Weekly Pickin's - Week 07

Last Week Orange:

Menace To Society is making a push, beating Tight Butts.  Tight Butts lost to a very interesting new division team, Slurpees.  That blue team is winning games by scoring efficiently.  Losing Streak keeps winning by smoking Lost in the Sauce last week, but then right after losing to the Flying Pierogies who are a great offensive matchup. Great last 2 drives of that game, Jordan was not happy (common)â?¦â?¦. Hogan was very happy (uncommon). As stated before itâ??s not Pierogies first time playing better during the end of the session crunch.  Pierogies beat South Buffalo by a bunch, and increase their chances to make it to the postseason and again push to win one playoff gameâ?¦.


Orange Division Podcast Question:

Will Game On! have to reassess their â??Catch Ruleâ?? as the NFL recently did? Explanation: Ball bobbles in one hand and one arm, then the ball hits ground with both feet clearly out of boundsâ?¦ still counts as a catch? Hold onto the skin if you want points?


This Week Orange:

Talent Juice (6-1) V Totes McGoats (3-5)

Game of the Week - Totes needs to win or Adam and Trish are just about done. Talent is tuning their strings to prepare for another playoff appearance. QB Tim has QB Martyâ??s number, and we don't see that changing. Both teams didn't play last week, and are ready, and rested.  Razz #1- Marty throws more interceptions than Nate Petermanâ?¦.. and Razz #2 Tim scores offensive points like Tyrod Taylor. Prediction: let the girls play and decide the game! Tim and Marty get in the way. Let the females throw the ball, how this will developâ?¦. we do not knowâ?¦..Totes wins by accident, to stay alive, 34-32.  Tim plans for playoffs and snow shoveling.


Wanderers (4-0) V Slurpees (4-2)

Wanderers are still undefeatedâ?¦. probably because they haven't played Talent Juice yet. Speaking of winning championships, Slurpees won last session and moved up to try their skill at the orange division. It's no secret anymore, SS has serious male firepower, but they don't have subs or very many females on the team. It's also no secret, The Wanderers have some serious female firepower! QB-Matt has minor league experience at qb in Game On, and Frank from Wanderers is a long time veteran. If Matt can keep his team in the game and from bickering, they may have a shooters chance. Can this SS team who beat Talent and Pierogies this session beat the other dominant force? Sal and Alan v Tom and Dave. Prediction: Wanderers do what they doâ?¦ razz each other, and put up big points and tabs at the bar 57-44


Last Week Yellow:

Hulks beat up Sprinkles, then beat up Bougie Ballers. Hulks are green and are playing long and very well, keep it up because you guys play poorly in the postseason! Bougie was fighting for a fifth win, but they lost a double header this last week and are going to need to beat 2 good teams to stay alive.  Waitâ?¦.. Stunners lost to BBC? Love this matchup every way we slice it, hope they play again in the postseason.  Waitâ?¦.. Little Giants lost to BBC also? B-B-C (Meg) finally??!!!!??!!!?! Finally!! Injured Reserves beat Little Giants also in a very low scoring game, with interceptions galore.  No Soup wins again as the defense makes a stop to help them stay on the top.


Yellow Division Podcast Question:  

How important is Home Field Advantage in Game On! Sports?


This Week Yellow:

Buffalo Stunners (3-2) V Laces Out! (2-4)

BBC beat up Stunners badly? WHAT? Was Jennings there? Moonsault off the top ropes? Laces is still missing field goals, and losing by a point or two. BUT But Butâ?¦.. Laces beat BBC two weeks ago, this makes this game very interesting. Laces you are done if you lose two more! Stunners are playing cool and calm, and are winning, but their 2 losses.  Prediction: Stunners win by a few as Brandon loses his ball to Amber deep in the woods as the wind carries it miles away  40-23.


No Soup! (5-1) V Cant Two Hand Touch THis! (2-3)

Soups D held last week against Injured Becker Reserves. Little Giants were the only team who beat soup this session, and they did it by not allowing Jordanâ??s predictable long ball to connect early in the game.  Canâ??t Touch This was a favorite pick in the beginning of the session but now are struggling with consistency.  If both teams lost their ability to throw the long ball then who would win? Go ahead think about it.  Prediction: Soup wins 55-40


BBC (3-4) V Rainbow Sprinkles (1-5)

If BBC is back, please use caution Sprinkle team, but if BBC is still sleeping then maybe this will be a competitive game.  BBC beat a very good Little Giants team easily, and then beat up Legendary Stunners... easily. BBC lost 4 games intentionally we think, just so Meg can get her team to play more as a united group, and she loves a good challenge. Prediction: Too much BB and C 40-24. Sprinkles did beat Little Giants week one also, so this could be a great game, and sprinkle does have great No Punt Intended Potential. 


Last Week Purple:

Total Recall showed the BAMF Ninjas whoâ??s the boss, Tony Danza-styleâ?¦Poles & Holes plays for a tie against Beash Moe before beating Labatt Blue Ballersâ?¦Shake and Bake also beat the Ninjas to stay within striking distance of the topâ?¦Beash Moe also romped by Tight-Ends to stay bowl-eligibleâ?¦Not Fast Just Furious beat Touchdown There to stay in the playoff huntâ?¦Tight-Ends shook off their early loss to cruise by Boozin & Losinâ?¦The Blue Ballers shrugged off their loss and came back to beat Touchdown Thereâ?¦late bye weeks handed out to Saturday Morning QB Club (who canâ??t get a QB to play), Bodak Yellow, Kostas Spartans.


This Week Purple:

Shake & Bake (4-2) @ Beash Moe (3-1-1)

This game will start to break up the logjam in the middle of the Divisionâ?¦Moe has a game in hand, and they better make good use of itâ?¦Shakeâ??s Rebecca has been solid on offense but gets a little creaky on defenseâ?¦Moeâ??s women are just plain creakyâ?¦taking after captain Justin, who is just creepy. Prediction: Beash Moe has some extra push in the cold and comes out on top 34-31


Total Recall (5-1) @ Kostas Spartans (1-5)

Total Recall has been prit-near dominant since their 2-week layoff to start the seasonâ?¦Captain Isaac has everyone believing that this is their yearâ?¦the Spartans were one of our early season picks for the top of the Divisionâ?¦only missed it by 11 placesâ?¦the only bright spots seem to be Stephanie & Sarahâ?¦and Celia, if they can tear her away from her HGTV binge-watchingâ?¦Total Recall keeps the pressure on Bodak Yellow with a 46-28 win. 


Saturday Morning QB Club (1-2-1) @ Not Fast Just Furious (3-4)

The QB Club hasnâ??t played in 2 weeks, so we donâ??t even know if theyâ??ll recognize each other or even have a QBâ?¦the women are the strongest part of this team, as long as theyâ??re not playing for their #1 teamâ?¦Not Fast Just Furious has been getting stronger as the season slogs along and could be ready for the big timeâ?¦the confusing tandem of Laura/Lauren will make or break this teamâ?¦QB Club has a lot of experience, but if a lot of the players are playing for their â??otherâ?? teams at the same time, it could be a problem. Prediction: QB Club has defections near the end of the game and gives up a late score to lose it 36-30


Last Week Brown:

Show Me Your TDs stayed at the top by showing the 2 nd Greatest Show on Turf how itâ??s doneâ?¦Balls Deep â?? 2 games, 2 QBs, 2 lossesâ?¦Threat Level Midnight split their doubleheader; beating Philly Special before losing to the upstart Strategic Financial Solutionsâ?¦Fresenius B.I.G. blew a chance to get into the top of the Division by somehow losing to goatSACK!...Shattered Dreams showed how easy that is by beating goatSACK! by 28â?¦the Knights of North Buffalo started their climb to .500 by beating Balls Deepâ?¦still running also beat Balls Deep to try and sneak into the playoffsâ?¦Boozin & Losin lost to Tight-Ends and appears ready to live up to their nameâ?¦bye week for the Interdimensional Lightning Falcons


This Week Brown:

Fresenius B.I.G. (5-2) @ Boozinâ?? & Losinâ?? (2-5)

B.I.G. is only 2 points away and has a game in hand on top dogs Show Me Your TDs & Threat Level Midnightâ?¦if everyone shows for Fresenius, theyâ??ll have a hard time giving them all playing timeâ?¦Boozin & Losin has been doing a lot of the second but not enough of the first, because they havenâ??t been spotted at the barâ?¦theyâ??ve given up twice as many points as theyâ??ve scored all year, so this could be an ugly one in the raw elements. Prediction: Not really rocket science, Fresenius B.I.G. 44-26


Show Me Your TDs (6-2) @ Balls Deep (1-5)

Show Me Your TDs wonâ??t have to worry about looking past this game, because they have goatSACK! to close out the seasonâ?¦two wins should seal the top spotâ?¦Balls Deep QB Synor has had a horrendous season trying to get used to new offensive pieces while the defense is still trying to get on the same page. Prediction: Another ugly Balls Deep loss, this time 39-20


still running (3-5) @ 2nd Greatest Show on Turf (0-4)

If still running wants to play in the post-season, theyâ??ll need to win out and hope for some helpâ?¦the 2 nd Greatest Show on Turf is playing for next season and a good showing here would give them hopeâ?¦3 doubleheaders in a row is no way to end a lost seasonâ?¦if still running brings in Guest Pass players, this game will be over quicklyâ?¦if not, the Turfers could surprise. Prediction: still running eschews bringing in ringers and it almost backfires. JZ wonâ??t let that happen on her watch. still running 32-24

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