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Week 5 Fall Football Social Sports World News Headlines

The leaves are starting to change. A cool, crisp breeze in the morning. Pumpkin spice latte's and apple cider donuts are becoming a morning staple. Yes, fall is in the air...and fall means FOOTBALL!

Week 5 is upon us and teams are starting to separate themselves. Who is going to be the surprise team this year? Who is making the jump up to a new division? All this will be settled in the coming weeks.

Weather Update: 78 & Sunny, light wind


  • D4- big match up in week 5 lived up to the hype with GoatSack! earning the victory over North Buffalo Knights Championship Team (NBKCT). If NBKCT wants to live up to their name they need to score more than 15 points. They have a lot of pre snap motion and like the deep ball. Mekker needs to take what the defense is giving him. Take the short throws. Move the ball.
  • Totes McGoats is continuing to prove they should have stayed in D1 with their easy win over Touchdown There without their starting QB Finucane. The way this is heading Totes will have their fun and be back in D1 where they belong and continue their mission to win a D1 Championship. They have the team to do it.
  • Show Me Your Little TD's continues to try and find their rhythm, losing again to Goatsack! by 33.
  • Wanderers come back after weeks off and pick right up where they left off.
  • It's for Fun gets their first win of the season against Lava Covered Ninjas.
  • Will Balls Deep win a game?
  • What happened to The Hulks? The masters of the regular season are off to a rough start.

Top Games This Week:

    • Game of the week! â?? Doesnâ??t Matter vs. Canâ??t Two Hand Touch This (CTHTT). Doesnâ??t matter sits at top of the D2 Division with CTHTT right behind them. Doesnâ??t Matter loves the long ball. If CTHTT can take that away and make Doesnâ??t Matter go the length of the field, that will be their best chance to win. On the flip side CTHTT has a QB that can make every throw on the field. When he rolls out the whole field is still available for him. This will come down to who has the ball last. Doesnâ??t Matter wins by a score.
      • Doesn't Matter : -4.5

      • Laces Out! comes back after 2 weeks off to face Tap That Pass in the second game of their double header. Laces Out! struggled against Tap That Pass, defense with Siclari, Laces QB, throwing 2 INT's in their last meeting. The first match up came down to turnovers. Tap That Pass had 1, Laces Out! had 2. That was the game. This game will be no different.
      • Tap That Pass: -7.5

      • Another match up for the title of best in the division is happening in the Golden Keg Division. Still Running and Goatsack! Battle to claim the mid-season lead in the division. Goatsack! Is a seasoned team that will keep it close. In the end I see Still Running pulling away. They have too much fire power and are enjoying their last season in D4.
        • Still Running: -9.5

        • Sizzurp Slurpees looks to brush off their loss to Wanderers last week. Wanderers stuck to their game plan of the last 10 years. Control the game. Control the clock. Score with girls. They took down Slurpees by 14. Sadly, I donâ??t see this game being any different. Slurpees have the girls to keep up with Wanderers but not the experience. Slurpess will keep it close but Wanderers will pull away in the end.
        • Wanderers: -12.5

        • Who is going to get their first win of the season? Kiss My Endzone and Peopleâ??s United TFC face off looking for their first victory. Both teams need to figure out their offensive strategy. Kiss My Endzone had a great first game against North Buffalo Knights Championship Team, since then, their offense has gone cold. Peopleâ??s United is still waiting for that break out game. We are in for a low scoring close game.
              • Kiss My Endzone: -3.5

              Week 6 Power Rankings:

              D4 - Golden Keg Division:

              1. Still Running
              2. GoatSack!
              3. North Buffalo Knights Championship Team
              4. Boozin and Losing
              5. Ampadu's Assets
              6. Shattered Dreams
              7. All Razzle No Dazzle
              8. Show Me Your Little TD's
              9. Kiss My Endzone
              10. People United TFC
              11. Balls Deep

              D3- Purple:

              1. Tap That Pass
              2. Touch Football Mafia
              3. Laces Out!
              4. It's For Fun
              5. Craigslist Killers
              6. Lava Covered Ninjas
              7. Boats and Hoes
              8. Aloha Brohas


              1. Doesn't Matter
              2. Totes McGoats
              3. Can't Two Hand Touch This
              4. Just Get Open
              5. Touchdown There
              6. Fresenius B.I.G
              7. The Hulks

              D1- Orange:

              1. Wanderers
              2. Bad Friend Squad
              3. Sizzurp Slurpees
              4. Qur QB is Better Than Lamar
              5. Remember The Beer

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