Weekly Pickin's - Week 04

Last Week:

The Oasis based team name Champagne Supernova beat Losin n Boozin in a snow filled game, defenses played very well on both sides. Bodak lost again?!?! That Abusement Park Team though, veteran WR Theo Becker is really playing well, uniting, and winning games. Last week's GOTD was supposed to be Totes v Juice, but Slurpees were ready early, and jumped to a 12-0 early lead, Totes ball security much? We understand Marty's weekly confusion due to Totes having similar looking male receivers? For example: Bert, Andrew, John, Dan, Jack, James, Jeremy, Joel, Eickel, etc. Well Slurpee D is for real, and deep crosses seem to be effective for their offense as well. Let's see if Slurpees can continue to win games as the weather changes. MandT and Laces snuck out wins in two amazingly close games! Laces also wins by a short foot.  NB Knights are really picking up steam with some very new and athletic defensive offseason pickups. Note: the best part of the day was after 11am and all games were over. Totes and Slurpee huddled for warmth together at Adolf's top tables, they were all laughing, playing darts, eating, and being the perfect definition of what social sports are created for. Most of the players in the Orange division have a strong history together as competitors or as teammates. Is the patio open yet?


This Weeks Short Schedule

Tight Butts v Wanderers

Wanderers lost to Talent Juice last week, which is now becoming more and more common.  Tight Butts need a W to not seep into a deeper hole. If mercy is what you request, Wanderers will show none of it, as the locomotion of ADHD children do what they do and score while yelling at each other. Pickens team, wait is it Blane's team now? We like this new direction and lack of shirt sleeves. Can the Big Boys of Tight Butts make those middle field catches in traffic like they normally try? Woj? Sarah? Middle throws will decide the outcome. Wanderer defense is seriously nothing to brag about so if Butts can stay in the game with ball control this could be close. Prediction: Wanderers 40-34.


HK9 v Gucci

Holy Kielbasa 9 is very darn good! Gucci team is back after a few Giants sessions of play, but Gucci is in trouble if they think they can score zero and attempt to win a game (duh!). Pickens and Kane both have played against each other many times. This time the wind is going to be a factor. Which receivers can shed a tackle and break free for some points? Prediction: HK9 is taking names and asking questions later, 30-21 HK9.


Sometimes We Go Out v Inglorious Basterds

BBC/We Go Out is doing what they always do. Lose easy games, beat playoff teams, seal a playoff spot as the last seed, and throw the game as Meg scouts for the next session. Will this session be any different? Doubtful, but do not sleep on the BBC, because sometimes they win and go to the bar. Basterds are a Tarantino masterpiece. So like any Q Tarantino movie the order is usually out of order.  Hogan now yells at the beginning of the game instead of the end, the coin toss will be foreshadowed later in the day, and characters you thought were bad turn out to have a deep rich past that we find out about in vivid flashbacks. What are we talking about? Isaac v Meg anything can happen. Hope Meg Goes Out after the game because Isaac will be at Adolf's. Prediction: Pulp Fiction Christopher Walken WW2 wrist watch scene - Basterds win 34-28 as Beatrix Kiddo scores a TD with a Hidori Hansu Sword.


Few Silly Questions for Podcast:

  • Can a device be purchased or built to block out the wind, rain, snow, sleet, UV rays, and gravity?
  • Can we in Vegas recommend a 3 level Parking garage?
  • Can a Lazy River be trenched around field for floating spectators?
  • Can someone influence the NFTA, so the Subway can be extended right to the edge of Adolf's Bar on S.Park (We Love Adolf's)
  • Can we Live Drone Stream on a podcast?
  • Who won the 1st annual Adolf's-Game On! Easter Egg Hunt? Probably Brandon S.  because he is a regular (or he may be the owner).


Last Week Purple

Baby, It's Cold Outside.  Laces Out! snuck by Family Feud & Some Dudes 31-26 as Laces QB Sick Larry was able to overcome some unfortunate passes and some even more unfortunate drops.  The rest of the Division spent the weekend staying indoors and counting the days until the sun comes out again. We're hearing sometime in late May.


This Week Purple - Mint Julep Up!

Beash Moe (1-2) vs Blood Sweat & Beers (0-2)

The Moes are trying to get on the right track and this game could be just what the doctor ordered.  Blood Sweat & Beers has given up an average of 68 points in their two losses.  Beash Moe will want to get this game done so they can get ready for Derby Day.  Blood Sweat & Beers has been running in circles all season so Derby Day won't be anything new.  Look for Beash Moe to break out of the gate early and keep Blood Sweat & Beers away from the inside track.  Prediction: Beash Moe goes wire-to-wire in a 35-14 win.


Last Week Brown

A Hard Wind's Gonna Blow.  Champagne Supernova finally got into the win column by keeping Losing & Boozin' winless.  Balls Deep matched that, scoring on their first drive before allowing the North Buffalo Wizards to score every point after that.  Everyone else had the day off to stockpile supplies for the upcoming winter-pocalypse.


This Week Brown - May The Fourth Be With You

GoatSack! (2-1) vs Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (2-0)

A long time ago on a field not too far away, GoatSack! was a perennial upper-Division contender, but their midichlorian count has been dangerously low in recent years.  When your big claim to fame in the last few seasons is beating Balls Deep in Best at the Bar, you're going to need to step up your game.  The Falcons have the speed to make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs but do they have the alluvial dampers to make sure they don't go off course and fly right through a Supernova.  The Falcons have the maneuverability to get around the Star Destroyer-sized defense the Sack! Employs. Prediction: GoatSack! QB Kaz will duel the Falcons Darth Maul QB but in the end, the Falcons come out on top 42-28


Shattered Dreams (2-1) vs Show Me Your TDs (0-3)

The TDs are still looking for their first win of the season, and they've only given up 22 points a game.  Of course, they only average 10 ppg on offense, so there's that.  The Dreamers have been revitalized since going back to an earlier version of their name.  But their small roster could use an infusion of some eager Padawans.  The TDs defense should be up for the challenge of this game, but their offense needs an influx of the Force. Prediction: Show Me Your TDs enacts Order 66 and the Dreamers go down in a hard-fought, Clone War battle, 36-30

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