Weekly Pickin's - Week 03

Orange - Last Week-

Marty McGoats stays clean, winning over Hogan, Juices fall to the Ginter's hail mary and Any Given Saturday i mean Saucy. Talent Juice battles back in the cold and wins by holding the Tights to 22 pts. The Wanderers move past Tight Butts again, both games being played in bad water conditions, which seems to be an advantage for Wanderers. Let's see who plays better in the sunshine this week.

This week - Stunners v Irish Giants

Stunners put up 40 in the rain against the Wanderers but just fell short. Stunners always have offensive efficiency, so it is time for the Stunner D to step up and get some turnovers, to win some games. Speaking of defensive play the Irish Crew is coming off a great session where defense pushed them through the cold, wet playoffs. This session they are looking to stay green and organized, to keep their loyal fans interested. Let's see the Territo's light it up, in their double header. Kane v Jennings in a cage match!  The long awaited rematch of the two legendary names. Giant Stunners or Irish Buffalos? Prediction: Stunners win at the buzzer in a defensive battle 24-22. Great Game

Totes v Lost in Da Sauce

Totes beat up Pierogies last week with a revamped team.  Talent Juice lost to Sauce, then came out of funktown and won big against Tight Butts, holding them to not very much offence at all.  This new Totes team may be really goodÃ?¢?Ã?¦.or this new Totes roster may take some time to get acclimated to Marty's extravagant, and in depth offensive system.  One thing we know is that when Talents engine is running on all cylinders they are very tough, versatile team to beat (but not in the playoffs). We would like to see which QB is more efficient in this game, that will determine the outcome. Prediction: Totes - Marty n Adam slice the wind 37-34.

Yellow - Last Week- 

Pandas Samurai Pose in sexy style for double Wins ZZZZ! Hulks Win! Conquistadors lose? Misfits Lose?  Wait, Remember the Beer was cold, in the cooler, and on the field? Soup was so so HOT, even the cold could not stop them from winning. BB and unfortunately no C? Sizzzzzzzarps come out of the double header with one win! BTW (which means by the way... by the way) Monstars are as big as Legend Says.

This Week - Beash Moe v Conquistadors

Beash plays for the first time this session, so everybody in Vegas has been taking bets on who is going to be returning, who is going to be playing quarterback week to week, and what shade of gray they will be emotionally wearing.  Beash Moe plays very well in the regular season. Conquistadors lost last week but are savvy enough to bounce back and start racking up the wins. Prediction: Beash Moe 30-22 they come to play.

Can't Two Hand Touch This v Misfits

This is probably the game of the week because, can't two hand touch this is playing better than ever. But, with the nice weather, the misfits are going to be running wild. We like becker's misfits but they are going to have to play in the wind every week and without their Becker. Prediction: Misfits win a defensive battle 30-29.  Can't Touch This comes to party on Cinco De Mayo with Music, and clear Tequila.

Balls Deep (0-1) vs Fresenius B.I.G.(0-1)

Too early to glean any info on these two teams. They've both been around the block a few times (and in the case of Balls QB Synor, SEVERAL times) so an early loss won't faze either of them. Balls Deep usually starts slow, and then comes on in the second half of the season. Fresenius is the opposite, usually starting quick before coasting at the end. We expect that to continue here. Fresenius B.I.G. 36-22

Bodack Yellow (0-1) vs The Rockpile (1-0)

The Rockpile had a good start in their debut, but slowed down in the second half. That can't continue. Bodack Yellow had some struggles in the mud and the muck, and if the forecast is correct, it won't be any better. The Rockpile learned a lot last week, but can they do it again? Bodack Yellow couldn't get on track last week, and they may not this week. The Rockpile 40-20

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (1-0) vs North Buffalo Wizards (0-1)

The Falcons didn't wait until the end of the season to get their first win, so anything is possible now, right boys & girls? The Wizards are hoping a name change will help them this season. So far that has not gone according to plan. But this is against the Falcons... so North Buffalo Wizards 38-16

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