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Fall 2020 Run Club Preview

Below is a blog post I wrote before the coronavirus hit the United States and sent a majority of us into quarantine. It was also before I became addicted to running as not just a hobby, but in many ways a lifestyle. I will provide a full update on my head first dive into the running world, and the path it has led me on, BUT for now, let's take a trip back down memory lane.

This is the first of many blog posts from Game On! as I have so many topics that I feel a desire to write about. Today, my focus is the Fall 2020 run club. It's one of our newer leagues and we are excited for its second session. We took some pros and cons away from session one, and as a result, we have made some positive adjustments to the program.

I write this on my phone as I am walking on the treadmill at my gym. I will be the first to tell you that running is not my thing, at least not since I was a kid with limitless energy. From time to time I have tried to be a runner but never felt the burning desire to stick with it. When I was in college at UB, I tried to motivate myself to get out of bed before work and run. My goal was to be healthier and thinner (that freshman 15 stays with you forever). I was a young adult, it was my first summer staying in Buffalo and I was working my first 40 hour a week job. I found it a challenge to motivate myself to get out of bed in general let alone early enough to go for a run. The track around Kunz field was a stone's throw from where I lived in Hadley Village, so it wasn't like I had far to go. When I did run, I was by myself and I would easily lose track of how many laps I ran. Sometimes I just cut my run short because it was easy to give up at a certain point, without anyone else there to push me. You'd think being on a college campus it would be easy to find other people to run with, but the place can become like a ghost town during the summer months. Plus, if you're not familiar with the location, it can be difficult to navigate the area outside of the campus and surrounding neighborhoods. So, that ended my running days haha! I spent most of the summer playing pickup basketball with a foreign family and their son, none of which really spoke English.

Fast forward about 11 years, and here I am working for Game On! I have met so many amazing people playing football, hockey, softball and managing events. Then comes the proposal that we start a run club. Now you'd ask yourself, "Tim hated running, why would he want to start now!?" Well there's several answers to that. First, it was something my wife was on board with (also not a runner) and I wanted something for us to do together. Second, I know the feeling of trying something new, and the anxiety that comes with running a league or putting on an event. I have always appreciated when my friends came out to support me, so I wanted to do the same. Last, I am competitive, both with others and myself, so I accepted the challenge of attempting to run out of my own free will.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. But, with the run club being formatted in a way where I didn't need to decide where I was running or how far I was running (several distances are provided with GPS like turn by turn directions) it was easier to show up week after week. Run club is team based, I had the knowledge that while I was suffering through this run, at whatever pace I could manage, so was everyone else! The sense of comradery was something I previously didn't have. It was a good reason to keep going, finish the course, and get back to our start location to hang out with everyone. Which, in the end, I guess is what this was all about for me, another good reason to spend time with my friends. For those who are new, it's a chance to make new friends, and together try something new and perhaps challenging.

Who knows, maybe you could care less about others running and everything about being in the run game is self-fulfilling. Maybe, you are just a straight glutton for punishment of your own body and are looking for another reason to run as you prepare for that next half marathon (there's always another one right?) Maybe, the satisfaction from the soreness that comes with running is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Maybe, you're that person who can't sit at home for one second and have severe FOMO (you know who you are). Or, as our friend Christian would say DOMO (Do Or Miss Out). Maybe, you love doing things and this is just another thing to do.

Whatever the reason, I personally enjoyed the experience and I am looking forward to the return of Run Club. I look forward to taking out the reigning champs, Jeff's Kitten Mittons, and meeting some new folks along the way.

You can head over to our registration page to get all the details, and be sure to check out our social accounts to see some of the fun we had in the Elmwood Village last Spring.

See you all tonight at Del's as we venture out into the North Buffalo Community!


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