Weekly Pickin's - Week 04

Pick a Pumpkin...

Last Week Orange:
Juice is playing like they need to defend something.... Losing Streak hits 50, and wins again, Totes shows a little bit of life by beating Tight Butts, but then getting bamboozled by Pierogies, we do not want to repeat that score. Hogan v Marty Rivalry continues and burns strong.  This was actually a very quiet week for the orange. Fireworks this week, we hope.

Orange Division Podcast Question:
Who is the most prestigious active professional athlete? LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Lenny Senor, or Bryce Harper?

This Week Orange:
The Flying Pierogies (2 Wins)  v The Sizzurp Slurpees (One Win)
This could actually be the game of the week. We are not sure if either of these teams have played each other before??? But, we know that both teams are fast and can play D. Both Matt and Hogan (QB) show the intensity to be playing in the NFL, and the ability to hurdle a middle linebacker on a QB scramble.. Can the new Slurpee's team score in the top division? Let me repeat that, can the new Slurpee's team Score in the top division, consistently? We know Pierogies can average above 50 points a game, wait..... we mean 60ppg.  The Pierogies are again playoff bound. Prediction: Flying Pierogies drink the Slurpee's 58-32

The Lost in the Sauce V The Tight Butts and Sweat Nuts
We have not seen the quarterback of Lost in the Sauce yet. Saucy Jeff is trying to keep the ducks all in line this session with Mark, Matt, Meredith, and Mike. Both teams had a rough start, but are starting to pick up steam. They have to figure out why they are struggling to put their normal points and move down the field in chunks. Pickens, Erin, Sarah, and Steve from Tight Butts lost last week.... twice.... early in the morning, and did not look happy as they left the beautiful park.  Redemption. This game is a must win for both squads... Prediction: Tight Butts wins this one 37 to 32

The Totes Mcgoats V The Wanderers
The Wanderers should be the easy pic here... But every time Totes plays Wanderers, it is a close game, always by one score. Totes has beaten The Wanderers a few times recently, and the Kerns, Berts, Trishs, Johns, are poised to do it again.  Where are the Totes females, we know where the Wanderer Girls are because Emily and Mackenzie get points consistently. Fun game to watch, as they are familiar with each others antics. Prediction: Totes McGoat and the Kerns Recycle and upset the Rainbow crew 50-45.

Last Week Yellow:
Little Giants beat the undefeated No Soup!!!!! Go Giants, for 8.  Conquistadors light it up +70! Bougie Beats Laces Out, then Bougie loses to No Soup by a few. That is all that happened?  Just a nice quiet day at the park. Get ready for the wind rain sleet snow.

Yellow Division Podcast Question:
If you are new to Game On! Sports, and I've never played football before... What is the best transition sport? Track, Soccer, Ballet, Hockey?

This Week Yellow:
Bougie Ballers (3-2) V The Little Giants (2-2)
This is an interesting one, because both teams are playing good some weeks and poor others, if you look at their scores they are very similar.  Sometimes poor game, and sometimes they beat one of the best teams in the league... Who really knows what will happen this game. Who will come to play for both teams? The weather will start to affect newer teams. Or will it? Prediction: Bougie sneaks it out playing in the wind 30-28.

Buffalo Stunners V Rainbow Sprinkles
Captain Andrew, and the Sprinkles are having a rough time so far. Do not get discouraged Sprinks.  Ball control is very important, so is female involvement. Get back to basics, like the Buffalo Bills System.  Did I say do not get discouraged? Well wait until next week, because the Stunners are for real, and the Game On! League Heels again! This will not be an easy mountain to climb because Jennings throws passes in his sleep. Prediction: Sorry Sprinklers, Stunners are the bad boys again 40-28

BBC V Hulks
We are still looking for the B, we are still looking for the C, and we are still looking for the other B.  If you put those together, then this BBC Team can start to win again. The Hulks are doing what they normally do, come out the gate swinging, they just need to play more consistently. Prediction: Are the Hulks for real? Only time will tell in the Marvel Universe. Hulk Up 46-21.

Last Week Purple:
Bodak Yellow made too many money moves on Touchdown There and remain perfect...Poles & Holes kept pace with a close win over Saturday Morning QB Club...Shake & Bake shook and baked their way to a win over the Blue Ballers, who compounded their woes by also losing to Total Recall's '18 debut...Kostas Spartans squeaked by BAMF Ninjas to stake a claim for the top of the Division...The Ninjas came back to win their second game, beating the (So) Not Fast or Furious...Total Recall followed up their feel-good debut by not recalling how to play offense in a loss to Beash Moe.

Purple Division Podcast Question:
What's a better strategy...throwing to the ladies on 1st and 2nd downs so the female involvement plays are 'out of the way'...or spreading the ball around to whomever is open and work in the female plays as they come?

This Week Purple:
Bodak Yellow (4-0) @ Not Fast Just Furious (0-3)

This could get ugly...undefeated vs winless is not usually a good game, but how many thought those Bills would beat Minny? That's why they play the games...except in this case. Bodak should have their way with the Not so Fast and definitely Not Furious...The Furious ladies are going to have their hands full with the Bodak women, especially if they all show up. Prediction: Bodak Yellow 46-13

Kostas Spartans (2-1) @ Touchdown There (1-2)
This is gonna be a tight match, one of those that'll be decided late in the 2nd half, most likely by one of the Kostas ladies. Sarah and Stephanie, and if she shows, Celia, are just getting their football legs back after a summer on the patios of Buffalo....Touchdown There scores a lot, but also gives up a lot...if the Spartans play run-and-gun, it'll be a rough game for Touchdown There. Prediction: Kostas has a little more feta than Touchdown There and it leads to a 46-34 win for the Spartans.

Saturday Morning QB Club (1-2) @ Tight-Ends (0-2)
The QB Club has a lot of QBs on their roster, but apparently none of them are supposed to play QB...any team with Sue, Lauren, Rachel, Lisa and Tiffany are going to make it tough on any defense...many of the Tight-Ends seem to be overmatched by their QB Club counterparts...Anna and Yasmine are going to have to step up their game...don't sleep on Old Man McKay...oh, wait, being told he is out with an injury. Prediction: Saturday Morning QB comes up with a complete game and wins 40-18

Last Week Brown:
The Falcons took their Interdimensions to another level with a pair of wins over still running and North Buffalo...Fresenius B.I.G. kept pace with a doubleheader sweep of their own, besting Strategic Financial Solutions & Philly Special...Show Me Your TDs beat Shattered Dreams to stay undefeated and a half-game behind...Threat Level Midnight creamed the 2nd Greatest Show on Turf and could be a challenger for the top spot...Boozin' & Losin' beat up Philly Special before B.I.G. could get to them...Strategic Financial continued their every-doubleheader-every-week routine with a win over goatSACK! to go with their B.I.G. loss...Shattered Dreams finally got in the win column by slipping by still (not) running.

Brown Division Podcast Question:
What's the best part of Game On! Sports...the game itself or the post-game socializing after?

This Week Brown:
Balls Deep (1-1) @ goatSACK!! (1-2)

These are probably the two oldest franchises in Game On!...goatSACK! let one slip away badly while Balls didn't play last week...the Grudge Match of the Year...Balls Deep defense needs to stop some drives or this will be a repeat of their last game...same could be said for goatSACK! apparently. Prediction: With QBs Synor & Kaz out there, whoever has the Ben-Gay & Advil concession should be able to retire on this one. goatSack! 34-30

Boozin' & Losin' (2-1) @ Lightning Falcons (4-0)
Falcons have been among the biggest surprises this season...B&L have been doing a little less boozing so they're not doing as much losing...Brandi, Sarah & Rochelle have formed a nice bond, if they all show up...Falcons have been watching other teams and picking up some tips. Prediction: Falcons keep the good times rolling, 36-22

still running (0-3) @ North Buffalo Knights (0-3)
Both teams winless...that's the biggest surprise of this young season...still running needs to get the ball into JZ's hands for things to happen elsewhere on the field...the Knights need a jolt to get out of their funk...both of these team are better than their records. Prediction: A candidate for Game of the Week as North Buffalo outlasts still running 48-44

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