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Week 6 Social Sports World News Headlines

Week 6 is here. If your team needs to make a move in the standings, now is the time. We have a full slate of games set for this week.

Weather Update:

  • 71 and Cloudy with a chance of Rain

Week 6 Headlines:

  • Boats and Hoes lose to Laces Out! but show they can contend and play in D3
  • Laces Out! loses to Tap That Pass again for their second loss of the season.
  • Lava Covered Ninjas continue their downward spiral
  • Still Running takes down the top teams in D4 to get back to their winning ways
  • D1 Totes wins again in D2
  • Our QB is Better Than Allen doubles up Sizzurp Slurpees for their second win in D1
  • Just Get Open out duels Touchdown There to hold onto the 4th seed in D2
  • Doesn't Matter drops from 1st to 4th in Official Week 7 power rankings

Top Games this week:

  • Top two teams in D1 battle this week. Wanderers travel to Sizzurp Slurpees for their second meeting this year. Wanderers beat up on Slurpees and won by 14 in week 4. Gordon has his set plays and forces to Earley. If they want to win they will have to incorporate their girls more on early down and when the Wanderers do not expect it. They have the girls to take over games. The always good "Out and Up" play will be there. Gordon just needs to connect on it. This game will be closer than their first meeting. . .
  • Wanderers -8.5
  • All Razzle No Dazzle looks to keep their winning ways while Shattered Dream looks to get back to their winning ways in this D4 battle. Last week McKay and company took down the bottom half of D4 by beating up on Balls Deep and Show Me Your Little TDs. This week they have a tough competition against Ritz and his squad. Ritz has the players to stretch the field. All Razzle will be pumped up over their double victories last week. All Razzle better strike first and fast. This one might get away from them quick. If All Razzles QB does not make mistakes this could be close, will that happen?
  • Shattered Dreams -5.5

  • Two 1 win teams, Touchdown There and Fresenius B.I.G take the field at 1p. Touchdown There lost by 1 to a very good Just Get Open team who won D2 a couple of years ago. Fresenius B.I.G., was beat down by D1 Totes McGoats. B.I.G has held their own against D2 opponents. This will be a solid test. These teams love the long ball and have the speed to match each other. The difference will be B.I.G uses their girls effectively. It will come down to the end but the extra gender points will be the deciding factor.
  • Fresenius B.I.G. -7.5

  • Lava Covered Ninja vs. Boats and Hoes is a sneaky -Game Of The Week-. This will be a huge game for playoff seeding. Lava has been in most games but does not have the fire power or WRâ??s to keep up with the rest of the division. Finucane is doing his best to move the ball but forcing it has been the challenge. Gender plays and experience is keeping this team afloat. This game will be close. Boats and Hoes has a good defense and playmakers on offense. There will be an upset, if their team shows up.
  • Boats and Hoes -3.5
  • More Must Watch Games:
  • Laces Out! vs Touch Football Mafia - D3
  • Ampadu's Assets vs. Still Running - D4
  • Aloha Brohas vs. Boats and Hoes - D4
  • Totes McGoats vs. Doesn't Matter - D2 (Soon to be D1 next session?)
  • Bad Friend Squad vs. Wanderers

Week 6 Power Rankings:

D4 - Golden Keg Division:

  1. GoatSack!
  2. Still Running
  3. North Buffalo Knights Championship Team
  4. Boozin and Losing
  5. Ampadu's Assets
  6. Shattered Dreams
  7. All Razzle No Dazzle
  8. People Units TFV
  9. Show Me Your Little TDs
  10. Kiss My Endzone
  11. Balls Deep


  1. Tap That Pass
  2. Touch Football Mafia
  3. Laces Out!
  4. It's For Fun
  5. Craigslist Killers
  6. Boats and Hoes
  7. Lava Covered Ninjas
  8. Aloha Brohas


  1. Totes McGoats
  2. Can't Two Hand Touch This
  3. Just Get Open
  4. Doesn't Matter
  5. Touchdown There
  6. Fresenius B.I.G
  7. The Hulks


  1. Wanderers
  2. Sizzurp Slurpees
  3. Bad Friend Squad
  4. Qur QB is Better Than Lamar
  5. Remember The Beer

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