Weekly Pickin's - Week 06

Last Week:

Vegas cheers as Kawi Lennard hit the game 7 buzzer beater in Toronto, the same ovation happened on Saturday in Buffalo! Trish threw a wounded duck on the last play of Totes/Soup game. The catch was made, the video was posted for Vegas to pay out massive  bets, and just like the Kentucky Derby (think it's in Kentucky) the officials met at mid field and word was given that the player was not inside the goal line tape, Soup wins! Soup Win! A very crucial game. 28-20 Soup wins, very low scoring for both teams don't you say? Totes needed to then recover quickly after a heartbreaker, to play the reigning champs Wanderers. Wanderers do what they do, and put up 50 in the win. Totes needs to beat Pierogies twice in the next two weeks. Other news, BBC Meg Sometimes We Go Out wins again! Here they come! Shake n bake lost to the old BBC team and then came back and beat Abusement Park.  Not by much, but winning feels so good in the sunshine. Hulks wearing pink beat the bad boys in blue, then Hulk smashed the Gucci Golds into submission. (Hulks 90 pts 2 games). Closing the day was an interesting turn of events as the Slurpees slipped and poorly scored 6 points in a brutal loss to Menace. Who bet against Menace? Not Vegas, they have mucho experience, mucho means big game experience. 


This Week Orange:

Totes (1-3) v Pierogies (3-2)

Game of the week!?!? Back to back weeks they play each other! Will this be the last few times that Marty n Hogan weirdly smile at each other across the field as competitors? Totes lost both games last week and Pierogies lost to Conquistadors? But then Amber and the Pierogies scored 50 on Talents superior defense? Very confused out here in Vegas. Who wins this game? Can Marty save his team? Or will Hogan not accept defeat from Totes like the past. We know the rivalry head to head statistics are in Totes favor, but Pierogies tripled Totes last time they played.  Prediction: Pierogies 60 Totes 31. Scenario: When Marty lets Trish throw the ball, should not Marty sub himself for some seriously large Totes WR firepower? After all Marty ain't not no Reggie Wayne or even Antonio Brown. 


Soup (2-2) v Talent Juice (2-2)

Prediction: Soup loses to Juice, rumors of Jordan injury have spread through the world-wide web and all the way to Nevada where news comes in at all hours of the day. We hope for a speedy recovery. Bad news, Soup has already been struggling to score points, how can they overcome without their captain and QB? Who is the backup QB for Soup? We did see John throw for a few teams last week, and showed promise. Same question, who is Talent Juices Backup QB, because they have 5 backups to Tim, and all are just as qualified to win games as Tim has been lately (1.Raggs 2. Brandon 3. Tim's Brother 4. Christina 5. Detective Pikachu).  Juice defense is the deciding factor in this game because without Jordan, Juice has the advantage offensively and defensively.  Talent 31-16.


This Week Yellow:

Bodak Yellow (1-3) vs Sometimes, And We Mean, Sometimes We Will Decide to Go Out to the Bar After the Game (3-2)

Bodaks QB is a stud, who every week he gets better. This team has not been around for all too long, but they show signs of flash early in games, and inexperience late in games. Can the Yellow team beat the offensively consistent BBC (Sometime We go Out) team? We live to see how BBC performs week to week, because they can be so unpredictable.  Prediction: Mike from BBC goes off and wins again 40-31. We cheer for Bodak via live stream.



Pierogies or Totes next two weeks? More likely Hogan scores 100 pts in 2 games? Or Marty scores under 35 in each game? 


Will NoSoup! (2-2) make the playoffs or will they go on a LosingStreak? 


Last Week Purple - Never Ape An Ape Man

Poles & Holes seemed to turn things around with a 25-14 win over Beash Moe but also appeared to take several steps back in a 59-29 pounding by the Family Feuders.  The Feuders and Some Other Dudes then slipped by Blood Sweat & Beers 34-28.  Laces Out! couldn't find their offense after the last two weeks, managing only one TD in a 27-6 loss to Saints Among Savages and a whopping 2 TDs in a 20-15 loss to the Soul Takers.  The Saints couldn't keep their good times rolling as they lost to Touchdown There 34-19.  Touchdown There then creamed the Spartans, breaking out all the offense in a 74-30 romp.  Labatt Blue Ballers picked up where they left off by stomping the Orchids of Asia into the turf 29-6.


This Week Purple - Six Guns & Double Eagles

Blood Sweat & Beers (0-4) vs Spartans (1-3)

Blood Sweat & Beers are the only winless team in the Purple Division.  Spartans are one of three 1-win teams.  If the Spartans are going to keep the Bloody Beers winless, they need to complete some passes early and not rely on longer passes to stay in the game.  The Sweaty Beers could use the win here to get at least a future tie-breaker. The Beersy Bleeders have mostly played (and lost) to teams in the upper half of the standings, so a good showing would not be out of the question.  Prediction: More sweat than blood, and a couple beers couldn't hurt, as Blood Sweat & Beers ekes out a 34-28 win.


Orchids of Asia (1-3) vs Saints Among Savages (1-4)

Both of these teams could use a win here, especially after this past weekend.  Saints Among Savages got their first win but couldn't make it a doubleheader sweep.  The Orchids won their first game but didn't get enough fertilizer and dropped three straight.  The Savages have been a little too saintly thus far, not having enough to get a win in the first few weeks.  All their losses have been close, so maybe a little more savagery could be on the menu for this one.  Prediction: A game between two underachieving teams could lead to a snoozefest, but we think it'll be a shootout. Saints Among Savages has enough in the tank to win, 52-40


Last Week Brown - Bedlam in the Big Top

Victorious Secret kept to their winning ways, beating the North Buffalo Wizards 25-14.  Losing & Boozin' got their first win of the season, knocking off GoatSack! 25-24.  The Knights of North Buffalo used a last minute drive, aided by a timeout with :05 on the clock to run up the score on Balls Deep, 24-8.  The Football Gods then took revenge, as Fresenius B.I.G. bet the Knights 32-8.  Shattered Dreams reached back to their glory days for some good mojo, beating Strategic Financial Solutions 14-8 and then curb-stomping a demoralized Balls Deep 40-8.  Still Running seemed to have shrugged off their early season troubles in a 26-6 win over Show Me Your TDs.  Finally, the Interdimensional Lightning Falcons used a speedy offense and a smothering defense to knock Champagne Supernova all the way back to Conway Park, 46-0.


This Week Brown - The Killing Season

Balls Deep (0-5) vs Still Running (2-1)

Balls Deep has been having a bad season, and it just might get worse before it gets any better.  It seems like Still Running hasn't played since Week One, but the schedule says they played last week.  Balls Deep has been having personnel issues all season long, and that's made it difficult for QB Synor to get into any sort of rhythm.  Still Running has ran through a few players as well, and QB Al will be looking to complete 2 passes in  row for the first time all season.  Prediction: Balls Deep will have trouble with the Still Running WRs, and if Still Running can frustrate the Balls offense, it'll be an easy afternoon. Still Running 38-21


GoatSack! (2-3) vs North Buffalo Wizards (2-2)

The Sack let one slip through their fingers last week, giving Losing & Boozinâ?? their first win of the season.  The Wizards also lost last week to fall to .500.  Sack QB Kaz needs to minimize the mistakes he makes when his team doesn't listen, which is more often than it should be.  The Wizards may need to reach into the Six Demon Bag and come up with some of that wind, fire, all that kind of thing to stay with a determined Sack.  Prediction: This is a tough one to call, as both teams lost to teams they should beat.  We think the Sack's early game time will throw off the Wizards, who's only available potion may be caffeine. GoatSack! 38-26


Strategic Financial Solutions (1-2) vs Victorious Secret (4-0)

The Secret is out - those gals are pretty good, but Strategic Financial is pretty good too.  SFS has height and speed, which could be a problem for the Secrets.   The Secrets have been victorious (see what we did there?) because they're getting 8-10 points per score, so opponents really need to put the hammer down if they're going to win.  SFS has a two-woman wrecking crew in Sally & Jesse Raphael, and that could swing the game into the Financial sector and away from the lingerie. Prediction: With apologies to the Totes/Pierogis tilt, this may be the game of the week. But sometimes with great pressure comes great collapse. Strategic Financial puts an end the Secrets winning streak, 52-48

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