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Weekly Pickin's - Week 03

Last Labor Day

Ninjas loose their grip and lose to the Falcons. Falcons win x2, Touchdown There wins and Totes is back to 5-5 regular 16-90 totes. Who is on the Menace team because Baker boys are 2-0.  Game of the week Stunner lose a close one to the Hulks. Hulks win again big. Hulk are the team to beat? 

This week: 

A lot of teams still havenâ??t played. What week is it?  

Wanderers v Talent Juice

Champs are back after a summer break. If you didnâ??t hear, Wanderer beat longtime rivals Flyin Pierogies in the final shoot-out game of the year. That day we said goodbye to two Len-gendary Game On! Quarterbacks. Spring, Talent Juice didnâ??t have their best session to date. But so far Talent is 1-0 and beating Tight Butts 43-40.  Whom will stop the Wanderers from winning this session? Talent seems to be the Wanderers Kryptonite.  Prediction: Wanderers win a close one 38-33.

Slurpees v Totes

Game of the Week! Right? Well doesnâ??t Slurpees always beat Totes?  Marty is a â??man on a missionâ?? week one, and â??man, what the hell happenedâ??, week 2.  Slurpees havenâ??t played yet and we donâ??t really know what exactly the color of the light blue team will come, and whom is going to be on their normally very short roster.  Can Matt complete his special play repetitively all year or does he have something new to present to the green grass.  Prediction: Slurpees win 74-11. 

Remember the Beer v Touchdown There

Tony V Marty, Remember the Beer won easily last week, this week it should be much more difficult.  Touchdown there won D3 last session and are now finding some great competition in the second. The Stunners beat up Touchdown last week.  We like The Beer Team, but they all only brag about one great winning session.  Can this be different for either team? Will both teams make the playoffs? Highly unlikely in this difficult division.  One game at a time for these teams.  Play smart Tony, Marty will also attempt smart play. Prediction: Beer Beer Beer, Remember? 40-33.

Soul Takers v BBC

Whom are the Soul Takers? Are they more video game scary, or horror movie scary? Well Soul Takers beat a very good Shake n Bake team, and lost to a fast Touchdown there team.  BBC dances around rival Hulks and wins, but loses a very low scoring game to Gucci.  Whom is off to a better start? BBC has more points scored. MEG? Prediction: Is Mike Thomas Really back? BBC 40-33

Beash Moe v Cant Two Hand Touch This

This game will be a Rival Tie.  We are excited to see the Touchers back and also itâ??s never a definite if Beash can get a QB to wear the horrible purple/grey color. What color is Touchers this session? Oh purple again? Youâ??re the man, boss man, Toucher man Sean, get to the Touching.  We mean get to scoring Touchdowns.  Prediction Rival Tie Game: 123-123.  Great offenses win championships, but ties prove to be equally disinteresting

Bodak v Genesis

The Genius group of Genesis players is, well, darn, Genesis you are 0-3, but if you are reading this, you guys played 3 very savvy teams in this division with a lot of experience.  Keep your head up and work hard, itâ??s a long session with a lot of games.  Back to the Yellow Bodaks, whom ice cream sandwiched Fresenius BIG 72-28.  Bodaks QB loves to perform on the firelid and stage.  Keep the faith, as Genesis is also a band name and is willing to bring the funk to Conway Park. Prediction: Bodak 40-30. 

Spartans v Fresenius 

Fresenius is 1-1-1, which is the most exciting aspect of the session already!  Fresenius has the potential to go a perfect 3-3-3-1 for the whole session.  Doesnâ??t even make sense, and we know that.  Spartans beat up a very good Beash More team week one, and then enjoyed the sunshine and rain during their Labor Day break.  Both teams have a lot of work ahead of them to get to 5 wins, which is a definite playoff spot. Prediction: Tie Game 32-32 in a super Exciting, um, Tie?????????      Go Spartans!  

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