Weekly Pickin's - Week 07

Pieroges v Sweaty Nutz & Tight Butts

Last week the Tight Butt crew beat up the once good Wanderer defense, by shooting a 52. Pierogies can score 52 pretty easy also, especially on a good 9 am game time. Pierogies need a win just as bad as tight butts need a spank. The winner of this game may be able to win out and make the playoffs. We all look forward to hearing how Pickens and Hogan play. Prediction: Pierogies beat Hustle, Tight Butts beat Wanderers.... Tie game 50-50 at halftime, 55-55 final score.

Lost in Sauce v Totes McGoats

Totes! It's time for the playoff push. Totes started the session smoking... and instead of igniting the smoke it kind of dwindled. Sauce n totes made playoffs last session. Marty needs to start balling like Russell Westbrook or even Russell Wilson. He's giving the ball away too often to other teams' defenses. Ginter and the Sauce are prepared to scorch the sidelines. Prediction: Totes 40-39. Get it Totes females.

Wanderers v South Buffalo

Wanderers got beat pretty good last week by Tight Butts. Usually good teams bounce back after a loss. Sal has calmed down and its Randy's team again. South Buffalo may not be winning games but they are playing very well and losing only by a few scores each time. If SB can score 40 they have a chance to beat the Wanderers. Prediction: Randy stays at bar until game time and then goes back with his squad after a win 45-39.

Team Ram Rod (6-1) vs The Hulks (1-5)

Team Ram Rod took down Can't Two Hand Touch This in a close game last week, to stay tied for the division lead at 6-1. The Hulks, on the other hand, seem to be having their first bit of trouble in the Game On! regular season. They are used to scoring a lot and having 7-10 wins a session, and now they stand at 1 win, and their once high powered offense is nowhere to be found. Not only that, they are giving up way too many points. For Team Ram Rod, we are still shocked they put up a hundo a few weeks ago. Yes, it was only against North x West, but we can't remember the last time someone scored 100 points in Game On!  With Darmel on offense and Becker running the defense, this team is looking for big things this session. And so far, mission accomplished. It should be same ol for Ram Rod this week, as they Ram Rod the Hulks in a big way. Team Ram Rod wins, 68-48

Can't Two Hand Touch This (3-3) vs Irish Giants (6-1)

Can't Two Hand Touch this lost to Team Ram Rod last week to drop to .500, while the Giants haven't played since the end of September. That week, they beat the BBC and Sleepy Pandas to go to 6-1 and the top of the division. Can't Two Hand Touch This is a rowdy bunch, and when things are going well, that can work in their favor. For the Giants, long time Wanderer and former part time Giants now Giant again Frank has brought some enthusiasm to the sidelines. Him and top female addition Molly have blended in well with the old. They'll need to be on top of their game this week as Can't Two Hand Touch this can put up 50 on anyone. And that's what we feel. Close game, but Can't Two Hand Touch This squeaks it out, 50-47

Sleepy Pandas (2-5) vs Who's subbing this week? (3-4)

The Pandas have dropped 4 in a row, including their loss to the BBC last week. However, a look at the standings in the paper tell us that they are among the top 4 teams in the division. For Who's subbing, they started out the season with a loss, and have gone win-loss every week since. Stats say this should be a win this week. Subbing team captain Danielle wants to get her to the playoffs, and a win right here would go a long way towards that. A loss, and they would be on the outside looking in, tied with Pandas, who they'd have a loss against. For the Pandas, this game has the same meaning. A win here keeps their playoff hopes alive. A loss and Desiree and all the Pandas will be going into the offseason wondering what happened this session. Tough calls, but we see the Pandas rising above to come out with the win. Pandas 42-38

Conquistadors v Goin' Concerned

Time for the Cons to get their playoff matchup so we can finally see if they are for real. We know this team has been playing together for a while now and show chemistry. They are lighting up other defenses with a very high PPG. Some concern is goin' to be shown if the Concerned team doesn't start running on all cylinders, and win a few games. Cons should not lose this game..but that's why they play the game. Prediction:Cons 50-33

Motion & Takeover v Shattered Dreams

M&T is doing just fine this session. Slowly making progress, Emilly and Mackenzie who frequently play in huge games each session, need to keep the team together, leading by example. Shattered Dreams is another team that needs to keep it together if they want to reach the postseason. Shattering M&T playoff dream may be difficult but anything can happen. At least M&T goes to the bar consistently. Prediction: Nightmarish shattered Dreams inside a dream, inside another dream. 30-30.5 Shattered Dreams

Pinnacle (1-5) vs still running (3-3)

Pinnacle just can't seem to catch a break. They didn't even play last week, and they went from 2 wins to 1 due to a clerical error in the Going Concern game. Still running didn't do enough running and fell to No Soup For You 65-31. Pinnacle's best chance for the second half of the season is just to keep it simple...stop trying for the big TD...and let Isaac get open on the sideline. Still running has had a myriad of lineups this season, and if they can find one that works...and shows up consistently...they can win these games. Jonny & Julie are going to have to activate their Zippy Twins wonder powers to keep Pinnacle down. But they won't. Pinnacle does just enough right and wins 34-31


Hangin' With Hernandez (6-2) vs Show Me Your TDs (4-3)

Hangin' With Hernandez keeps the train rolling, doubling up PickSix & Chill 48-24 to stay within striking distance of the top spot in the Division. Show Me Your TDs was content to tread some water this weekend, winning 62-30 over Two Hand Touchers, and coming up short to Fresenious B.I.G. 59-46. This has Game of the Week potential, but only if Show Me Your TDs show up to play. If they show up to rake leaves and try the new pumpkin spice latte at the Tewksbury, it's all over. We still don't know what to make of the TDs, but that's better than what we know of the Hernandez clan. On a toss-up, Hangin' With Hernandez comes up heads, 48-36


Labatt Blue Ballerz (2-4) vs Victorious Secret (2-5-1)

The Blue Ballerz have some spring in their step after their 48-27 dismantling of the North Buffalo Knights. It seems they have finally found their QB of the present in Jonathan "The Duke" Marduskas. Victorious Secret had the guts to score 50 points and NOT WIN against a clearly deflated Laces Out! team. If the Ballerz really have figured out their QB situation, they could be the surprise team of the season's second half. If the Secrets can keep scoring in bunches, they can win this...but their defense is relying more on the other team dropping passes rather than actually being in position to make a play. Ballerz gonna ball, 48-40


Laces Out! (5-0-1) vs Perfect Strangers (1-5)

Sure, Laces Out! put up 50 points...but couldn't win as Victorious Secret did the same thing and they had to settle for a tie. Perfect Strangers used some tricky defense to befuddle Balls Deep QB Synor & his receivers as they got their first win of the season, 28-14. If Balki & Roger Glover team up like they did last week, they could pull off the upset. This game will come down to whomever defends better, rather than who can score the most. One of these teams needs to actually play defense. It's not a good sign that Victorious Secret put up a 50-spot on the Outies. Strangers start out tough, but fade late as Laces Out! comes up with a 36-24 win.

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