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Football Week 8 Social Sports World News Headlines

Two more weeks until the playoffs! Teams are starting to separate and get ready for their playoff run while others are fighting for seeding.


  • Cloudy and 72 with a chance of rain.

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Headlines from Last week:

  • Totes losses to Can't Two Hand Touch this by 30
  • Remember The Beer Continues their struggles against Bad Friend Squad.
  • Craigslist Killers finally get a taste of the top teams in D3. Lost by 34 and 44
  • Slurpees lose to Wanderers. . . . . .again
  • Touchdown There throttles Fresenius B.I.G 70-47
  • Lava Covered Ninjas beat down by Boats and Hoes.
  • Still Running continues their winning ways beating All Razzle No Dazzle
  • Laces Out! playing Ironman squeaks out a win against a good It's For Fun team.

This Weeks Top Games:

Touch Football Mafia vs. Tap That Pass

Game of the week? I would tell you this might be the game of the season so far. Touch Football Mafia vs. Tap That Pass. Both teams are undefeated and fighting for the #1 seed in D3. Tap That Pass has the speed that has beat every team in D3, they also utilize their girls. TFM utilizes their main weapon, Rylee and can score 8. Can Tap that pass stop Rylee? Can TFM keep up with Tap That Pass? Both QB�?�¢??s focus on their 1 read then start to scramble. Take away their weapons and see what QB can overcome it. It's going to be a good game. .

Tap That Pass: - 5.5

Cant Two Hand Touch This vs. Doesn't Matter

The Battle for the #2 seed in D2 happens at 1p on Field 3 Saturday. Can't Two Hand Touch This vs. Doesn't Matter. C2HTT is coming off an impressive victory over D1 Totes McGoats. I have been saying it all along. Their QB can make any throw on the field. If that team is clicking they can beat anyone in the league, including D1. Doesn't Matter continues their up and down season. They have the speed to outrun C2HTH but this will come down to QB. . .

Can't Two Hand Touch This: -7.0

Our Qb is Better than Allen vs. Bad Friend Squad

Slisz v. Ginter. Our QB is Better Than Allen vs Bad Fried Squad. If Bad Friend Squads squad shows up this will be a game. They have the speed to keep up with B. Slisz on the outside. If their team is shorthanded and playing with subs. This will get away from them real quick. I am going to go into this hoping their whole team shows up. If that is the case. I would come and watch. This should be a shootout.

Bad Friend Squad (with full team) : -3.5

Shattered Dreams vs. Boozin and Losing

Shattered Dreams plays Boozin and Losing for the right to claim the 5 seed going into the last week of the season. Shattered Dreams is making a good run this year coming off of their disappointing spring session. Ritz always has his team ready to play. If Ritz takes what the defense is giving him and throws to the girls in the slots this game could go their way. Boozin and Losing has been up and down since their big victory over Still Running. Trading losses and wins since then. They need this win to get back on the right track heading into the playoffs.

Shattered Dreams: -7.5

Games to Watch:

  • Laces Out! vs. Craigslist Killers - Can Craigslist show they belong against an ironman short handed Laces Out! team?
  • Bad Friend Squad vs. Sizzurp Slurpees - Getting things right to take on Wanderers in playoffs
  • Fresenius B.I.G vs. Hulks - Fighting for seeding in bottom of D2
  • Touchdown There vs. Can't Two Hand Touch This - This will be a shootout
  • Aloha Brohas vs. Touch Football Mafia - Aloha is a fun team to watch

Week 8 Power Rankings:

D4 - Golden Keg Division:

  1. Ampadu's Assets
  2. Still Running
  3. Goatsack!
  4. Shattered Dreams
  5. North Buffalo Knights Championship Team
  6. Boozin and Losing
  7. All Razzle No Dazzle
  8. People Units TFC
  9. Show Me Your Little TDs
  10. Kiss My Endzone
  11. Balls Deep

D3 - Purple:

  1. Tap That Pass
  2. Touch Football Mafia
  3. Laces Out!
  4. Craigslist Killers
  5. Boats and Hoes
  6. It�?�¢??s For Fun
  7. Lava Covered Ninjas
  8. Aloha Brohas

D2 - Yellow:

  1. Totes McGoats
  2. Can't Two Hand Touch This
  3. Just Get Open
  4. Doesn't Matter
  5. Touchdown There
  6. Fresenius B.I.G
  7. The Hulks

D1 - Orange

  1. Wanderers
  2. Our QB Is Better Than Allen
  3. Sizzurp Slurpees
  4. Bad Friend Squad
  5. Remember The Beer

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