Weekly Pickin's - Week 08

Spooky Wanderers (5-2) v Vicious Pierogies who fly (5-3)

Wanderers D allowed a scary 52 points to be scored on them last week, but Wanderers O still won the game by 40 points. Randy n Wanderers still have to play Sauce and Hustle before the session ends. Pierogies beat and slashed Hustle this session, and if you look at their record and schedule they are a.... playoff....maybe, possibly, should be in the dance we think. Can young Zombie Olsen keep his cool and make a play for his brother zombie? 9 am game times are Pierogies favorite and they will need every haunted advantage possible to beat the flower children of the corn (Alan, Emily, Ed). Flying P's can really spread out a defense, and put up points. Prediction: Wanderers tie Pierogies 53-53 which puts Pierogies in the postseason.

Horrifying Hustle (6-1) v Gruesome Stunners

Rumors of the Hustle being the best team in the division have been stirring for a couple of weeks now. Everyone talks about their new found height and outrageous PPG average. But! Trish's smile and lovely attitude may be the secret ingredient or potion, to the brew (not saying she's a witch). Watch out for sleepy mummy's Theo & James showing up right at game time. Stunners have had a rough session but are still scoring a lot of points. We are all rooting for stunners in the rain! Prediction: Hustle win in the rain 40-32. Hustle plays Wanderers next week for the top seed.

Beash Moe (3-4) vs North x West (0-8)

After starting the season with two wins, Beash Moe has stumbled of late, having lost 4 of their last 5, including a 10 point loss to Remember the Beer last week. But this week is just what the doctor ordered for Beash Moe, as they get to take on North x West, whose first season in Game On is not going like they expected. Beash Moe's defense must be licking their chops at shutting down a team who will be better served going down a division or two, getting their feet under them, then coming back up. Beash Moe gets back to .500 with a 60-12 victory. 

Irish Giants (7-1) vs Remember the Beer (5-3)

The Irish Giants continued their strong play last week, as they held onto a one point victory over Can't Two Hand Touch This. And don't look know, but Remember the Beer is surging, having won their last three. This game may come down to the women of each team. Rachael, Sue and company against Molly, Laura and company will be something to watch. If Beer captain Sugrue can get his defense to play lights out, they can stop what has been a surprisingly potent Giants attack this season. For the Giants, QB Kane has to keep the ball away from the other team. He has done a decent job of that this season. A win for the Giants keeps them tied atop the division. A win for Beer sends a message to the rest of the division that they are ready for the playoffs. Should be a good game. We sense the Giants come out on top. Giants 40 - 34.

BBC (7-1) vs Who's subbing this week (3-5)

The BBC has rebounded nicely from their only loss of the season, having won 4 in a row to stay tied for the division lead. For Who's subbing this week, the season could be slipping away. They need a win here to remain in the playoff hunt. Another loss could knock them out of the top 7. The BBC hasn't looked this good in years. They can score, and they play great defense. Subbing needs all their players to show, and to be at the top of their game. I could write on and on about what Subbing needs to do this week, but we can't see it happening. So I'm going to save myself a lot of writing. BBC wins to stay atop the division. BBC 48-30

Going Concern (2-5) vs Hail Jerry (4-3)

Going Concern lost to the Conquistadors last week, and their concern now should be they are on the outside of the playoffs (PLAYOFFS??) looking in. Hail Jerry has won two in a row to stay in the playoff bracket. It would appear they should make it, barring an epic collapse. In order to make sure that doesn't happen, a win against Going Concern would be nice. If Jerry plays with the tenacity they did about a year ago, this won't be a problem. Going Concern makes it a game for a while, but Hail Jerry pulls away in the second half. Jerry 38-28

Conquistadors (8-0) vs Pinnacle (1-7)

This has all the makings of a medieval torture ritual, and with Halloween right around the corner, it'll fit right in. Pinnacle has been stumbling all around Conway Field trying to find their offense and maybe a playbook that some of the more successful teams have left behind. The Conquistadors have looked nearly invincible all season long, and figure to feast on Pinnacle's so-soft-it's-comfortable zone defense. If the Conquistadors show up with their full roster, it'll be a long day for Pinnacle. We think even a partial roster could flummox Pinnacle into submission. Conquistadors 44-16

Balls Deep (3-5) vs Hanging With Hernandez (7-2)

Balls Deep has been in a funk lately, as QB Synor & his mates have honked three straight against teams at the bottom of the standings. But then QB Mango took over & the Deep beat the top team in the Division. As we said...tough to figure out. Word around the popcorn machine is that Synor will relinquish the reins to Mango for this week to see if the team gets behind the push for the playoffs. Hernandez seems to have figured out the Guest Pass rules and should be primed to go for this one. Can Balls Deep play in the deep end of the pool this season? We think it'll be tough. Hangin' With Hernandez 48-22


Fresenious B.I.G. (6-1-1) vs GOATSack (5-3)

If GOATsack plays the way they are capable of, this could be a contender for Game of the Day. They have the talent, but we don't know if they'll all show up. B.I.G. seems to revolve around just a couple of players, Squirts McGillicuddy & Big Apple McIntosh. If they don't get involved early, they could start daydreaming and be out of it. GOATsack QB Kaz likes to spread the ball around...and often times includes the other team in his offense. Not a great gameplan, but it's worked more often than not. We'll call the upset...GOATsack 36-28


Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (2-5-1) vs Two Hand Touchers (1-7)

Both teams have beat Balls Deep, so we don't know what to make of what this clash of the not-so-titans will hold. The Falcons have the edge in speed, but the Touchers showed some savvy in their last couple games. This could be the Game of the Day...but for different reasons. It could be a 2-0 game, only because field goals aren't allowed. Both teams enjoy playing the game, so that will help when the inevitable drops and interceptions come. We're gonna pick Two Hand Touchers with a late score to come out on top, 8-6.

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