Weekly Pickin's - Week 08

Last Week Orange:

Told you Baker and Menace crew were not to sleep on late in the session. They smashed Sauce. We are sad to again report that.. sadly... Talent Champs win over Marty and Totes. Tim was showing no sympathy for the other orange team, even running the clock out to secure Totes' demise. It was a poor showing this session by Totes. Quietly, The Wanderers continue their dominance in the orange division, they beat up a Slurpee team that just couldn't keep scoring drive after drive, and then Wanderers spanked Tight Butts. The games at 1, Slurpees v Losing Streak got hailed off..Good thing because Losing Streak was putting a hurting on them.  It did hail right? Lightning postponing a few more games before Losing Streak again eeked out a win by 2 points to Tight Butts. Tight Butts looking towards Spring for a fresh start. So far Pierogies look like a playoff team, so far.


Orange Division Podcast Question:

What happened to Totes McGoats and Lost in the Sauce this session? Both playoff teams looking for salvation. 


This Week Orange:

Menace to Society (3-4) v Flying Gargoyle Pierogies (4-3)

Interesting matchup. Pierogies play better after a few quick losses, and freak outs early in every session. Menace seems to be guest passing their whole roster every week, other than Baker.  This game is at 4pm, this is not good for Pierogies because they usually play at 9am.  Menace. Who will show up for you guys this week?  Female plays will be beneficial in the poor weather. Purple Baker crew is a band who cannot practice but light up the stage when called upon.  Prediction: Hogan starts slow due to starting time, and Menace takes advantage and wins big 50-33.


Losing Blood Streak (6-2) V Talent Brew Juice (7-1): Spooky Game of the Week! 

We like the Talent D to stand up (35.5DEF) to Losing Streaks powered offense (James PPG58.5). Which team will play more consistently this week? Who will adapt, and who will turn into a wolf in the moonlight. Both creepy squads have some very talented "Wicked Witches" on their teams. Don't let their pretty smiles fool you, they will turn you to stone for looking at them incorrectly. Losing Streak likes to score and score fast, Talent Juice can perfectly slow the game down and impede this style of play. Prediction: Losing Streak guest passes Jamie Lee Curtis and runs to the win 50-43.  Tim attempts to scramble like Michael Myers would (Slowly and patiently).


Totes McGrim V Lost In the Saucy Fog

This could be the game of the week, and the game that will push one of these teams to the playoffs.  TWILIGHT ZONE We're just kidding...this session is very different for both mummy squads, and seriously strange. We see that both teams are playing for self-pride at this point, both struggled winning close games at the last second.  Prediction: Better luck next session.  Totes Bridget lights it up in full Raggedy Anne costume - 40-31.


Last Week Yellow:

BBC does it again and wins big! Then BBC did it again beating The Conquistadors by 4 points.  Wow, get your spoiler picks ready because BBC is back again.  Laces once again loses, but to a very good Stunners Team.  Next session Laces will be much improved.  No Soup again wins...but not by much as Hulks turn back to David Banner.  This week will more clearly define the Yellow Standings, stay tuned.


Yellow Division Podcast Question:

What does Terry Pegula Brewing Labatt Beer mean for the City of Buffalo and the Waterfront? 


This Week Yellow:

Bougie Valkerine Ballers (3-5) V Injured Vampire Reserves (5-1)

Bougie had a bye last week, and lost both games of their double header 2 weeks ago.  If Bougie loses one more game, they are out of the playoffs.  Injured Reserves has used a different QB every week and it seems to be effective. All the WRs on the Reserves team demand the ball, and want to be an active member, to the Injured Squad.  Only Losing Streak beat the Reserves.  Both teams are relatively new, and still need a few more games to breed consistency.  Both teams need some minor tweaking to become a serious threat in the playoffs... QB of Bougie Alan has a fire burning inside of him to keep his team in the playoffs, he just needs to be more bougie, and complete his female passes.  Prediction: Reserves win because they show no actual weaknesses other than promptness, 40-28.


Mummified Conquistadors (5-2) V Cant Two Hand Zombie Touch This (2-4)

The Conquistadors are ready for the playoffs... they have a new young beanie cap, bearded QB who keeps plays alive longer, and keeps his team in games with nice touches. Cant Two Touch This QB is much stronger than Conquistadors QB... but that doesn't mean more effective. Touch This needs to win 3-4 next games.  Prediction: Conquistadors win 46-44 but be careful Conquistadors play poorly in the poor weather.


Spooky Little GIants (4-4) V Hulks (3-6)

Hulks, what happened last week? Answer Will? Henry? Dave? Bob? Kara? Giants what the hell fire and brimstones happened two weeks ago? Answer Kelly? Tom? Kevin? Marley? Inconsistencies are surreal with both of these teams. How are we supposed to predict wins and playoff pictures if these teams score 50pts one game and then 21pts the next?  Little Giants had a much need bye last week after stinking it up. Whichever QB plays better this week in the rain will win this game.  Kelly is becoming one of the stronger QBs in the division, let's see how it goes week to week when the ball is wet and cold.  Prediction: Giants Lose to the Green long ball play 12-10.  Yeah we predicted 22 total points, prove us wrong.  


Last Week Purple:

Bodak kept it perfect with a win over Beash Moe...Total Recall kept pace with the top seed by knocking off Kostas Spartans...Poles & Holes lost to Touchdown There & now appear to be playing for 3rd...Not Fast Just Furious put Saturday Morning QB Club in its place, which is in the losing circle...QB Club did stumble into a win, though, by beating the BAMF Ninjas...the Blue Ballers had a bye while Shake & Bake, Beash Moe, QB Club, Kostas and Tight-Ends all had their games interrupted by a freak hail storm.

This Week Purple:

BAMF Ninjas (2-5) @ Labatt Blue Ballers (2-5)

Blue Ballers need to win or they won't be allowed into the Labatt House...BAMF may need to move from ninja-ing to crossfit if this season goes any worse...if either of these teams wants to play after next week, they gotta start winning now...hopefully the Blue Ballers won't be needed for dry walling the new Draft House. Prediction: Too many Halloween parties for Blue Ballers, and the Ninjas take it 36-24

Poles & Holes (4-3-1) @ Tight-Ends (2-3-1)

Tight-Ends is another team on the playoff bubble, but have a game in hand on the Ballers & Ninjas...Poles hope to have closed some holes after the last couple below-average outings...the C+C Football Factory of Cassidy & Carissa is still making things happen for the Poles...3rd place looks to be the best they can hope for, and don't want to be caught from behind. Prediction: Tight-Ends over-reliance on yoga pants comes back to bite them in their overly tight ends, Poles & Holes 42-33

Touchdown There (3-4) @ Shake and Bake (4-2)

#5 vs #7 in a late season showdown to see which teams gets left out in a few weeks...Shake and Bake has a game in hand on TDT, so every game is going to matter from here on out...Olivia is the X-Factor for Touchdown There...if she has a good game, then so will the rest of the TDTers...Shake & Bake counters with Robin, who is no one's sidekick and could carry her own franchise if they would just let her. Prediction: Shake & Bake takes this one in a hotly contested match-up, 38-36

Last Week Brown:

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons beat Balls Deep when their QB was a no-show...goatSACK! swept their doubleheader, coming out on top over Philly Special and 2nd Greatest Show on Turf...on the flip side, Fresenius B.I.G. got swept in their doubleheader, losing to the Knights of North Buffalo and Boozing and Losing...Threat Level Midnight, Shattered Dreams, and Strategic Financial Solutions all had byes, while Show Me Your TDs, still running, balls deep and 2nd Greatest Show on Turf had their fun interrupted by Hail Storm Brandon.

This Week Brown:

Boozing and Losing (3-5) @ 2nd Greatest Show on Turf (0-5)

Boozers still on the outside of the playoffs, but a win here and some help could get them in striking distance...Greatest Show has half their schedule left in just 2 weeks...could be a recipe for disaster if they can't get on the right track...Boozin' QB Billy Ray Valentine has been struggling lately, but the return of veteran WR Pep Streebeck should be a big help for the offense...Greatest Show's greatest asset is Pembrook Feeney, who leads all women in Game On in passes defended, at the bar. Prediction:  2nd Greatest Show on Turf gives it their all but comes up short, 44-28

Philly Special (3-4-1) @ Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (7-1)

Philly Special has been steadily improving throughout the season, in no small part due to the emergence of the duo of Stacy Hamilton and Linda Barrett, when they're not working at the pizza place in the mall, that is...Falcons have shown some surprising range as they have beat nearly all challengers...Philly is on the cusp of the playoffs and cannot afford a letdown. Prediction: Falcons show more dimensions but keep the lightning at bay as we get all the games in this week. Falcons 48-33

Shattered Dreams (3-4-1) @ North Buffalo Knights (4-4)

Both of these teams think they're going to the playoffs, but we bet one will collapse and be watching from the sidelines...the Knights have been better lately, after starting horribly...same could be said of the Dreamers, but they have that unsightly tie blemishing their record...QBs Mekker & Ritz are the key to this game...whichever makes the most mistakes will determine the winner. Prediction: Ritz makes one too many errors that his team can't make up for, Knights 36-32

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