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Can I get a refund?

Refunds are offered in the form of site credits, which can be used towards a future registration with any of our upcoming leagues. We do not offer cash refunds.

What's with the questions when setting up my account?

In creating your user account, you may have noticed there are a number of typical, survey-type, demographic questions included in the form.

First, let me state that Game On! has never, and will never sell any member information to third parties.

Secondly, for those that are uncomfortable with the questions, they can select to Opt Out of many of them.

However, for those that are kind enough to provide accurate information, we will have a better understanding of our member demographics.  From this data, we can make better decisions regarding what new sports to offer, what events to run and what sponsors to bring into the league.

For example, if we find out 90% of our members are renters, then pursuing a landscaping company to offer discounted services to our members is probably not a good idea.  But, working with apartment complexes for deals would be a good idea.

Also, if we find a significant percentage of the member population has children, we might decide to investigate babysitter services for the fields.

The bottom line is the data stays in-house.

I am a Team Captain and need to invite players to my team.  How do I do that?

(1) Log into your account
(2) Go to your Dashboard page
(3) Find your team name in the table on your Dashboard
(4) Click the "Manage or Add Players" link under your team name
(5a) Select "Invite Players" from the drop down list toward the top
(6a) Enter email addresses into the TO field, complete the form and hit SEND
(5b) Select the COPY PLAYERS button toward the top
(6b) Select a past team from the drop down list
(7b) Check the players you want to invite, and click the INVITE button at the bottom of the page

I tried to register for a 2nd team in the same program, but the website won't let me.  Why?

Our rules do allow for you to be on more than one team in a program (sport), as long as those teams are in different divisions.

Unfortunately, the website will not allow you to join more than one team in a given program (sport).  We are working to correct this.  In the mean time, the workaround is to create an additional user account with a different email address to join your additional team(s).

Google makes it very easy to create alias accounts and have all emails to all aliases still end up in the same Inbox.  This way, you don't have to check different email accounts for your Team Invites and other league messages.  Simply add a '+something' between your username and the @ symbol.

For example, if your email was, then an alias could be

When a team captain is inviting you to join their team, and this is an additional team for you, please make sure they are using the correct alias email address.  Otherwise, the website will not be able to link your alternate account to the additional team.

In creating your alternate account and joining additional teams, you will still need to accept the waiver for each team joined.

Why have you changed some programs from a Team Pricing system to an Individual Player Pricing system?

In the Team Pricing model, the team captain was responsible for complete payment of the team.  More and more often, we have received concerns from team captains about the inability to front all the money for the team at once.  And then, there is the concern about not always getting fully reimbursed from their team members.

That is the reason for changing from Team Pricing (captain pays all) to Individual Player Pricing (each player pays their own way) registration model.

For those team captains that don't mind paying for everyone, they still have that option during registration.

Why do I have to have a minimum number of players on my team?

We set a minimum roster level to ensure teams will have enough players to consistently field a team.  This is similar to reverse where we have a maximum roster level in place to ensure there are not too many players on a teams and they get sufficient playing time and are not always on the bench.

Having a minimum roster level also helps to keep individual player prices down, as much as possible.  When setting the levels, we use historical averages for each sport.

What happens if you have a player that will only play in 1 or 2 games?  Do they have to register as a full price player to show up on the roster?

This question is referring to our Individual Player Pricing leagues.  The answer is NO.  If you have a substitute that will only play a couple of games, they can register using the Guest Pass program.

They will pay a reduced fee each time they play.  They will only be allowed to play in a limited number of games.  They will NOT be allow to participate in playoff games.  Pricing and number of games allowed varies by sport.  Refer to each sport's profile page and rules sheets for more info.

They will log in, register and pay for a guest pass on the day of the game.  They must show the staff and/or referees confirmation (printed or electronic) of their PAYMENT in order to participate that day.

More Guest Pass info and registration can be found on the website from the Guest Pass heading.

Why do I have to pay extra for the referee?  Isn't that included in my team fee?

The referees are NOT employees of Game On!  We utilize a number of different referee associations to officiate our games.  These game officials require payment, in cash, at the field, prior to the start of the game.  This is why the referee fees are not includes in your team fee, and you must pay extra. 

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