Weekly Pickin's - Week 07

Last Week Field House:

Game of the week saw HK9 stay undefeated as Dave beats Emily's M&T team by scoring 50 points! Pierogies beat Totes!!! 64-60, talk about a great set of games. Inglorious Bastards and Gucci both scored 50+ and beat Remember the Beer. Woke Up Dangerous was sleeping and got beat by a struggling injury affected Totes team. Sometimes We Go Out With Meg v Bodak saw amazing plays at the field house with Bodak losing by a little. Soup lost to Ginter and The Dangerous Crew. Menaces play fast and strong and beat the Wanderers at their own game, points. How did Talent Juice lose to Soup? Does Talent still have a Talented Defense? Stunners Lose by 1?!,!??! And Tight Butts does some impressive squating and wins both games of their difficult double header, they beat Slurpees and Conquistadors!!!!!! Good week Tight Butts! Hulks scored an inconsistent 12pts in a loss to Abusement Becker Park.


This Week: Short Week

HK9 Double Header v Hulks AND Stunners

Undefeated HK9 has two games Memorial Weekend. Both games are winnable for the HK9 but this session as a whole has Vegas scratching their heads over and over again. Predictions: HK9 loses both games? Yes Dave from HK9 stumbles, bumbles, and fumbles their undefeated season and loses two games on the same day.  Hulks and Stunners are amazing teams but pending on the time of day, have shown to be inconsistent offensively. We think Stunners have a better chance to beat undefeated HK9 but we wouldn't bet on it.


Tight Butts Double Header v Woke Up Dangerous AND Menaces

Tight Butts have a doubleheader against two very good teams. Just to keep everybody updated Tight Butts had a doubleheader last week at the field house, and they won both! If Tight Butts can do the same this week they will scoot themselves right into a playoff spot.  They have not seen a winning streak like this since they went to the championship game well over a year ago. Menaces are surprising teams and James is playing very well in the pocket. Pending on who shows up for Menaces proves to be the difference maker. Woke Up Dangerous beat Talent Juice last week in a crazy shootout! Predictions: Tight Butts wins Both games!!! All of these quarterbacks are studs and are capable of throwing the ball over the mountains. Time to work on a few secret plays to prepare for the postseason. Also, feed those gender touchdowns because everyone's contributions will be crucial later in the session.



Is there a GameOn! League for competitive dancing?

Also, are these songs defined/considered "mumble rap"?

Lil' Baby - Close Friends

Cab Calloway - Heidi Ho Man

Barry Mann - Who put the bop, in the bop shu bop, shu bop?

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody


Last Week Purple - Jeepers! It's the Creeper

Playing indoors, and what happens? The weather actually cooperates with a decent day.  Laces Out! rebounded from their crushing defeats of a week ago by beating up Poles & Holes 60-29.  Touchdown There slipped by Beash Moe 34-28 to remain undefeated atop the Division.  Labatt Blue Ballers doubled up Saints Among Savages 44-24 to keep the #2 seed.  The Orchids of Asia had a hard time growing indoors and lost to Saints Among Savages 28-21.  Soul Takers kept within striking distance by knocking off Family Feud & Some Other Dudes 51-27.  The Spartans used  big first half to take Beer out of the Blood n the Sweat, 64-34.


This Week Purple - Make A Beeline Away from That Feline

Poles & Holes (2-4) vs Soul Takers (4-1)

The Poles have way too many holes now that Dyngus Day is well past.  The Soul Takers have been taking more than souls the past few weeks, and have been looking like a legitimate contender.  A win here would put the Takers a full game up on the suddenly beatable Laces Out! and the Family Feuders.  The Poles need to get something out of their roster that resembles a defense.  Their deep guys are anything but.  Prediction: Soul Takers get a good start to the holiday weekend with a 46-28 win.


Touchdown There (6-0) vs Soul Takers (4-1)

This is the first of two for the Takers.  Touchdown There has been cruising towards the Yellow Division all season.  TDT averaging 48 points a game while Soul Takers barely touch 27 ppg.  Both defenses are equally efficient, keeping opponents under 30 a game.  TDT has some serious speed on the outside and the Soul Takers will be hard pressed to keep them quiet out there.  Soul Takers QB Shreddy Mercury will be able to find the holes in the TDT defense.  The bigger question will be if the Takers WRs can get open in time.  Prediction: Touchdown There keeps it perfect, but it's not easy, 48-41


Last Week Brown - What A Night For A Knight

GoatSack! got an early start on the day with a 26-24 win over the North Buffalo Wizards.  Losing & Boozin' has been keeping up with the boozin' but not with the losing, as they slipped by the Knights of North Buffalo 40-38.  The Knights then fell further back in the pack after the Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 46-36.  Victorious Secret kept their title hopes alive with a 26-25 win over Show Me Your TDs.  Strategic Financial Solutions then knocked Victorious Secret from the ranks of the undefeated 46-33.  SFS, perhaps a little too giddy from their statement win, let Still Running run all over them, 62-32.  Still Running then kept the running going as the beat up Balls Deep 39-18.  Show Me Your TDs somehow let Champagne Supernova forge a 24-24 tie.  And in the last game of the day, Fresenius B.I.G. beat Shattered Dreams 51-35.


This Week Brown - Go Away Ghost Ship

Strategic Financial Solutions (2-3) vs Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (5-0)

The Falcons have been moving on up to a dee-lux apartment in the sky, or at least the Purple Division, after their dominating first half.  Strategic Financial could get the jump on the Falcons if they're looking ahead to their big second game against Fresenius.  SFS split their doubleheader last week and will probably still be feeling the sting from that loss to Still Running.  If the Falcons let SFS stick around long enough, they could cause the Falcons some trouble. Prediction: fish don't fry in the kitchen, and the Falcons will take this one 38-32



Fresenius B.I.G. (3-1) vs Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (5-0)

Second in a row for the Falcons.  Fresenius is lurking in the shadows as a possible thorn in the side to the Falcons.  B.I.G. has the defense, but can they match the Falcons offense? B.I.G. has been averaging around 40 points a game, while the Falcons defense has been cruising this season, allowing less than 15. Prediction: beans don't burn on the grill, Fresenius makes it close, but the Falcons get the sweep, 44-28

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