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Week 3 Pick Em's

Welcome Back!

Week 3 Pick Ems Entry Form

We in Vegas have been quarantined for over a year... in the hot desert... with a Bills face mask... a deflated football, sisters Netflix account, potato sack of beef jerky, now... empty wine cellar, and are finally ready to get back in shape and resume our weekly pickEMs for the most prestigious football league in WNY, Game On! Football. We hope to motivate, poke a little fun about our favorite football teams, and continue our 90% accurate weekly pickEM record. By The Way...we are Vegas after all! Also, listen to the On!Core Podcast.

Week 2 RECAP

Bodak yellow held onto the lead and beat Gucci and the Kanes by a score. The Wanderers in Wanderer fashion stayed consistent and beat Bad Friend Squad. Boozin and winning decided to beat bad ASSets.

Fresenius B.I.G. won two games by an insane amount of points, but has a low rating on the fashion runway, Jeans are not football clothing appropriate.

Talent Juice! flopped and lost to a revamped and hungry Bad Friends Squad 51 to 26. Game of the Week------ Totes McGoats vs. Talent Juice! saw Talent squeak out a two point win as Tim finally worked his offense.

Goatsack! smooshed, and smooched North Buffalo Knights by tripling the score. Touch Football Mafia used all their street knowledge to beat People's United Football. The surprising upset of the day Shake and Bake losing to Just Get Open 61 to 49.

And another insanely great game was ... Can't Two Hand Touch This scored 46 points and yet still fall to the Hulks who scored 48 points. We are confident Golden Arm (John Plunket) will have his team back on track this week and with Rochelle on their squad, we don't expect their spirits to be down for very long. The will get back at it this week.

To end the day, Laces Out beat up Still Running and Hulks ended the day winning again. Remember the Beer lost by a lot vs. Our team is better than Josh Allen (who their quarterback is very good). Super freaks slapped balls deep then lost to shattered dreams.

This is a great week to get back at it, as this week is Ralph week... You know the Bills Stadium. This is where the magic happens. Josh Allen Plays There!

GUCCI at Our Qb is Better Than Allen

Gucci has been in the league for more than a couple years now, with 1980's Western Movie Star Young Gun Kane at the helm... But this new team Josh Allen is very dangerous on both sides of the ball. Allen has a bunch of young talented and serious athletes to help win games and compete in D2. We're not saying Gucci doesn't have the Godly FirePower to keep up with this team. We're just saying they're not consistent enough to score drive after drive. Our QB is better than Josh Allen wins easy because it is Josh's Home Stadium - 40 to 22.

Boozin and Losing at Goatsack!

Losing and Boozin won two close games which makes them a serious threat in D4... we mean... if you can win very close games, you are competitive. Goatsack spends more time thinking of their weekly outfits, theme, and what food paring, or charcuterie board to bring to the field. They need to concentrate more on defense, but they have the most fun out of any teams in the league! Can Old Legend Andy Rowski get his head out of the champagne bar and put up 36 points to beat Bouzon and losing, who have averaged 35 points in two games. Boozing for Goatsack and Wining for the Losing Crew SACK 39-22.

Bodak Yellow at The Hulks

The Hulks are going to use the deep ball to beat Bodak yellow. 48 to 31. Green Shirt QB SMASH! If the yellow and black team thinks that they can play good defense and still win the game they have another thing coming for them. Bodak needs to score and keep up with the Hulks or they will be feeling melooooooo yellow

Wanderers at Totes McGoats

Totes has not beat the Wanderers in a very long time. In fact, the last time they did was at Highmark Stadium. If they intend on beating the reigning champs...Marty is going to have to not throw interceptions to the other team, specifically Sal or Mike O. from the Wanderers. Can Totes forget about the screaming fans and stay consistent on offence for 2 quarters? Win or lose we know one thing for sure, Marty will be rocking the bucket hat. Wanderers 48-40.

Can't Two Hand Touch This at Just Get Open

Two hand Touch have shown again in these last two weeks that they are able to hit the long ball, keep up with any team, and that they understand how to intimidate teams with awesome plays. Buffalo we mean Just Get Open are back at it again and are ready to re-claim their D2 dominance. Two Hand Touch by one point - 40-39.

Bad Friend Squad at Talent Juice!

If anybody has popcorn the Tim and Ginter rivalry is really starting to heat up and get interesting. These teams played in week one or two. It's great to see the Lime and Orange back out there again. We love everything about this game! If you can spectate this one it will be a great game to...oh fans - NVM Bad Friend Again 51-26 - same as last week.

Shake and Bake at Remember the Beer

We like this game is one of the best of the day. Both teams are still shaking off the rust from a year off and remembering to come back to the bar we mean football... when it is tossed your way. Both teams had decent games last week... but decent means a loss... and that they couldn't pull out wins.

This Ralph week it's going to be very exciting if Shake and Bake can find its females. Game of the week: Shake n Bake wins at the buzzer 31-29 - Beer has 6 QBs on their roster, when will this ever play an advantage in the games? (Taysom Hill just Joined Beer)

All Razzle No Dazzle at Watsons touch pass

Watsons won a close game and got beat up badly in the other. All Razzle is winless, but we are predicting a strong performance during the Stadium game. All Razzle and no Dazzzzzzle double the score and win 16-8.

Touch Football Mafia at Still Running

Still Running or Rundown is a returning championship team but playing very inconsistent. They are also lucky to be playing the very rare... two games at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Not only do they get a warm-up game, but they get another game directly afterwards. That being said BIG is a fashion nightmare, also defenses fear their long balls.... and short shorts. BIG pulls out the win 35-22 and BIG needs more jean material. Touch Football Mafia is an elite form of organized touch football Gremlins? We don't know much about the Mafia Crew but they are going to play Still Running the same way as they did last week and win 40-21 Mafia.

Balls Deep at Craigslist Killers:

Balls deep quietly wins at the Buzzer 30-23. That's It.

Should Have Gave The Ball to Marshawn Lynch at Laces Out!

If no one is familiar with this teams name, Pete Carroll the coach of the Seahawks is still regretting his decision to throw the ball to Malcolm Butler on the 1 yard line, to hand Tom Brady another Super Bowl. That play ruined the Seattle Seahawks dynasty run, and the ...legion of boom... defense fell apart after that game. That being said, Laces and Ray-Finkel play a little bit more consistent, good thing there are no field goals in our league. But... there are currently three point plays that teams are racking up. It's a tough game to pick, but we're taking Laces Out! because they have played as a team longer, and their QB keeps plays alive longer, even though Lynch is an awesome fun team. LacesIN WINS 37-30

Ampadu's Assets at Superfreaks

GAME OF THE WEEK candidate, both of these teams have shown amazing offensive efficiency. Ampadu averaging about 40 points a game n Super DUPER Freaks winning two games also... makes this an unbelievable match-up of 2-1 teams. This game may help one of these teams get in the playoffs or miss the tie breaker scenario. We like the drive and the total game performance of Assets, and they will win 32 to 30.

Shattered Dreams at North Buffalo Knights

North Buffalo is a tough team to predict... some weeks they come out and have insane offensive efficiency. And other weeks they can't score a point if they were bribing the referees. Dreams on the other hand lost a close game and won a close game so they are looking to grind it out and catch another win. We are predicting that North Buffalo sneaks out this win 23 to 20 but we are not betting on this game. Knights by a Field Goal.

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