep needed to go for 8.  Show Me Your TDs had just enough to get past Losing and Boozin' 22-21.  The Knights of North Buffalo threw a donut at Shattered Dreams, who could not shatter the Knights' defense, losing 25-0.  Fresenius B.I.G. lost their second in a row, falling to the incomparable JZ and Still Running 31-24.  The Interdimensional Lightning Falcons kept their hold on the top spot and their undefeated record by running past Still Running 22-6.


This Week Brown - We can't believe our eyes - two for one tequila sunrise

Champagne Supernova (2-3-1) vs North Buffalo Wizards (2-5)

Both of these teams are still in the mix for a playoff spot, but cannot afford any more losses.  The Wizards need to get back on track after four straight losses.  Second of two for the Wizards.  First of two for the Nova.  Champagners are only averaging 18 ppg on offense, and that includes last week's 30 point breakout.  Boozers are giving up 29 ppg, so if Nova can get their offense in the red zone with consistency, they may have a chance to get some points.  Wizards are scoring 26 a game, while Nova gives up about 32 a game.  Prediction: Supernova has been trending up.  Wizards, not so much. Champagne Supernova 32-29 


Losing & Boozin (2-5) vs Strategic Financial Solutions (3-5)

Strategic Financial has lost 3 of their last 4.  Losing & Boozin has won 2 of their last 3 after starting 0-4.  Strategic Financial is holding on to the last playoff spot like grim death and cannot afford a loss.  If the losers and boozers can grab a win here, they have a shot at the playoffs.  Strategic Financial has speed, but the Boozers have a little something called "gumption".  This could turn into a high-scoring track meet.  Can we really call a meeting between two below-.500 teams a Game of the Week? Probably not.  Prediction: Strategic Financial has the solution this week, as they come out on top 48-26

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