Weekly Pickin's - Week 02

Welcome Back to Windy Buffalo


Last November, Orange division tie dye champs Wanderers have again reclaimed their throne by beating a very.. very good Losing Streak (Jordan/Ralph/Manny/Ryan/James) team, by only one score. The championship game was very suspenseful and windy, as Randy's return session proves to be flawless and blemish free with the help of Alison, Alan, Emily, and Mackenzie. Losing Streak team dominated last session which leaves Vegas scratching their head to why they are no longer a team/dismantled.

Last Week Orange:
The defending champs Wanderers just barely beat Conquistadors by one point, and then Randy's crew smothered Losing Streak. Wait, we meant No Soup!  Either way Jordan's Crew only scored 8pts at 9am. Later Soup came back to slice up Tight Butts, and gained back some of their reputation as an offensive powerhouse.  Menace to Society is back with a new QB, but lost their game against the Conquistadors by 7pts.  Menace has the experience, they just need to mesh and dominate.  Totes was shorthanded and still beat rival Tight Butts, Marty won't let Pickens get the upper hand.  Nomination for loudest and most exciting game goes to Pierogies and Slurpees.  Flags were flying and when the horn blew it left Hogan wondering how they had lost by 6.  Slurpees are a light blue breath of fresh air, with a swarming defense, and more importantly they have more than one female on the roster if they decided to make the playoffs again. 

This Week:

Pierogies v Soup!

This is the game of the week for all divisions! Both High scoring teams looking to not have 2 losses on their records.  Both QBs are leaders on the field and passionately take winning personal, and will do anything to help their crews prosper.  They both run very high scoring offenses and can't seem to get over the Wanderer Juice and Totes hump.  Prediction: Pierogies wipe the floor with Hot Soup! 30-22. Bets are set in Vegas at under/over 47pts. We take over

Slurpees v Juice

This one is a coin flip. So we in Vegas went to the Casino and flipped a coin 100 times. 50 times Slurpees won the game! But. 50 times Juice won the game! Crap, we then decided to do one final flip.. to break the tie... and... the coin fell down a drain pipe.  Game Prediction: Tie 2-2, Matt sacks Tim for a safety on the first drive, and as Matt is running out the game clock in a 2-0 win he takes a 7 step drop back.. And. stumbles backwards over the endzone line, and Tim is credited with the game tying safety.  What an ending for the history books!!! Vegas: Under/Over 12pts

Podcast Question:

Will the Amature Hour/TalentPod Crew change their name before every session? 

Why does Marty make $1,000 per podcast and Brandon only gets half off beers? Please pay Jeff K. More $$ #BeardedStatBoi

Is Hogan's Saturday Football retirement for real? Is this a a strategy for his Pierogie players to step up and play harder? Did Amber set a retirement party date for Hogan yet? Will Hogan and Frank put aside their feuds during the last game of the session and have a ceremonial 'NBA' jersey swap for the cameras and fans?


No Soup! Won the cold championship game pretty easily as their team was very cohesive. Now Soup moved up, so this division is up for grabs!! Legend has it that Jordan's double reverse is more effective than Jerome Bettis on the goal line.

Last Week Yellow: 
The Hulks and captain Will won by 4 against an improving and very fast Bodak, Stunners Lost... was Jennings Ringside for Mania or at this game?? Remember the Beer (smh Tim) is going to need to score more than 14 because... 14 beers ain't no party, smh.   Who in the windy morning is HK9, David who? We need to investigate their dominating performances.  Goddess Kane is back, but Gucci got blanked in the wind (blanked means zero points).  Shake and Bake and Taylor and Becca and Brenden and Jeff and Zack and Robin and Matt looked like the long ball was their favorite option, and in the 2nd half they decided to strike with great force, QB showed great strength.  Lastly, Isaac's Superstar Basterds played very well and beat an offensively strong Slimmer Green Motion and Takeover captained by class act pad stacker Emily.

This Week:

Basterds v Hulks

Hulks need to play error free ball this weekend to have a chance against the baller talented team of Bastards. It is assumed that both of these teams will make the playoffs. but you never know. The hulks are not as consistent offensively as they could be, we are hoping this changes so they can match up better against teams with d1 caliber talent. Hulks need to work the short ball to open the deep ball more effectively to beat Thanos. Whomever is in Isaacs way of a D2 ship better watch out, because the Bastards are coming for scalps. Prediction: Basterds 40-32. 

Beer v Bake or Remember v Shake (same)

Remember the beer has good games and bad games, pending the times of other games, reffing, working, bar tabs, weather, bandits games, etc. All these variables are an easy tell on how the Beers production will be game to game. Who will QB beer? Joe? Sue? Rags? Brandon? Josh Allen? Shake n Bake played great defense and their QB was not afraid to send the ball down field for his receivers to make a plays for him. This Black colored team is going to be a very hot when the warm weather hits the turf. We in Vegas need to do our research on this team, so to warn other teams of their potential. Prediction: Beer! Yes Beer! Loses to Shake n Bake by 13, 30-17. 

Last Week Purple    
Touchdown There kept their early-season dominance flowing, slipping by the Blue Ballers and crushing the 'Is It Too Early To Panic' Blood Sweat & Beers 86-16.  Labatt Blue Ballers made up for the first loss with their first win, sneaking by Soul Takers 22-20. Laces Out! used a plethora of Guest Passes and a possible unethical D-I player to smoke the short-staffed Spartans 54-6. The Orchids of Asia were smelling pretty good after upending Poles & Holes 52-14. Beash Moe couldn't get started and got swamped by Family Feud & Some Dudes 45-22.  The Moes got back to winning by getting past Saints Among Savages 19-18 in what may be the lowest scoring game of the week.

Purple Podcast Question: What is your bold prediction for this Division?

Blood Sweat & Beers (0-1) vs Labatt Blue Ballers (1-1)

Blue Ballers making do with a very small roster. as long as doubleheaders don't pile up, they should be good for the short-haul.  Blood Sweat & Not Enough Beers were not only beaten, but bashed, brutalized, and broadsided in their first-ever game.  Not expecting much better in their second.  Ballers have the experience.  Beers have ol' man McKay.  Blue Ballers, 62-20

Orchids of Asia (1-0) vs Touchdown There (2-0)

After a field trip to the botanical gardens, the Rainbow Sprinkles/No Punt Intended/Hangin With Hernandez team decided on another name change. that seemed to do wonders as the blew away what is usually a good Poles & Holes squad.  Touchdown There Sprinted out of the gate, but now we'll see if their short roster will be good enough in this Division.  Orchids of Asia come out smelling nice and orchid-y after a 44-28 win.

Last Week Brown    
The Interdimensional Lightning Falcons started their season like they have the last few, with a win, this time 23-22 over Show Me Your TDs. Victorious Secret was just that, spilling the Champagne all over the Supernova 47-8 and Sacking the Goat 52-32.  The Knights of North Buffalo started on their path of making it to the Championship Game & losing by beating Strategic Financial Solutions 30-24 and coming out on top in the Battle of North Buffalo with a 34-28 win over the Wizards of North Buffalo.  Fresenius B.I.G. kept their mastery of Balls Deep, sweeping them aside 59-26.  GoatSack! responded to their crushing defeat to Victorious Secret by taking it out on Still Running, 37-16.  Shattered Dreams reached back into the archives for their name and even further back for a win, beating Losing & Boozing 33-22.

Brown Podcast Question: What is your bold prediction for this Division?

Losing & Boozing (0-1) vs Victorious Secret (2-0)

Victorious Secret seems to have re-committed to the team dynamic, but only time will tell if most of these ladies show up before and after their own games.  As always, they put up a lot of points, and have added a little defense to their recipe.  Losing & Boozing have been doing a little of both lately, and it looks like they may have gotten enough of a game plan together to put up a challenge.  This is the first of two for the Boozers. Victorious Secret 54-38

North Buffalo Knights (2-0) vs Show Me Your TDs (0-1)

The Knights of North Buffalo are well on their way to another Championship Game loss.  Their roster remains strong, although a little on the old side.  Show Me Your TDs lost a heartbreaker last week.  This will be their second game of the day...as always, the women will have to save the day. Show Me Your TDs with just enough 'oomph' left in the tank, 38-30

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