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Weekly Pickin's - Week 08

Last Week:

Legacy loses to Strat, Hulks lose to Soul Takers (October Team), Falcons lose to Jugs, Wanderers shutout Menaces? How does Hulks beat undefeated Touchdown There? Legacy loses again.  Bodak still freestylin' strong at double header wins.  GoatSack!!! Goatsack!! Goatsack wins twice! 69ers beat bamfs, Slurpees beat Totes in an amazing game which Slurpees seemed to lead the whole game.  Legacy loses again.  Mavericks beat up BBC Meg, Totes then loses to Losing Streak.  So much for a 6-4 record Totes.  Dangerous beats Tight Butts, Legacy loses yet, again.

This Week Excitement To Look For:

Laces v Bodak at 9, Menace v Juice, Goatsack in any game, Beer and Touchdown There, Sesh Gremlins v Running Still, Hulk v Mavericks, and finally Sizzzzzurp Slurpees v Losing Streak in the Game of the week! 

Menace (4-4) v Juice (3-4)

Menace lost 4 out of their last 4 games.  But started the session with 4 wins in a row. New Menace QB whose name we still do not know is working hard to keep plays alive from the pocket, and slinging the ball down field to his strong and tall females with ease (not to Dave B). Juice is still in the hunt for the playoffs, but with Brandon eating wings from all around Buffalo (including beer) the Juice offense is turning to Beer.  Last week Juice beat Losing Streak by 5.  This gigantic win over John, Anna and Jordan keeps Juice from being eliminated from the playoffs, and makes the fight for the #2 seed in the division very interesting.  This week Juice has to play Menaces.  Good luck.  And then Tight Butts comes to town.  Can Tim and Jeff keep their squad from statistically being eliminated? Who will show up for Menaces? Same Stuff, Different Baker. Prediction:  Juice needs this win for morale. But they still lose to Dave/James n crew. 40-29.

Tight Butts (0-6) v Wanderers (7-1)

The Tight Butt and Sweaty Nuts Crew is looking to take down once huge rival Wanderers.  Only 2 years ago did this matchup occur in the D1 Championship, as Wanderers were victorious by a score.  Pickens and the strong-sleeveless-boys are always looking for some good old pig skin competition, and will come to play no matter the temperature, location, or time of the game.  The only problem with The Tight Butts always being ready for good teams is that the Wanderers are the model of consistency, with veteran Alan and brother QB Frank playing in the league for over 10 years now, and multiple trophies. Alan can be seen every week doing flips and running around the park before a game to prepare for any coverage packages.  Wanderers again have a dominating regular session, and look to the playoffs for their next prey. Prediction: Wanderers are breezin through October and looking to the playoffs 43-39.

BBC (3-5) v Shake n Bake (5-3)

Not sure what is happening to the BBC but Prediction: We in Vegas can see the future and BBC does it again! And loses 19-0.

Gucci (2-4) v Beer, Remember? (5-2)

Gucci clothing is a lot classier than most Canadian Beers.  But Beer is way more popular in the Buffalo area (understatement). Beer is doing what is expected of them, as they have plenty of Game On experience and a good tolerance. At 5-2, the combo "Mar-timmy Surg-nauche", and 6 other QBs on the roster (Ragavan) are trying to keep their machines well oiled.  This is because the Beer team has only one other good session, and they were eliminated from the playoffs in the first game.  Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, is it gold or black this week? Either way the Legend-Killer Kane squad needs to win out to try and make the postseason. Gucci has impressive wins against the BBC, and The Hulks, but 2 losses to Mavericks along with the Stunners crushes their record. Prediction: Great game until the very end.  Kelly Drops back, pumps to Territo, and sends a massive cannon deep pass to Dave (GoatsacK), but oh no, Marty breaks on the ball, leaps with one hand, super stretches to intercept the pass, but realizes his vertical was and still is not very good (understatement).  So, Beer newbie Lisa has to make up ground, and gets the diving muddy INT to end the game. Nice try Marty 30-23 Beeeeeeeeeeer.

Laces (5-2) v Bodak (7-0)

Laces lost to Family Feud and Can't Touch This.  That is nothing to be ashamed of, both of those teams have an aggressive style of play on the field.  Bodak is not as aggressive as they are fast and creative.  Oh BTW Bodak has rapped its way to 7 straight wins without a loss!!!! If Bodak can eeek this game out they will have an extremely good chance of going undefeated this session, and lock in the #1 playoff spot.  Hope QB Brandon has "low fat Buffalo Wings" this week because keeping the play alive in the rain and mud will not be easy.  Also Bodak has one of the more successful pass rushes to try and shake the Laces Out of the Green squad.  Prediction: Clearly this is the game of the week. Prediction: High scoring game. Prediction: Laces, NO wait Bodak get the big, no wait, Laces or Bodak, Bodak and Laces. Bo Jackson Wearing Lace? LaceBo's and Yellow Out-daks. Bodak Out? Laces Yellow? Not sure what will happen.  Stalling.  Thinking.  Prediction: Can these teams play a best of 3 or 7?  Final Prediction: The weather will be windy and wet.  Prediction Finally: Laces Wins at the final bell or crack of lightning 40-39.

Lenny's Legends (1-6) v Jugs-n-Nuts (4-3)

Legends lost 2 games last week and are struggling to win close games and their defense is not stopping teams.  Emily from Motion and Takeover needs to call Bill Belichick for some defense.  Jugs are a wonderful surprise in the division.  If the Jugs can win one more game out of 3 they will be cruising into the playoffs where the competition will get tougher.  Prediction:  Jugs need this game, and take down the LENgenday LENgends 40-26

Boozing n Loozing (4-3) v North Buffalo Knights (6-1)

WOW look at the Mekker, and look at his fellow Knights! 6-1 are you kidding me?! Knights only loss is to StratFS.  On the other side of the ball the Loozing n Boozers beat StratFS.  Also, Boozing beat Lenny's Legacy and a stunning Goatsack team, two very good, experienced teams.  In 7 games Boozing has 50 more offensive points than NBK aka North Buffalo Knights.  Prediction:  Knights are playing like they are medieval warriors, with wonderful generous acts of chivalry, but they still lose to the better more efficient, well Boozed offence 40-28.  

StratFS (3-5) v Show Me Your... (5-3)

After reviewing Strats games so far, it is predicted that Show Me Your TDs will have the advantage during this game. Strat beat very good teams during the season, but lost to teams like Rundown and Hot Assets that were winnable. Show Me Your TDs are a great team that has been revamped this session. At five and three this team should already have clinched a playoff spot, and needs to prepare for very good teams like North Buffalo Knights and Goatsack! Prediction:  Show it to me, show me what i want, show it to me, now.  Stratocasters Super Fancy loses to Show ME All Your TD's 30-29 in the mud.

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