Weekly Pickin's - Week 06



Last Week Orange:

Lost in the Sauce is even more lost after losing two games to Talent Juice and Wanderers.  Call it an off year for the Sauce because they hardly get enough players to substitute during the games.  Wanderers are the only undefeated team in Orange, but they only played 4 games. Talent Juice wins again then loses to Slurpees? Slurpees scored 55 on Talent?? Then slurpees get beat by a very timid Totes teamâ?¦. at the last secondâ?¦. with a yellow rag on the field.  South Buffalo almost beat tight butts but canâ??t finish late game drives.


Orange and Yellow Division Podcast Question:

Which Game On! football sponsor had the best patio? Average Joes (RIP), Adolphâ??s, Royâ??s Place, Shu Shine, Wiechecs, Swannie House, or Buffalo Pizza n Ale.


This Week Orange:

Pierogies v South Buffalo

Pierogies play Losing Streak right before this game.  We all assume tensions will be high after this early game. Can South Buffalo take advantage of the Pierogies being tired and stressed from their earlier game? SB needs to watch out for the deep Pierogie guy routes, SB doesn't have very many wins this session but that doesn't mean they can hold pierogies to under 40 pts and win. The only question here is can SB score more than 40â?¦â?¦..? Hogan had a poor last week but will recover fast. Prediction: Nikki Fitzgerald makes several circus catches, Pierogies Win double header scoring 120 total - This game 55-39 Polish Deep Fried Tacos.


Losing Streak V Lost in the Sauce

Lost in Sauce lost twice last week. Once to the Wanderers... who only score female touchdowns and then they lost to Talent Juiceâ?¦. But it was only by one score. Sauce still has a great experienced team, but they need to smooth out their offense a little more. Ginter is Lost? Ginter Sauced? Jeffâ?¦. time to gather the troops and take them all out to breakfast so they can be ready to crush the competition.  Kimâ??s smiles on the sideline are enough to bring out the sunâ?¦. But not enough to get a win. Losing Streak should win this game butâ?¦ with the cold weather & Jordanâ??s style of fast-longball offense, drops may be more frequent. Sauce needs to know Steak is looking to go long and are looking to quickly run plays to keep the defense from coordinating. Prediction: Game at Noon, Jordan goes on Vacation but calls plays via facetime. Losing Streak Wins 60-40 Sauce needs to play a full 50min game


Tight Butts (2-2) V Slurpees (3-2) 

Slurpees are as cocky as Tight Butts were exactly one year ago. Winning close games and coming off a championship in yellow division.  Tight Butts made it to the championship game that session alsoâ?¦ and never recovered after that session.  What happened to The Sweaty Nuts and Tight Butts?  Well its Slurpees turn at Talent & Wanderers, (good luck).  Even from the press box at New Era field, faint bickering can be heard between QB Matt and Tom/Dave.  They are not imploding, just verbally expressing their dislike about something and looking to improve. Prediction: Tight Butts finally comes to play this week, and sleevelessly wins big 39-25


Last Week Yellow:

Cant To Hand Touch This beat up the Hulks badly.  Both teams have been the definition of inconsistent this session, winning huge, and then losing directly after.  Hulks score 23pts? Laces wins a must win game against a very quiet BBC team.  Laces still has a chance, but needs to play more collectively, and not blame other factors for loses... like weather, refs, sleeve headbands, and Amber/JJ, lol.  What theâ?¦ Little Giants beat the junk out of Two Hand Touch, Gucci-GQ-Kelly-The-Conductor keeps the train running without breaking or squeaking.  Such a strange division week to week, wait for bad weather to make it even more exciting.  Again nice short week from many team byes, and cancelled game due to lightning.  Listen! This division is always up for grabs, not like Orange, which is usually set after week 6.  Can these Yellow QBs throw under 15 picks in 10-12 games? Well we in Vegas bet the ones that do we will be writing about in the postseason.


This Week Yellow:

Bougie Ballers (3-3) v Conquistadors (4-1)

Bougie has two games this week against The Hulks and then the Conqs.  Is Game On! Golden boy Alan for real? We will find out after this week.  Winning both is highly unlikely but losing to the Conqs is even more possible.  We love watching the Conqs play deep ball from Vegas.  Very passionate and intense team.  Only question here, where is the Conqs consistency?  Bougie has a roster of many familiar Game On! names so consistency may not be as difficult for the ballers, but again how well will Alan do under real pressure with so little games as QB under his belt.  We know Manny X, Rh, Tony will be there ready to fly so we predict: Too much firepower from the conquistadors on offense in the cold - 40-30


BBC (1-4) V Stunners (3-1)

BBC needs this game to Bee Gees - stay alive. Stunners Are loving their new schedule, not playing the same Totes/Wanderers/TalentJuice games. Jennings is shredding great defenses who just aren't familiar with the Stunners chip away at it offense.  We want to do everything we can with words to help the BBC beat the big Blue...but until BBC shows us they are back it Stunners all day. Prediction: Stunners are still the team to beat. Stunners stunningly win 40-33.  BTW BBC has 15 players on their roster, that's a lot to handle Meg.


Injured Reserves (3-0) V No Soup For You (4-1)

Game of the Week? Jordan and his og crew v Sean and his spooky good red crew.  No Soup lost their first game last week to Little Giants by 2 scores.  Reserves have a short roster and it's actually even shorter when their team shows up 10 min late to every game (Not Trish).  Reserves are scoring a lot of points (Andy & David) but only played three games so far, so we donâ??t know.  Reserves could lose both games of their double header (Giants also), and be stuck playing catch up.  We love this game because both QBs like to send the ball down fieldâ?¦..especially after having a rusher chase them around. Enjoyable throws on the run, and patience keeping plays alive from both squads.  Can we have a big game from Meg or Jeremy? Nope? What about huge games from rough Anna and rigged Eileen? Prediction: No Soup sneaks this win from Theo N Trish 50-47

Last Week Purple:

Bodak Yellow solidified themselves as the team to beat in Purple by taking Poles & Holes out to the woodshedâ?¦Total Recall took over 2nd in the Division with a sweep of their own, beating up Tight-Ends so badly that Shake & Bake forfeitedâ?¦Not Fast Just Furious started their long path back to contention with a win over Kostas Spartansâ?¦all the other teams had their games washed out by Not-So-Tropical Storm Winnie.

This Week Purple:

Tight-Ends (1-2-1) @ Beash Moe (2-1)

Hmmâ?¦a team that averages 38 points for versus a team that averages 49 points againstâ?¦at first it looks like a Moe blowout, but Head Moe Justin needs to get his Moes to play better defenseâ?¦Tight-Ends need to be tighter at the end of games in order win the close onesâ?¦weâ??re not sure if thatâ??ll happen here. Prediction: Justin gets most of his Moes in order and Trish & Taylor both show up for a 36-21 Beash Moe win.


Saturday Morning QB Club (1-2-1) @ Bodak Yellow (6-0)

Bodak has taken control of this Division after a rocky season in Brown last yearâ?¦QB Club canâ??t get out of their own way and despite the name, canâ??t find a quarterback that can play consistentlyâ?¦unless â??consistently badâ?? is what they were searching for. Prediction: Bodak cleans the QB Clubâ??s clock with a 48-16 win.

Not Fast Just Furious (2-4) @ Touchdown There (2-2)

Not Fast Just Furious is giving up 49 points a game; not a good number, especially when your offense is only putting up 31 a gameâ?¦Touchdown There is scoring almost at will, putting up 52 points a gameâ?¦if the Not Fasts canâ??t stop the other teamâ??s offense, this game will be over at the coin flipâ?¦Not Fast Just Furious needs the win, but may not have enough in the tank. Prediction: Touchdown There starts strong and coasts to a 49-22 win.

Last Week Brown:

The Interdimensional Lightning Falcons romped on the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf to remain at the top of the Divisionâ?¦Fresenius B.I.G. could not take advantage of their doubleheader, losing to Threat Level Midnight and beating Show Me Your TDsâ?¦Show Me Your TDs also lost to still running to fall into a tie for 3rd place instead of leapfrogging everyoneâ?¦Threat Level Midnight also beat Shattered Dreams to jump into that 3rd place tieâ?¦Shattered Dreams did beat Strategic Financial Solutions to double their win totalâ?¦the Knights of North Buffalo beat Boozinâ?? & Losinâ?? to set up next weekâ??s grudge match with Balls Deepâ?¦still running had an impressive shutout win over Boozin & Losin to start their doubleheader sweep.

Brown Blog Buster:

From Mike S., â??What is the best bar challenge gameâ?¦or is there a better challenge game that has yet to be used?â??

This Week Brown:

Balls Deep (1-3) @ still running (2-5)

Balls Deep has been in a rut that coincides with QB Synor playing some of his worst football in memoryâ?¦both teams give up a lot of points, but the Balls Deep offense has been almost non-existentâ?¦Balls Deep in the middle of 3 doubleheaders in a row; and now we hear backup QB Kane may be out as wellâ?¦still running has the speed and the threat of JZ going off on someone is very real. Prediction: In the 2nd game of the doubleheader, QB Synorâ??s arm goes limp and with no viable backup, still running still wins 36-22.

goatSACK! (2-2) @ Fresenius B.I.G. (5-1)

Fresenius could be looking past this game, and if they do, goatSACK! will take advantageâ?¦the B.I.G. defense has not been stingy, while goatSACK! offense has not been especially productiveâ?¦one of those 2 units will have to save the day for their teamâ?¦on the other hand, the B.I.G. offense has been on fire, and should carry the day. Prediction: SACK! QB Kaz tries to do too much with too little and it costs them as Fresenius cruises 48-28

Philly Special (3-2-1) @ Threat Level Midnight (5-1)

We thought Philly Special would be mired in the bottom half of the Division until recentlyâ?¦Threat Level looks to be a challenger for the top spot as we head toward the homestretchâ?¦Philly is still giving up way too many points for a team this close to contendingâ?¦Threat Level Midnight has some definite threats on the outside, and if they continue as they have, this will not be special for Philly. Prediction: Threat Level Midnight just has too many weapons for Philly Special, 50-38

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