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Weekly Pickin's - Week 05

Talent v Totes

Game of the week? Maybe? Both teams have two wins. This game could be more crucial in a few weeks. Only meeting between these orange teams this session, so keep the tie breakers in mind.  On!core will have something to talk about this and next week for sure. Whom will be taking field videos.  Prediction:  Where is the Talent? Totes is slowly picking up speed.  Totes 40-30.  

Stunners v BBC

Game of the Week? Maybe.  Both teams suffer from inconsistencies and need to tighten up their offenses before the snow falls, and the time comes for postseason. Both teams have 2 wins and need a few more to have a successful session to talk about. Prediction: Stunners get stunned by stone cold Meg Austin and lose to BBC 30-28.

Gucci v Hulks

Gucci has an uphill battle this week, if they think beating the Hulks will be easy.  Hulks were a top seed last session, and Gucci just fell short of the playoffs. Can Kaner find some Irish Luck to get some turnovers this game, to help her out on offense, and not have to drive the whole field?  Hulks beat some really good teams this session, but they struggle with the inconsistency of the long ball in the wind. Prediction: Gucci battles hard but are no match for David Banner and the Toxic Chemical Hulks 40-24.

Bamf Ninjas v Laces Out

The orange-colored, man-bunned ninjas are a team to watch.  They use crazy amounts of athletics to try and achieve victory.  We, in Vegas, host the ninja warrior competitions so this team is our favorites.  Laces has two games on Sat and will be sitting pretty on the podcast if they can capture both games. Prediction:  Laces Brandon tries to backflip and gets injured again.  Laces still win 30-28 in the wind and heat.  

Bodak Yellow v Lightning Falcons

Bodak hasn't lost, yet.  And the falcons have 3 wins already.  Who is the better offense?  That is definitely Bodak.  But which team brings the thunder on D, that would be the Falcons.  Captain Andrew better get ready for the Yellow Bodaks because they are coming for bloody shoes. Prediction: Falcons cannot rap, and Bodaks cannot fly.  Bodak is undefeated and a really good looking team. Bodak 39-38.5.

Family Feud v Can't Touch This

If this was Spring session, the prediction would go against FF.  But now that we're in the Fall, and FF has revamped their roster, they are now winning games.  McKays are Feuding on the field, and smiling all the way to the bar.  Can't Touch used to be seen as the team at the field playing music and dancing every week.  Is this still the same team? Sean is finally back, and leading the Touchers to safe victories. Prediction:  Screw it, we're taking a chance on FF this week. Let's go old man, loosen up 30-27.

Strat FC v Still Running

Whom will be the QB of Running this game? Is it the taller guy with the long ball, or the shorter hedgehog guy, who can't be caught? Whom is Jordan? We love Julianna but whom is Jordan?  Is this Jordan 6'5" 265lbs?   Running is quietly staying in games, and sneaking out small wins.  Last session, Running made the playoffs and almost moved on to the semis.  Strat is a type of guitar.  That is all we really know about StratFC.  Also their one win this session was against a very impressive North Buffalo.  Will Captain Alex be able to handle the pressure of the season winding down?  Will StratFC be seen at Adolf's bar after the game? Prediction: Running stay solid and win against the Stratocasters 30-22.

Goatsack v Sesh Gremlins

The Goats are doing very, very well so far.  But the wind and cold is coming, and goats get cold n stiff.  Which team will be more consistent? Andy has 10 years exp and QB Ryan from Sesh is a new QB, testing out his Motion and Takeover skills on the offense. Prediction:  Sesh just doesn't have a stud like Andy, yet; but they do have Trish and Kaylin to hold down the fort and rough up some guy competitors.  Sorry Captain Smith, Goats will Sack you 28-15.  See both teams at the bar for the Lenny Social Bar Game Showcase Showdown.

Hot ASSets v Show me Your TDs

The Ass-etts are 2-1 which is impressive, their offense is playing very well butttttttttttt, the weather is changing, the wind is picking up and the moisture is getting moister.  Will the ASS-etts be able to stay consistent? Good luck hot ass-ets.  Show Me Your TDs are a team who has been around for many years now, but for some reason they are losing close games.  What is going on with these scores? One week barley ten points, the next 50.  This game can go in any direction which makes it a candidate for game of the week.  The wind will be present at Conway, whose QB will slice the wind, and run up the score. Prediction: Easy picking of the Hot Ass-ets 34-30, this is due to TDs losing to 3 beatable teams in the last 4 weeks.

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