Weekly Pickin's - Week 03

Last Week Orange

Talent Juice extends its reputation as the only team who can beat the Wanderers. What is their secret? Did Brandon or Christine QB? Slurpees strong defense and scrambling QB Matt had a great weekend, beating Conquistador by a ton, and then spanking the Juice out of Talent (Tim? 42-18?).  Woke Up Dangerous gets a much needed win over the Conquistadors in a defensive battle. The game of the week showed that Pierogies are currently superior to No Soup!  Where is that 8-2 Losing Streak team when offensive efficiency is needed to win a single game? It seems Amber from Pierogies is keeping everyone in line and making sure drinks are cold at the bar after a big Wins.  After, Pierogies just barley won against Menace, those missed conversions showed to be critical to a Menaces team looking for a few early session wins.  Later in the cold rainy day Menace ended up beating up The Dangerous team 28-23.  So far, this division is led by the Slurpees with 3 wins.  It will be very interesting to see which team can be first to 6-7 wins.  We in Vegas just want to live stream Hogan and Marty so we can side bet the action.  


This Week Orange

Slurpees (3-0) v Totes (1-0)

Quiet week of games, time for Totes to get started strong, and eventually finish the session 5-5. SS is 3-0? How did that happen? They beat Pierogies, Juice, and Conquistadors. That is very impressive but let us see how they do against Totes this week. Tom, Dave, Desi know how to win games. Prediction: Totes wins.  How? Well, here is the scenario: Marty drops back to send the long ball to Adam for the win, and Marty trips and gets sacked on 4th-2. So now Trish has to throw the ball because its 5th-2. She is a backup QBs dream, and she sends a fade pass into the wind for a half-field touchdown to Tattoo Andrew, and Totes beats the very strong Slurpees 40-39. This levels the playing field and give every team in the division an L on their record. 


Last Week Yellow

The Hulks beat the Basterdos in a very close game. Then after that game, the Basterds went into a double header 1-1 and left the game at, well, 1-2 in a loss to a very motivated and improving Shake and Bake team.  We asked, "Who was this team?", last week.  We again ask that same question, "Who is this HOT Shake and Bake team?" (42-14 Victory)? Then, Shake and Bake had to Play Remember the Beer, easy game right? Wrong! The not so young Beer Team energized themselves, came to play, and won 26-21. Motion and Takeover moves to 2-1 after beating Megs old BBC Team, who Sometimes can be seen Out at the Bar, and then squeaking out a W against a very offensively strong Bodak Yellow, the ladies on this MandT green team are savory.  


This Week Yellow

Abusement Park (1-1) v Bodak Yellow (0-2)

Kodak Black is really good, we actually mean Bodak Yellow.  The red bottoms (rap song) need to play consistent the whole game and keep scoring! No game is out of reach in the yellow division. Bodak QB needs more experience in bad weather, but do not mistake the guy is a stud! The Abusement Park aka the Becker Special is back for more action, and they are very good team if you throw a few INTs to them. But who is the Park QB? Darmel? Theo? Baby Becker? Janel? This team is quietly stacked! How many ways can you spell mark/marc or Jonathon. Prediction: Bodak Yellow wins this game 30-28. 


Motion & Takeover (2-1) v Remember the Beer (1-1)

Beer v MandT - Bankers v Drinkers - liquid v paper - blue v green - Marty v Emily. Beer lost their first game badly. But kicked butt in their 2nd game in the rain. Who is the beer QB? And do the other QBs on the roster also play WR? MandT is back after winning Spring 2018 and taking a Fall session break. This time they have Wanderer QB Frank trying to help the bankers make good investments this session. Prediction: MandT wins due to their offensive female weapons. 40-36. Both teams should make the playoffs, key word should.


Questions for Podcast:

What is the limit for football teams on Tuesday Night?


Will the Game On! scavenger hunt have amazing prizes like last year? 


As far as distance, Tim can out throw Marty/Hogan easy.  But what about Ginter or James, who has the biggest/strongest arm in the league (Stunner Jennings, Laces Sclari, Gucci Kane, SS Matt, Legend Synor, Wanderer Frank, Knights Chris, Secrets Jordan, Tight Butts Pickens, Sack Andy)? 


Last Week Purple

Who will stop the rain? Touchdown There slopped by the Orchids of Asia to remain undefeated in this young season.  Laces Out! beat Beash Moe to keep a zero in the loss column.  Family Feud & Some Dudes beat the Spartans in Fast Money to stay with the top of the Division.  Labatt Blue Ballers romped on the unfortunate Blood Sweat & Beers and are just a half-game out of first.  Soul Takers swept their doubleheader over Saints among Savages and Orchids of Asia to get into the top half of the Division.  The Spartans rolled all over Poles & Holes in a pre-Dyngus Day smack down.  The Poles did manage to cover some of their Holes in a 21-12 win over Saints among Savages.


This Week Purple

Family Feud & Some Dudes (2-0) vs Laces Out! (2-0)

A game between two unbeaten teams to see who will have the upper hand as the season winds on.  The Feuders have looked strong in their two wins, while Laces Out! used some shady Guest Pass dealings against an undermanned Spartans squad in Week One.  Laces Out! should have everyone here this week, while the Feuders could be one missed alarm from catastrophe.  Laces Out! likes to play these early-season games like they are the playoffs and then crow about it at the bar.  The Feuders just let their play do the crowing.  We feel like this could be an Upset Special, but is it really an upset? Prediction: Family Feud & Some Dudes, 36-22


Last Week Brown

Rain, Rain Go Away The Knights of North Buffalo are a surprising 3-0 after a win over Show Me Your TDs.  Victorious Secret kept everyone in the pink following another win, this one over Losing & Boozing.  The Interdimensional Lightning Falcons had a relatively easy time dispatching an under-womanned Balls Deep.  Shattered Dreams fell to the North Buffalo Wizards before sending Show Me Your TDs to another loss.  GoatSack! is showing some surprise in the early going, knocking off Champagne Supernova.  Strategic Financial Solutions had all the answers for their win over Fresenious B.I.G.  Still Running slipped by Losing & Boozing in the rain and wind, giving the losers & boozers their second loss on the weekend.  For a team called Show Me Your TDs, they could only show one over two games.


This Week Brown

Balls Deep (0-2) vs North Buffalo Wizards (1-1)

Balls Deep has started the season in their usually way, looking disinterested and disorganized in losing two straight.  Will they get their act together now that the weather is not as unsettled?  The Wizards lost the Battle of North Buffalo to the Knights but have bounced back.  If Balls Deep can get some people to show up, they can start to be a team.  The Wizards have a short bench, so everyone better show up.  We hear that Balls Deep QB Synor has signed on to play for the Wanderers.  What is that all about? If he is thinking of leaving, the Wanderers is not the place for him.  Prediction: If Balls Deep can get more than 1 girl to show up, and if Synor's arm comes around, they will not lose as bad as everyone thinks. Wizards, 30-24


Champagne Supernova (0-2) vs Losing & Boozing (0-3)

A couple of winless teams to round out our day.  Sure, Losing & Boozing have lost 3, but their last 2 losses were by 2 points each and their other loss was by 11.  The Supernovae have scored 8 and 22 points in their 2 losses.  Supernova has a few players new to the football world, so there are still some growing pains.  Losing & Boozing has been around, now let us see if they can take the next step.  Two competitive losses is one thing, letting Kyle score multiple TDs could get their team folded.  Anything can happen when two winless teams get together, and we think that is what is going to happen. Prediction: Losing & Boozing does just enough of one to avoid the other, 33-23

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