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Weekly Pickin's - Week 09

Last Week:

Bodak stays ahead of the Rap game, and the division.  Menace beats JuiceBoxes, 69ers take down Bodak 44-63! Go Spartans! Beer, Remember 1-1? LeNgends lose again. Juice by 1. Goatsack 66-0? Does anyone Remember the Beer? Stunners score 50, gooooo Bad Boy Brian. Knights and Slurpees and BeashMoe's OhMy!

This Week To Look For:  

**Goatsack (34 Points) VS Len's Balls Deep Legacy (37 Points) ** 

These two extra special teams are leading the pack at the best bar.  These LeNgenday Squads will not only battle on the field at 10am in the mud, but will take the rivalry to the bar afterwards at High Noon. This bars challenge could be the contest decider for Goatsack if they want to win the Len Synor Sportsmanship Bar Challenge and the trophy. All divisions are depending on this week.  If you are 3-5 or 4-5 keep your head up and get muddy this week, it's not over until the Fat Lady Sings at Adolfs Bar. Also, Totes v Wanderers is a rivalry that stretches almost a decade.  Juice v Menaces in the mud, Falcons and LacesOUT for the bragging rights, Beer v Mavericks, Beash Mo v Family Feud, Still Running v Boozing and Losing, Slurpees v Losing Streak could be the Game of the week.  Stunners v Mavericks gets Vegas all desert hot n bothered. 

Losing Streak v Tight Butts

Tight Butts have so many close games that their record does not depict their strength as a unit and their outstanding talent. Pickens the QB from Tight Butts is not only one of Game On!'s best but he is Stunning and a pleasure to listen to on the On!Core Podcast recently.  Losing Streak is playing fast and taking names with Nelson Jr. and Anna.  Who will stand in Losing Streak and Jordans way when the playoffs arise?  Also, the Losing Streak Slurpees game has serious bracketeers sweating.  Will Tight Butts be victorious? Prediction: Losing Streak should win this game, but they lose because of the mud and rain 30-28 Tight Butts Win.

Slurpees v Dangerous

Dangerous ain't not winning no close games.  Translation: Ginter throws another interception late in the game (So what Fitzpatrick went to Harvard).  As we continue to joke, Dangerous is out of the playoffs this session, and this is disappointing to all.  Slurp'dees beat Tight Butts to stay at the top of the division.  This week Slurpees play two games (3&4) and both are crucial to getting a higher seeding than Losing Streak, Menaces, and even SillyTotes (Typical 4-4). Prediction: Slurpees Again? Dangerous Slurpees while driving.  Slurpees are bad when you wake up feeling Sizzerpy. Slurpees prove they can win close games over and over. Slurp it up, and don't share, 30-22 SlipSlapSlurrps.  Slurpees v Losing Streak is the Game to watch at 3 and probably the Game of the week other than the Bar Challenge Game at High Noon.

Mavericks (6-1) v TouchDownThere (4-4)

NoSoup is still dominating the lower divisions, Jordan is only one man, and moving up in the spring was denied.  Will Losing Streak continue to dominate D2 then break for spring session, preventing the prized division from developing and growing? Touchdown there is a D3 team tackling D2 after their amazing spring session.  We are toying with Mavericks, and complementing TouchDown for their offensive efficiency, They are by far in the top 5 for Game On! Football offense PPG average.  

Prediction: Mavericks prepare to change their name back to NoSoup so to stay in D2 and clean up competition without

Shake n Bake (6-3) v Soul Takers (3-6)

Can we be critical of Shake n Bake, 3 losses? Was the Shakes QB wearing his famous bucket hat? Why are the Shakers taking so long in each Huddle? What are they talking about in the 40second huddle, baking?  They are very fast and talented, but can be seen walking into and out of their huddles, lowering their offensive fluency.  How will the Shakers keep up with the other superior offensive teams in the division during postseason? Switch sides, Soul Takers are not winning close games, but Soul Takers did beat the Shakers 45-21 in week one?  How did this happen? What the Vegas heck happened during the first game Soul Takers, how did you win, then loses 5 games in a row?  Wait, wait, wait Soul takers beat Hulks and Stunners.  We in Vegas are very confused, because last week Soul Takers lose to Stunners 15-52 then directly after that game, the Soul Takers then beat the Stunners 40-25.  This type of inefficiency is what we are speaking of. Prediction: Shake n Bake plays conservative ball control instead of taking control, and they lose their Souls from the Takers 40-20.

69ers (4-4) v Family Feud (5-3) 

This is a great matchup. Which team will come to play? Which team will want it more than the other? Let's look at the 69ers whom are on a 3 game winning streak after starting 1-5.  Family Feud started 3-0, and are already selected to participate in the postseason.  69ers need one win out of 2 games to make the postseason.  Can the 9ers win against Family Feud or the Falcons, or both? This will not be easy! Prediction: Family Feud plays better in the mud and rain and win 40-38.  

Can't Two Hand Touch This (7-2) v Team Genesis (4-5)

Two hand touchers are really having a great session. The Touchers lost their first 2 games of the session, but then won 7 straight games?!?!?!?!?!? Whom can stop the Touchers now? Will their win streak continue into the playoffs? This division is still up for grabs, and the weather will be affecting all the high scoring teams.  Touchers play very good defense so they have the advantage in this game.  Genesis started the session losing 4 straight games, then they won 4 straight games.  So let's recap 7 game win streak, and a 4 game winning streak.  Who will win and continue their winning ways? This is a candidate for the game of the week.  Cant Touch This is damn good, tough, cute, fluffy, vivacious, and enjoyable to watch. Will the weather be a factor? Prediction: Touchers win the game 8-2 and their records is the same at 8-2.

Fresenius BIG (5-3) v Jugs n Nutz (6-3)

Friendly Fancy Fresenius has won 3 games in a row but have losses to strong defenses.  Can the BIG team get some defensive help? They get scored on at will.  Jugs is on a 4 game winning streak beating 69ers, falcons, Genesis, and Legends (oh My).  Both teams have a spot in the playoffs so both teams need to relax and work on offensive efficiency.  Prediction: We take the Jugs 40-30 in the mud and nutz.

***GoatSACK! V Lens Balls Deep Legacy*** Game of the Week!

Goatsacks offense is dominant, their average height is 6'3", and are creating space and easy targets for QBSack-inski Andy to hit and score.  Listen, we almost fell over seeing that Goatsack is leading the divisions PPG average, at almost 50ppg! The LeGacy started the session and shocked everyone by winning games and playing great Savion ballz control.  Then, LeGacy lost 4 games in a row (not Mengeee)!  Can the LeGacy win these next two games to save their session? We are guessing, Nope for the football games but later in the day at Adolfs, something special is happening.  These two squads are playing with each other for the lead in the 1st Len Senor Inaugural Sportsmanship Social Bar Challenge.  Prediction: Have you seen the size of the sack offense? They cannot be stopped. Andy n the Sacks 40-28.  Bar Game Prediction: Goatsack!!!! Loses to the LeGacy for bragging rights, and for the trophy & cash.

Hot Assets (4-5) v Philly Special (4-5)

Philly Special is like the Philly Eagles, they win some and they lose some.  Where is the consistency Philly? Both teams are 4-5. Only one will be 5-5 and one will be 4-6.  What is so Special about 4-5? Well, 5-5 is special because it almost guarantees a playoff spot.  Ass-ets lost twice last week, which put them into a deeper hole and making this game very important.  Hey Sergio, it is time to unleash Remi down the sidelines for the "Hot Ass Special Play".  Prediction: Both teams play hard, get muddy, but Tie 30-30 to make their records both 4-5-1.

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