Weekly Pickin's - Week 05

Last Week:

Short week yet again, well, from Vegas we heard Wanderers beat Tight Butts by a nose and played a shot game at the bar afterwards with Blood Sweat and Beers, Shattered Dreams, Show Me Some TDs and Goatsack. Speaking of sack, Goatsack lost by 3 pts as Brandon helps out the Falcons get a W. HK9 still undefeated as they slay Gucci by a score. Show Me Your TDs showed what they have is very fancy, and beat Shattered Dreams, shattering their dreams. Inglourious Basterds lost again, come on Issac?!? Sometimes We Go (BBC) is coming for a playoff spot! Lastly, before lacrosse games was Beash Moe lighting up the score in a 34-26 win over Blood Sweat n Beers. Great weather and Adolf's is the spot to be! Finally Patio?


This Week Orange:

Conquistadors (1-3) v Pierogies (2-1)

Prediction: Pierogies lose? Yes Conquistadors score 40 and Pierogies lose on the last drive 40-35. Hogan will have to step his game up and not lose many more games. Which QB will play for Conquistadors this week? How many players on Conquistadors will be late? Doesn't really matter because the Quistadors are very hungry for a win. 2-3 looks good, but 1-4 is scary. Hogan call up some old legends like Smashlie to help you guys make the playoffs. Listen, Pierogies play Totes twice in back to back weeks. If Pierogies think these will be easy wins, then the games will be so much more entertaining than we ever thought. 


Talent Juice (1-1) v Woke Up Real Dangerous (1-1)

Prediction: Juice loses a close game. 30-35 to Woke up Dangerous who now are playing in the nice weather under the sunshine plus stadium lighting. Dangerous team will be tested these next two weeks for sure. Talent Juice, then Totes and Soup in a double header!?!?! Dangerous has 5 players whose names start with M and 4 players whose names start with J. So l 's go Alison, Rasheeda, Dave, and Theo. Will QB Tim, from Talent, throw the ball better now that the weather is a little more calm? This is the game of the week if both QB's come with a no turnover mentality. First QB to turnover, game over


This Week Yellow:

Shake n Bake (2-1) v Abusement Park (2-1)

Prediction: Abusement Park is just too too good, they win 38-29. Shake n Bake needs a deep fryer to help them crisp up a little. Their offense has serious potential, but to win 5 games in one session? Not as easy as it looks. Both teams have a 2-1 record, so winner of this game is sitting pretty. The Bakers can win this game over the Parkers but it will not be easy at all. Cheap beers and a patio at Adolf's should help after this very impressive mashup. Hey Captain Taylor, you need at least 5 wins to make the postseason.


Motion n Takeover (3-1) v Buffalo Stunners (0-2)

Prediction: Motion and Takeover already has 3 wins.  It takes at least 5 to make the playoffs, so these next couple of games will be important. If Takeover thinks this will be easy, because the Stunners have an 0-2 recordâ?¦.. let me tell you all about Buffalo Stunners, 2011 at UB Stadium and Kuntz Field. They were the real bad boys in blue, Woj, Brian, Desi, Dave used to play hard and fast. Short tosses from Brian would turn into big gains. Since 2011 Stunners have not seen the glory that they hoped for due to personnel. Who said 2019 can't be the bad boy blues year again. Prediction: Motion and Takeover girls are elite, but Stunners need this game, Stunners 38-34.


Question For Podcast: 

  • Please talk about Totes and Pierogies playing back to back weeks. If one team loses both, the other team's playoff run looks bleak. Hogan v Marty, Nelsons v Kerns. Fancy socks Amber v Backup QB Trish
  • Who wins a 40 yard dash? Hogan or Marty? Tim or Ginter? Frank or Jordan? Matt or Pickens? Bets anyone? "And they're off"


Last Week Purple - Maximum Minimalism

Only one game on the Purple schedule, as Beash Moe had enough in the tank to get past Blood Sweat & Beers 34-26.  The rest of the Division got caught in a vortex created when Totes QB Marty couldn't (or wouldn't) pick a horse in the Derby.


This Week Purple - Back in Business

Laces Out! (3-0) vs Soul Takers (2-1)

Laces Out! looks to keep their undefeated record intact, while Soul Takers are looking to take the next step.  Laces QB Sick Larry has been playing fast and loose so far this season, and that kind of play can backfire.  Soul Takers need their women to step up and stop the Laces Ladies.  Takers QB Nacho Fernandez has to take care of the ball and minimize the mistakes, which means no throwing into triple coverage.  Leave that stuff for D-IV.  Prediction: Laces Out! has more depth and while their speed is usually the difference, the Takers can keep up with them. Laces Out! 48-32


Spartans (1-2) vs Touchdown There (3-0)

Spartans have a big hill to climb, taking on the undefeated Touchdown There.  One of the Spartans' losses was a Week One stomping by Laces Out! when the Spartans didn't have enough to play while Laces loaded up on Guest Passes.  Spartans have a little more depth, while Touchdown There boasts one of the best female players in the Division in Patti Simcox.  Spartans need to force Touchdown There into some mistakes, but QB Johnny Nogerelli doesn't make too many.  Prediction: Touchdown There stays undefeated, but it won't be easy, 36-31


Last Week Brown - That's no moon

Only two games in the Division this week, as the Interdimensional Lightning Falcons used a strong defense and maybe even an illegal tractor beam to beat GoatSack! 16-13, while Show Me Your TDs got their first win of the season by getting past Shattered Dreams 28-18. The rest of Brown got lost in Mos Eisely looking for a Mighty Taco.


This Week Brown - Same As It Ever Was

Fresenius B.I.G. (1-1) vs North Buffalo Knights (3-0)

The Knights of North Buffalo are looking pretty sweet sitting at the top of the Division with an unblemished record.  This is the second game in a row for the Knights, but the first one is against Balls Deep, so they shouldn't be too worn out.  Fresenius had an easy start to the season, with a Week One win over a shorthanded and uninterested Balls Deep, and followed that up with a dispiriting loss to Strategic Financial.  B.I.G. should be able to match up with the Knights, so this will come down to who executes better.  Prediction: If the Knights are going to falter, this is the game where it'll happen. Upset Alert!  Fresenius 36-21


Show Me Your TDs (1-3) vs Still Running (1-1)

Fresh off their first win of the season, Show Me Your TDs now wants to show a winning streak, but Still Running is standing in their way.  Still Running would like to get started on a winning streak of their own.  TDs QB Hoot Gibson has been doing a great job with his limited roster, but things should be looking up after their first win and the return of their female All Star Clementine Wooleysocks.  Still Running still has Styles' all-time favorite JZ making things happen on both sides of the ball.  Prediction: Show Me Your TDs shows some stuff to Still Running, but the veterans on the Running roster carry the day in a 48-24 win.

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