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Weekly Pickin's - Week 02

Vegas welcomes back all the boys and girls. Finally fall ball. Good luck to the 6-10 projected Buffalo Bills 2019. 

How did shake n bake lose, Lenny's Balls Deep plays great d and wins with help from stinger and Mike tossing rocks into the sky. Totes is undefeated Wow. Gucci is on the board beating BBC. Laces stay in and win against 69er's. Menaces is back to winning, Hulks lose. BBC! Bad name team beats Sesh Gremlins. Talent stays Juicy-beating butts. Stunners66!-Touchdown44? Laces 2-0. Bodak 72! Rem the Beeeeeeeeeer 56! 

Week 2:

Menaces v Dangerous

Dangerous lost last week and they could be in more trouble when the limo bus arrives with the Baker Menace team. Use the girls? Use the Girls! Prediction: Just stop, Menace is dy-no-mite waiting to explode. Sorry Dangerous you lose again 40-28.  Also, Totes v Menace game of the week. Both great teams. Under over 75? Marty is leading the voting for league MVP.

Stunners v Hulks

Hulks lost last week and Stunners scored 77 against a good Touchdown team.  We in Vegas cheer for Stunners.  Both QB's run the show on offence. So prooooooooove it. Prediction: Hulks win in the upset 40-36.  Bad Booooys still head to the bar. 

Lightning Falcons v BAMF Ninjas

Falcons had 2 games last week and didn't lose, but they didn't actually win both. There was a Tie last week.  Falcons average 40ppg, and the prediction is dependent on if the ninjas can jump their way to 40points also.  Ninjas have yet to play, so it is difficult to predict, but in the past Ninjas have played in D1, and know how to "hold strong", do pull-ups, and finish a full game, with a positive attitude.  This is a great game, but Prediction: To many X-factors for the Vert Wall BAMFs, so Falcons... Win 40-33.  We in Vegas love Ninjas and Aerobatics.   

Family Feud v Jugs n Thugs

Is that Old stud with the cannon arm still QB? Family Feud is ready to go 2-0? Both teams are undefeated, which makes this game very interesting.  Whom will get the gender touchdown? Whom? Who? Well if the genders are lighting up the paint, it will be an awesome game.  Prediction: Jugs scored 50 something last week in their win, so Jugs will play their role as Thugs and Smother Family Feud 40-29.

Show Me Your - Goatsack

Show me your TD scored 13 last week.  Not very good that just 2 guy TDS. Andy with the Goat is back for another session.  The Kid Kaz who is much older now, is a freaking Legend.  If you don't know Goatsack, welllllllllllllllllllllll they like beer, wine, poetry, fencing, James Bond, Katy Perry, cheese, and whiskey.  Prediction: Goatsack!! Wins!!!! by one shot of Whiskey 23-22. BOOOM BABY!

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