Weekly Pickin's - Week 05

Last Week Orange:

9am Juice wins again, keeping them undefeated, and in control of their playoff hopes.  The Talent Juice Champs then decided to show off their defensive play, and again held the Flying Pierogies to under 50 points, which does not happen often.  Menace to Society is starting to get players to the field, to finally play competitively, let's go Dave. Sauce beat the very confident Slurpee team at the last second. Then Tight Butts beat up Sauce right after.  We in Vegas are again very surprised that Pierogies only scored 32 points in a loss to Slurpees. Then .... sadly..... TotesMcGoats moves further from the postseason, Adam & Marty had two crushing losses, one to Wanderers, and for the second time this session Losing Streak beat Totes.


Orange Division Podcast Question:

As a QB: Wet, Rain & Receiver Gloves....Or Wind & Duck Passes?


This Week Orange:

Talent Juice (Four Wins) v Slurpees (Two Wins)

Slurpee's got their first loss of the session to another sauce/liquid team. SS came in very confident as they should be, after winning the Yellow division in 3 games. The first couple weeks have gone by and we still have not really seen much of SS. We look forward to how they can compete against one of the league's best. Talent can really hold teams from scoring and our prediction is derived from SS not being able to score late in the game.  The girls on Talent are well rounded and experienced. The SS females will be a large factor in this game on both sides of the Ball. Prediction: Upset special? We don't think so, Juice plays immaculate D, which should be no surprise. Juice 38-30.


South Buffalo 35PPG v Tight Butts 30PPG

Both teams need this game to keep their confidence up. South Buffalo has one of the better offenses and receivers in the league, but their defense needs to stop these teams from scoring 50 to 60 points and give their offense a chance. Tight Butts still cannot get it together from when they went to the championship two sessions ago. They were one of the most feared teams because of their aggressiveness, strong defense, and sleeveless shirts. Now the Tight Butt Crew seem to be just a shell of what they once were, and are thinking about getting sleeves to keep them warm. Prediction: Maybe Game of the week- South Buffalo Wins 30-28 on the last drive.


Last Week Yellow:

Finally the BBC is back, and they hit +50 points against the very good but unpredictable Hulk team.  Laces loses again, but they are a good team that only loses by a few points each game, and the whole team goes to bar after!  Cons are HOT, Stunners are the BAD BOYS of the Division, winning in stunning fashion yet again. They are dominantly experienced.  The Super-Little GIants are starting to play like Big-Giants, call Ice Box because this team is on fire! Little-Giants .... not to be confused with Irish Giants, beat Soup, Bougie, and Conquistadors... but they lost to Laces and Sprinkles...... very exciting, unpredictable division.


Yellow Division Podcast Question:

High & uncatchable Vs. down & dirty? Decide?


This Week Yellow:

Cant Two Hand Touch THis (39.33333PPG) v The Hulks (38.25PPG)

Both teams have offenses that can score +50 points very quickly. Which team can play better defense? The weather should be decent, and not really affect the two very strong quarterbacks. If anyone has played Two Hand Touchers before you know that they are one of the most threatening teams to watch, on the sidelines The Touchers can be seen dancing, high-fiving each other, and looking like they are having an all around good time. The Green Hulks on the other hand, we're not really sure if they're going to score 70 one week, or a team that loses to a shorthanded team the next week. Prediction: Possible/Definite Game of the Week. The Hulks are one of the most difficult teams to predict! So we're going to choose Cant Two Hand Touch because of the consistency that they show week after week 40-32.


Conquistadors v Injured Reserves

The Injured Reserve team is a difficult team to put a finger on because they have not played very many games this session, and unfortunately had to reschedule their doubleheader last week. The Becker's are really putting up points this session, and are looking to get a playoff spot.  These guys changed their name from last session, and are flying way under the radar. If you are reading this.... Do not take them lightly, they are always improving, and a very opportunistic team, that can and will win games. The Conquistadors had a very poor first week losing to Little Giants, and only scored 20 points.  Since then, they have won every game.... But not by much. Manny & crew are revving up the engines, can the Conqs play in the wind and rain, as well as they do in the calm sunshine? Prediction: Conquistadors are too offensively good in the nice weather - but so is Injured Reserve - Reserves Win 61-57. Shootout Style


Laces Out (34PPG) v BBC (27PPG)

Laces Out has been losing a lot of close games, BTW 3 games were lost by one score or less. Laces offense can't seem to score more than 30ppg.  Does Laces know that there is a 2nd half to every football game? The BBC has been getting blown out of every game except for last week, where they finally decided to show up. As a strong team (MEG) beat the very good Hulks. This is an amazing game to watch, and even harder to attempt and predict because both of these teams.... are.... well... unpredictable. If the BBC comes to the game with fast offensive firepower, Laces has zero chances to win. Also.... if Brandon talks too much about Laces on the podcast, then he will over think the easy pass-catch correlation required for winning... and again BBC will win. Prediction: Is BBC Really Back? Yes, BBC is Back! 40-32 B-B-C.

Last Week Purple:

Bodak took the fury right out of Not Fast Just Furious.. Shake & Bake knocked the feta out of Kostas Spartans...the Spartans also fell too many touchdowns short to Touchdown There to freefall into the basement...Total Recall slipped past Poles & Holes; maybe the late start is rejuvenating this team...Tight-Ends could only muster a tie against a clearly disinterested Saturday Morning QB Club...Labatt Blue Ballers gave Not Fast Just Furious their first win of the season...bye weeks and extra beers for Beash Moe & BAMF Ninjas.

Purple Division Podcast Question:

Of the three last place teams who have already played half their games (Kostas, Not Fast, Labatt), which one finishes with the better record?

This Week Purple:

Touchdown There (2-2) @ Labatt Blue Ballers (1-4)

Blue Ballers can't afford too many more losses if they want to make the playoffs...Touchdown There seems to be gelling at the right time...the Blue Ballers WR combo of Guy Buttersnaps & R.P. McMurphy can be tough to defend, and can leave their Female MVP Patti Simcox open...Touchdown There can't allow the Ballers to stay in the game...the longer that happened, the better chance Labatt can pull it out. Prediction: Labatt has their cans wrapped in Zubaz and the giant six-pack across the water, but what they really need is some defense. Touchdown There 48-34

Poles & Holes (3-1) @ BAMF Ninjas (2-2)

The Ninjas had last week off to learn secret ninja moves from the government...Poles suffered their first loss of the season and are hoping that it's not the beginning of a trend...Ninjas have a fearsome foursome of ladies that can take control of a game, or a happy hour...Poles have to hope their Holes are sewn up, but if any team can find 'em, it's the Ninjas. Prediction: Ninjas get back to work and take this one, 36-22

Total Recall (2-1) @ Shake & Bake (3-1)

Shake & Bake looked like they were ready to run the table last week...Total Recall is just getting their season started...Long-time Pickin's fave Christine is the X-factor here...if she gets open, it'll be a while before she gets stopped...Now that last season's purple reign is over, Head Recaller Isaac is hoping his squad can get over last season's disappointment...Shake & Bake will go as far as QB Gordie Lachance takes them; but watch out for deep threat and part-time hand model Nacho Hernandez. Prediction: Total Recall doesn't have the three-breasted midget to distract other teams, so they'll have to do it the hard way. Total Recall 40-28

Last Week Brown:

Show Me Your TDs were especially showy in big wins over Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (their first loss of the year!) and North Buffalo Knights (their 4th. Ho-hum)...Falcons did bounce back to beat Boozin' & Losin'...Philly Special was feeling pretty special after wins over Strategic Financial Solutions and the still winless still running...Threat Level Midnight got past Balls Deep's backup QB, while Balls Deep's starting QB got lit up by goatSACK!...the Knights of North Buffalo finally got one to go their way in a win over the still winless still running...bye weeks and bingo games for Shattered Dreams and The 2nd Greatest Show on Turf.

Brown Division Podcast Question:

What's the better choice...2 pitchers for $10 or a bucket of 5 for $10?

This Week Brown:

Fresenius B.I.G. (4-0) @ Show Me Your TDs (5-0)

Battle of the undefeated...could be the Game of the Week...this will be the highest scoring game of the week, not counting Losing Streak running up the score...Fresenius is led by their defense, especially the DBs Lars Understall & Claudio Bravo...if either of those is missing or is having a bad game, then it's going to be that much worse for the B.I.G.ers...The TDs defense may be a bit stingier, as their strength is up front, with their press corners and the relentless pass rush of Suzy Hotrod & Claire D Way. Prediction: Show Me Your TDs hangs on to the top spot, 32-28

2nd Greatest Show on Turf (0-2) vs Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (5-1)

The Falcons won't want to look past this game...they're not called the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf for nothing; although they are populated with a lot of newbies...we've been talking about this team since Week One, and can't wait to see what they do with a little more seasoning...seems the Falcons got some seasoning in the last few months and are the surprise of the Division. Prediction: Try as they might, the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf is going to have to settle for 2nd best in this game. Falcons 32-14

Shattered Dreams (1-3-1) @ Strategic Financial Solutions (2-5)

Now we get to see if the Solutions are for real...beating goatSACK and Balls Deep is one thing...the Dreamers were hoping to sneak by with a few wins after the name change but no such luck...the Solutions have speed, but the Dreamers have the experience...SFS have improved since original QB Bilson was put on the Disabled List with "children"...Dreamers are going to need to score often to keep up with the Solutions' quick-strike capability. Prediction: We don't have a lot of confidence in either team to put the other one away, so...28-28.

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