Weekly Pickin's - Week 03

Welcome back to Fall Ball - The Buffalo Bills are again off to a great... well at least the VEGAS Golden Knights are ready to win the cup this year!!!!  

Thank You Adolf's for sponsoring our Game On! football league this session, and for having a really amazing patio to socialize, and play Game On! yard games.

Orange Division Podcast Question: Who is better for Buffalo: Josh Allen or Rasmus Dahlin?

Last Week Orange: Totes almost lost to Menace to Society(must have been the heat), but then Totes lost to South Buffalo by one hot sweaty fingertip, South buffalo is figuring it out, and they are a very strong offense on their way up to the top, can they make the playoffs finally? Pierogies beat up The Hot Lost in the Sauce, Ginter Sighting? Pierogies do not intend on losing in the playoffs again....Right...? 5 wins gets u in?  Talent Juice scores a scorching 59? Must be the Champion Orange Defense which is stacked racked packed macked and ..... not cracked. Losing streak doesn't lose that often but the Legendary tie dye Wanderers barley outscored them in a hot high noon battle. Enjoy the hot weather puns? Good.... because Buffalo Weather is very temperamental. Good luck this session.

This Week Orange:

Losing Streak v Menace To Society

Losing Streak is averaging about 70ppg. Not bad right? As long as they don't go on vacation. James seems to be one of the best WR for the last couple sessions. He knows how to hustle.  We're not sure what Jordan has hidden in all of the arm bands that all of his players wear, but we feel that it is different types of recipes for holiday cookies. But seriously, Losing Streak intends on putting up points so teams need to be ready and look for the shootout.  Menace to Society is a Baker derived team that is not to take lightly. If Society has all of their weapons they are in every game they play. This is the upset pick of the day. Prediction: Losing Streak extends its losing streak to 2 games Menace is The Winner - 50-49.

Talent Juice (2Wins) v Tight Butts (Zero Games Played)

Prediction: Champs all day, they have the swagger, but Pickens is the man! If Tight Butts comes to play this will be a one TD game, that that will probably come down to the fabulous females on both squads.   Last session tight butts got off to a very slow start, very slow. We don't see that happening again this year, 2 sessions ago, at this same park, Tight Butts went to the championship and only lost by one or two scores. This is definitely the game of the week if tight butts can come to play, because they are strong, fast, versatile, and they have a well-rounded group all the way around. Also, Tight Butts has a lot of tattoos and if someone would just sew sleeves on some of them they might be able to stay warm in the colder months. That's a joke, they don't need sleeves because they have muscles to keep them warm. Talent Juice- 30-28. Vegas is rooting for the Pickens Machine Gun

Yellow Division Podcast Question: In Yellow and Purple divisions - Are 2pt conversion a more intelligent play, than the much easier 1pt conversion?

Last Week Yellow: Was it Hot Enough? Who is this new Injured Reserve Team? BBC is still sleepy from summer.  Laces beat the Revamped Little Giants and looked ahead to The Hulks also Green, tough, offensive play.  Hulk washed Laces clean, in a very loud, nail biter. No Soup for You is again off to a great start, Irene and Megan are fast, skilled, and saavy.   The Buffalo Stunners are the possible favorite for the Yellow Division as they beat up the combo team with Gold Bougie Ballers. Jennings, Desi ready to slice and dice Again!!! Go Blue!!!  They are heels, turned fan favorites, looking to turn heel again!

This Week Yellow:

Bougie Ballers (2-1) v No Soup 4U (3-0)

Who is going to beat No Soup For You?  Right now they need to win 5 games to make the playoffs and they're scoring enough points... to be more entertaining than the Buffalo Bills. Jordan is always busy during the day running around, and Anna is the real Gem, and secret weapon on the team.  On the other side of the ball, the Bougie Ballers are a newer developed Gold team, by blending M&T and still running with a sprinkle of Wanderers, and Totes. Do not mistake the new high class name for weakness, Bougie squad has some studs from the M&T championship team that won the division championship last year and are looking to keep that winning streak going.

Prediction: Soup has not had a close game yet, will this be the week? No Soup has too strong of an offence - 48-31, Vegas is rooting for new QB Allen to be as High Class Bougie as possible.

Can't Two Hand Touch This v Injured Reserve

The Reserves beat The BBC out of BBC. Can't Touch This is now 1-1 and are favorites for the eventual top seed in the division.  Touch Crew team has the experience, and probably the best defense in the league, next to our champs Talent Juice. So, if you haven't seen the QB from Touch This throw the long ball......well it's definitely going to go over your head by a mile, (guys got a cannon).  So.... S.Becker can you make it to 5 wins? Is Darmel aware of the game times? Shout out to Marie and Heather, for being the best Beckers on the team (Trish is cool also, just change your last name). So, if you want to watch a game where the QBs are gifted specimens, THIS is the game.  So who wins.... Defense always wins. Prediction: Can't Touch This Wins 38-37. Vegas is rooting for this new injured team to get their reserves, and find another Becker willing to contribute.

Purple Podcast Poser: Which team (or teams) make it out of the .500 Club to challenge for the top spot?

Last Week Purple  "Hot summer night...storms clouds in the air"

What is it with this Division? SEVEN teams are 1-1 and Total Recall has yet to play...BAMF came up a ninja short and lost a tough one to Bodak Yellow...Beash Moe got stomped by Touchdown There...Kostas Spartans had a few extra souvlaki in the tank and got by Tight-Ends...Labatt Blue Ballers took the Saturday Morning QB Club to school...Not Fast Just Furious dropped 2 in one week, not putting up much fury to Shake-n-Bake or Poles & Holes..

This week Purple:

Labatt Blue Ballers (1-1) @ Shake and Bake (1-1)

The hot rumor of the week is that the Blue Ballers will start dressing like their latest product...that's right...all Zubaz uniforms. I'm not sure WNY is ready for this. Shake & Bake has the most intriguing 3-headed monster in the Rebecca-Robin-Ashley trio doing damage in the middle of the opposing team's defense. Look out for that. The Zubaz Ballers have the experience and will feed off that. Prediction: Shake and Bake needs to bake its shake a bit more to come out on top. Labatt 44-20

Beash Moe (1-1) @ Total Recall (0-0)

Which Beash Moe team will show up? The sometimes dominating, always talking team, or the shorthanded, always talking squad? You never know what you're going to get with these guys but it's usually entertaining. Total Recall has yet to play this season, which is strange, because even when they do play, it looks like they're not playing. Who's QBing for TR? Until that is settled, expect Taylor, Nicole, Michelle, Jen and maybe even Trish if she's back from Katmandu, to win this for Justin. Prediction: With uncertainty on so many parts of the Total Recall, Beash Moe runs up the score, 52-18

Saturday Morning QB Club (1-1) @ Poles & Holes (2-0)

We're actually surprised the QB Club is 1-1. With the talent they have, especially on the female side of the ball, this team is the pick to win it all. At least that's what Stiles says. But he's been smitten with Tiffany since last season, so he may be a bit biased. Poles & Holes may be the only team in the League that can match up with the Clubbers, female-wise. The "Three-C's" of Carissa, Cassidy and team captain Caitlyn won't back down from anyone. But it's the boys you gotta hope can play against the QBers. Prediction: QB Club has depth of talent but little personality. Poles have too many holes. QB Club wins 38-20 even though the game is played Saturday afternoon.

Brown Podcast Question: Who is going to be the surprise team in this Division this season?

Last Week Brown - How Hot Is Too Hot?

Balls Deep couldn't get going on offense and let everything go on defense and gave Strategic Financial Solutions their first win in a season and a half...Strategic Financial lost to Boozin & Losin' in the other game of their 2nd of 3 straight doubleheader weeks...Fresenius B.I.G. shattered the dreams of Shattered Dreams...The Dreamers came back in a mediocre way to tie Philly Special...goatSACK! broke into the win column by keeping North Buffalo winless...Show Me Your TDs took down Threat Level Midnight in the Game of the Week...still running, Interdimensional Lightning Falcons and 2nd Greatest Show on Turf all had bye weeks and missed out on all the fun at Adolf's.

This week Brown:

The 2nd Greatest Show on Turf (0-1) @ Threat Level Midnight (1-1)

The 2nd Greatest Show on Turf is going to need to suddenly become the #1 greatest show on grass if they hope to upend Threat Level. Even though the midnight riders' roster is thin in spots, most of them are the dreaded "young guys" who can run all day. The Turf squad will need a lot of luck and some of the ineptitude that Threat Level showed in last week's loss. Prediction: The 2ndGreatest Show needs to go back to the drawing board...or at the very least to the practice field. Threat Level cruises and loses interest at the end, 40-22

Strategic Financial Solutions (1-3) @ goatSACK! (1-1)

Strategic Financial is on track to finish their season well ahead of everyone else...3 doubleheaders in a row to start the season. Let's see how this strategy works out. Meanwhile, goatSACK! stumbled through another week, this time winning a losable game. Quite a reversal since usually the sack loses a winnable game. Prediction: The Solutions have speed, can the oldsters on SACK! keep up? goatSACK! 36-24

Philly Special (1-0-1) @ Fresenius B.I.G. (2-0)

Fresenius B.I.G. has shrugged off their egregious misspelling to go undefeated so far, while the Philly Special is also undefeated, thanks to a wimpy tie against Shattered Dreams. Everyone says Keyshaun is the real star, but does he show up for every game? We mean, physically, is he at the field every week? We think this team's real MVP is Kristy and Kelsey, with a dash of Julianne on the side. Key's former teammate Sean should be on the other side of the ball, and those two yapping at each other will be worth the price of admission. Prediction: Fresenius keeps its misspellings on the sidelines and posts a 40-36 win.

Shattered Dreams (0-2-1) @ Show Me Your TDs (2-0)

Shattered Dreams abruptly changed their name from Jesse & The Rippers when the bass player quit. But that didn't change their luck as they still don't have a win. Show Me Your TDs is enjoying their usual fruitful start. But when will the wheels come off their wagon? The Dreamers need to get their ladies involved, and once they do, they can start shattering other team's dreams. See what we did there? Long time TDers Allyson, Janel and Christina should be able to weave their magic in this defense and give their QB quite a few options all over the field. Prediction: In a game that on paper doesn't appear to be close, this one comes down to the last drive and Show Me Your TDs ekes it out 36-30. Bonus, hyper-accurate prediction: It's Allyson in the end zone with a TD to win it in the last minute.

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