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Weekly Pickin's - Week 04

Last Week:
BBC is back! Meg has got her team well oiled. We notice Slurpees lose, tight butts lose, and so does Juice fall again. Menaces is undefeated and running amok as they beat wanderers on the very last play. Totes is nice and back (5-5)?? Goatsack is the sackiest, Losing won, Lens balls deep is winning!!!!!!!!! Oh, then they lost!? Goatsack is the saxiest team. Whom are the Soul Takers?

Sweet Matchups:
Check Your Game On! Fantasy Brackets.  Wanderer v Totes, Mavericks v Bake n Shake, Dangerous-Juice, Balls Deep Legacy!, Game of the Week Stunners-Beer (nope), Fresenius-Can't Touch This

Tight Butts v Losing Streak

We assume that Jordan and the boys should win this game, but Vegas on the other hand loves games like this, so Tight Butts is being picked for the upset special. There should be a little bit of rain. Blaine has the boys cutting sleeves off shirts all night to prepare, and they are slowly picking up steam in the division. If losing streak wants to stay in the running for postseason they better start racking up the wins because Totes, Wanderers, and especially Menace are hunting. Prediction: losing streak drives and does not convert.  Sweet Butts win 48-42.

Bamf Ninjas v Stampede

The ninjas curtain climbed, Vaulted, extended, stretched, script and hung on for dear life but couldn't pull out a win in two games. Stampede on the other Jumped, rolled around, crisscrossed, flip-flopped, and found their way losing three of their first three games. This game is very interesting because after Saturday one of these teams will no longer be 0-4. Hopefully both team play the bar challenge at the bar afterwards at Adolf's Breakfast Sammich Grille. Where we saw the Orange wearing, hair tied ninjas celebrating last week. Predictions: Teams who work together are successful.  Ninjas who work together are spooky shadowy good. Ninjas win 30 to 22.

Mavericks v Shake n Bake

The Bake n Shake Team has a very efficient offense. You don't see a lot of shake and bake when the quarterbacks throwing highly accurate passes like that for his receivers. How has shake and bake lost two games? Pick up the pace a bit!  One loss was to the Incredible Hulk's and one to the Soul Takers.  We don't know much about other than they take immortality from players' souls. Mavericks are just in time for the new top gun 2 movie. They are Soup Jet Plane Pilots? Well, get ready Shake n Bake because here comes the long ball. Prediction shake n bake starts slow and plays too conservative. No soup, I mean Mavericks win this one 50 to 32.

69ers v Lenny's Legends

The 69ers are back. The 69ers have a long history in Game On! Sports. They possibly originated around the days of University at Buffalo and Average Joe's bar. Hoff and the boys are coming back to take down division purple as they did at UB stadium. Last week Lenny's powder blues lost by a lot as they had a difficult time getting their offense going. Will either team have issues, again, finding players, and have to play shorthanded? Prediction: Lenny hates quitters, 69ers are too powerful on offense 40-32.

Boozing n Losing v Hot Assets

Hot assets played one game so far this session, in three weeks. Last week they beat Team Rundown, as hot assets got some early interceptions and ran away with the game. Can hot assets score at least 36 points a game, on average for 10 games? Boozin and losing is a team with an offense full of firepower.  If we look at the first two games. When we talk about points per game, 36 is good but this boozin team has already Averaged 40 points in 2 games. Prediction: boozing and losing wins this game 40-36 and moves their way to an easy playoff spot, if they keep up their offense of efficiencies and no more booozzzzze.

North Buffalo Knights v Denied Team Name

Listen both teams have two wins and one loss. And both teams averaged about 33.3 points a game on offense. This is going to be a fantastic matchup on Saturday. North Buffalo Knights has one of the best looking offenses in the league. When is the north Buffalo Knights going to get on their chariots and play some defense and make their way into the postseason and win some games? The team that we're speaking of got their original team name denied by the Commissioner of Game On! Sports. We are unsure of the possible options of that name, but rumors were circling that the names were something of the flying seagulls the blue bangles the crystal lights, and the Mel Gibson's. Prediction: North Buffalo Knights look too good on offense 30-28

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