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Football Week 7 Social Sports World New Headlines

Hello October!

Here we go! Week 7. Get your final adjustments and team ready for the upcoming playoffs. We are in the final stretch of the season and we have some battles brewing for playoff seeding.

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Week 7 Headlines:

  • Slurpees blow a big lead in their matchup to Wanderers, lose by 1
  • Broken Record; - D1 Totes beats up on Just Get Open.
  • The Hulks out duel Can't Two Hand Touch This to take the victory by 8
  • Touch Football Mafia holds off Laces Out! in a crazy final 5 mins to win by 3
  • Fresenius B.I.G. continues to try and find their way in D2.
  • Our QB is Better Than Allen crushes Beer by 44 to show they belong in D1
  • Tap That Pass enjoys their final games in D3 by going 5-0 and beating Lava Covered Ninjas by 45
  • North Buffalo Knights take Shattered dreams down to the wire in the rain, lose by 3
  • Ampadu's Assets jumps from 5 to 1 in Power Rankings

Top Games:

Craigslist Killers vs. Tap That Pass

Craigslist Killers are 4-0. The teams they beat have a combined record of 4-21. This week they take on the top team in D3, Tap That Pass. This will be the best test they have had all season to show what kind of team they are. Craigslist Killers have the long ball, they have the speed. If they don't hit the long ball can they move the ball down the field? Tap That Pass has the defense to defend the deep shots. This one might get away from Craigslist real quick.

    Tap That Pass: -10.5

        Sizzurp Slurpees vs. Wanderers

        Here we are again. Sizzurp Slurpees take on the Wanderers for a rematch of last week. Slurpess had the game plan to beat them but the mistakes creeped up and Wanderers took advantage. This week will be the same. It will come down to mistakes. Gordon needs to use his girls and not force it to Earley. Limit the mistakes and they can win this. I don't see it this week though.

          Wanderers: -4.5

          Doesn't Matter vs. Just Get Open

          The most confusing team, Doesn't Matter, takes on Just Get Open this week for the right to claim the three seed for now. One week Doesn't Matter looks like they can beat anyone, the next they struggle against teams you would think they should dominate. Is it an attendance issue? Is it just the nature of the team? We will find out in their final 3 games. What QB will show up for Just Get Open? Will the real Jennings please stand up?

            Doesn't Matter: -5.5

            Weather: Cloudy and 70 degrees

            Week 7 Power Rankings:

            D4 - Golden Keg Division:

            1. Ampadu's Assets
            2. Still Running
            3. Shattered Dreams
            4. Goatsack!
            5. North Buffalo Knights Championship Team
            6. Boozin and Losing
            7. All Razzle No Dazzle
            8. People Units TFC
            9. Show Me Your Little TDs
            10. Kiss My Endzone
            11. Balls Deep


            1. Tap That Pass
            2. Touch Football Mafia
            3. Laces Out!
            4. Craigslist Killers
            5. It's For Fun
            6. Boats and Hoes
            7. Lava Covered Ninjas
            8. Aloha Brohas


            1. Totes McGoats
            2. Can't Two Hand Touch This
            3. Just Get Open
            4. Doesn't Matter
            5. Touchdown There
            6. Fresenius B.I.G
            7. The Hulks


            1. Wanderers
            2. Sizzurp Slurpees
            3. Our QB Is Better Than Allen
            4. Bad Friend Squad
            5. Remember The Beer

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