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Weekly Pickin's - Week 06

Last Week:

Beer wins real big? Bodak raps to easy victory, Totes beats Talent again, for podcast bragging rights, NBuff Knights beat Goatsack in a barn burner, Wanderers beat Losing Streak and Slurpees, Menaces lose both games? Cant Two Hand Touch also wins two very big games.  Goat Wins!!! Beash Moe, Stunners, Mavericks, Still Running, Laces all win and look to the post session.

This Week:

Slurpeeeeees play Losing Streak and Talent.  Laces and Can't Touch This is a great matchup Shawn v Brandon.  Beer and BBC! Soul Takers v Stunners, and Hot Asses v StratFS.

Wanderers v Dangerous

Dangerous better wake up because the Wanderers are coming this week, and Dangerous has yet to win a game.  Will this be the upset special that Ginter has potential to win?  This Saturday will not be that day.  Prediction: Tie Die Playoff bound Champs win with recently married Alan doing cartwheels, and flock to the bar 50-40.

BBC (2-3) v Remember the Beer (4-1) 

BBC lost to Gucci, Stunners, and Touchdown There, nothing to be ashamed of.  This week BBC Mike and Meg need to find a way to win this game!! No question Beer team is experienced, but not like the BBC's team unity aspect.  This is not a playoff game so the BBC will exert all their energy and make this the game of the week.  Can the Marty v Tim Dynamic keep it up for a few more weeks without another QB controversy? Why did Beer lose to Touchdown but beat Shake n Bake? Will beer have any player conflicts or inebriation? Who is Ragavan, does he play for the Bills? Prediction: Beer is on Tap and win 40-30.

Beash Moe (3-1) v Lenny's Legends (1-3)

Beash Moe has a reputation for being the aggressor in the league. Beash Captain and New field manager Garonski has been calling in defensive play calls from the press box/sidelines. Little does he know, is that he is easily loud enough to yell his play calls from space, and everyone would hear him.  Legends won their first game of the season and are looking for more. Legends lost games to Falcons and 69ers. Captain Emily most likely will have her savvy crew amped up to take on the Beash. Prediction: Beash's strong D is too much for the Lovely Legends. Win for Justin, Jess, and Trish, for the Big Bad Wild Beash 39-23.

Family Feud (3-2) v Stampeeeed (0-5)

Feud and Stamps have two very important games this weekend, can the feud make it to 5 wins? Will the Stampers get off the "Schnide" and win a game already? Clay the Captain of the Stampers needs to slow down the game and start to trust the process and not the long ball.  The wind will be a factor and so will the moisture, this game has to go to the Family Feud because of the unity that they show on the field and at the bar afterwards. Prediction: Stampeeeeed!!!! Loses 40-22.

Laces Out? (5-1) V Fresenius BIG (2-3-1)

Laces is Out to a 5-1 start.  That is a very good Jump for the greeeeen JD team.  Five wins will keep Amber smiling and forgetting about Hogan more every week.  Looking at whom Laces has beaten already, Brandon and Laces are still going to have to prooooove themselves against stronger defenses, and remember the Buffalo Fall Wind will now start to become a serious factor.  Fresenius on the other hand has been losing very close games, to very good division teams like Beash, Touch This and a tie to Falcons.  This is easily the game of the week/division.  Prediction: Tie? Nope.  Laces are too efficient on offense and win 32-30 to a very good Fresenius team.  Go to the bar for warmth.

Still Running (2-3) v Jose Said No To Our Team Name (4-2)

Both teams got off to a very slow start to the session.  Both teams lost their first 2 games, and are finally starting to put up points, and win.  Joe's Team Name has lost to NBuff Knights and Goatsack.  That is nothing to be ashamed of, both of those squads have effective offensive systems and have been in the league for 10 years almost now. Joe's Team Names needs one more victory out of 4 games, and Running needs to win 3 more.  Speaking of the Running team, where are the Simpson brothers when you need a big win? Are they hunting in the woods with Still Running colors, and playing football with camouflage?  We like the Running to win this game because they have been in the league since UB-Avg Joes days as Rundown.  Team Rundown or Still Running has always given their best effort on the field.  Prediction: Picking a tie would be the smart choice but No To The Team Name is ready for D3 already, and wins a close one 30-29. Go to Adolphs for warmth!

N. Buffalo Knights (4-1) v Sesh Gremlins (1-4)

Knights should win this game, but the gremlins are getting better and better every week with Ryan's new role as qb.  The Knights are off and running, they don't even need their horse this year as they have won 4 wonderfully close games to be the #1 seed and comfortable in the seeding. Prediction: The moon is just the sun at Knight? Knights in the Daytime win 35-22.  Go to the bar for warmth

Philly Special (3-3) v Lens Balls Deep Legacy (3-2)

What a great game! Can both of these teams squeak out a few more wins to get them into the playoffs.  The Legacy has someone smiling from above every time Menge misses an open receiver, or throws a pick on first down.  The Legacy has a Leonard pep to their step this session, and are winning! Don't lose the steam now Legacy! Get to five wins for the Man, and get to the playoffs! Philly Special team has been running the streets of Philly and climbing the Museum steps just like Rocky Balboa or Donovan McNabb, along with eating a cheesesteak. For real, Philly Special is having a great session and winning games.  They lost to good teams and are in need of 2 more wins this session.  No game is ever "easy" to win, so the Specials need to play extra special for a few more weeks.  Prediction: Legacy's Lens Balls are Lucky Charms and win 30-22.

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