Weekly Pickin's - Week 04

Last Week Orange

Irish Giants and Stunners turned out to be a defensive battle to the very end. With The Giants stout defense stopping the Stunners 2-point try for the win. Wanderers beat the Pierogies very early in the day. Sauce also gathered a much needed win. Then Sauce loses to Totes in a stinky offensive game, very odd score 19-22. Then the Talent Juice D held the Irish Crew to only 18pts. Vegas Defensive Spotlight : Giants, Talent Juice,Totes, TightButts. Prediction: Welcome to the big show LosingStreak, every game counts, we choose totes over losing streak by 10.

Last Week Yellow

Remember the beer wins big taming David Banner.  Then Beer loses to Special SSlurpies who are playing fantastic football. The Yoga Pandas are Flexible and strong, the Pandas usually need 105 temps to perform, but they are 3-0 and scorpion posing all over the field (picture that).  No Soup got their first L of the session. But then Soup beat the C out of BBC. Misfits play in the sun and beat favorite Cant touch This. Beash Mo gets tacoed against Conquistadors on Cinco de Mayo, but then Beash came back and beat a very good and improving Monstars. 

Misfits v Monstars

At noon this will be a game... well, we from vegas will be watching live via apple tv. We dont care how many Gigabytes of data we have to use, this game will be amazing. Are the Monstars for real? Are Misfits only fair weather players? We feel Misfits are by far the favorite because experience. Can they all show up on time???? and show up to play.  Prediction: Misfits win by a few 39-28. But be afraid the Monstars are growing. 

BeashMoe v Hulks

Beash more please. Shady Mccoy is a Beash? John Cena is a Beast? The Hulk is a Angry Beash.  Well, Beash Moe scores about 35 points a game. The Hulks have average 25 points a game. So the Hulks are going to have to play 10 to 15 points better or stop beash moe. Prediction: Beash Moe contains the Hulks offense and Moe wins 23-21.

The BBC v Sizzerps n Slurppies

Where is the C? Ohhhhh C......? We are looking for the C in the BB(c). The QB of SS is playing great, and he has a favorite target in his arsenal. Unless BBC plays desperate they are going to lose their fourth straight game. We are watching SS and deciding if they are the favorite week to week? Long road to the playoffs for both teams. Prediction: SS wins with consistency 37-22

Labatt Blue Ballers (1-1) vs No Punts Intended (3-0)

No Puts Intended are rolling through the first part of their schedule and look to be a force throughout the season. The Blue Ballers may need more Labatt in their system to deal with what could be a mess of a game. Especially if their opponent really intends to not punt. The Blue Ballers like the slop, but No Punts lives in the slop. No Punts Intended 38-20

Laces Out! (3-0) vs Motion & Takeover (0-2-1)

On paper, this looks like a mismatch. But M&T was missing their QB and lost by 1 point and tied a second game with the mishmash of QBs Synor & Al. If those two could get this team close to a "W", then their regular QB would be a huge addition. Laces Out! could be headed for a fall as their focus will be split as QB Brandon tries to keep his lady parts in one piece for his upcoming nuptials. M&T gives them a scare but Laces Out! squeaks through with a 38-36 win.

Fresenious B.I.G. (1-1) vs North Buffalo Knights (0-2)

The Knights need to get into the win column...they're starting to infringe on Balls Deep's territory. B.I.G. looks to be as strong as ever, and they didn't have their top female, Patti Simcox, who was busy prepping the gym for the Enchantment Under the Sea spring formal. The Knights will have their hands full this week, and we haven't seen their best yet. Fresenious B.I.G. comes out on top, 42-36

Long Snappers (2-1) vs Team Polecat (2-0)

We got some early season showdowns in the What Can Brown Do For You Division. Both of these teams figure to be near the top of the Division when June rolls around, and this game could be a Championship Game preview. The Polecats are doing it without a franchise QB...which should give other teams hope. The Snappers are looking especially frisky in the first couple weeks. That should continue for the most part. Long Snappers 48-40

SHC (2-0) vs Strategic Financial Solutions (2-1)

This game could have beaten last week's game between the Falcons and the Solutions for longest name game of the season, but SHC abbreviates. Both of these teams look strong from the start, and now we'll see which team has the horses to get through the season. Solutions is a newbie squad, we want to see how they'll hold up for a full season before we make any bold predictions. SHC has been making plays for a few years now, and know how to get things done. SHC 38-26

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