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Fall Football Week 2 - Social Sports World News Headlines

The Weekly Pick Em's are back! Make your selection from this weeks slate of games here

On to this week's Headlines that have been scrolling the bottom of the Social Sports World News

Week 1 is in the books. Onto week 2!

Headlines from week 1:

  • Aloha Brohas struggle in their return and fall to Doesn't Matter by 51
  • Laces Out! looks rusty with bad decisions and drops. Fall to the top dogs in D3 by 11
  • Lava Covered Ninjas grand return was spoiled by Doesn't Matter.
  • Touch Football Mafia wins a shoot and looks like they haven't missed a beat
  • The Hulks put up 78 and cruise to victory over
  • GoatSack! Looks to be in mid-season form on their march to the Championship game.
  • Remember The Beer gets a taste of D1 and losses to Bad Friend Squad by 10
  • Slurpees shows they still have it by taking down Our QB is Better Than Lamar by 12
  • Still Running puts up 66 in their return to D4.
  • Doesn't Matter is moving back up to D2
  • It's For Fun is moving down to D3

Week 2 Top Games:

Totes McGoats vs. The Hulks. 

The Hulks are coming off of a 78 point performance last week but I do not see them doing it against Totes. This will be a battle of the top teams in D2. The Hulks will have to keep to their strategy and move the ball quickly. Hurry up will be their friend against the classic Totes 2 deep safety defense. If the slots are open I can see The Hulks moving the ball with ease. Totes offense has fire power and can keep up. This will be a game of who makes the first mistake and who has the ball last.

The Hulks -6

    Fresenius B.I.G. vs. Doesn't Matter

    Fresenius B.I.G. got a taste of D2 last week losing to The Stunners a.k.a Just Get Open. Their offense can move the ball but the question I have is, if the deep ball is not there, can you score? This will be a game of the long ball. Doesn't Matter plays the same style. The team that can't connect on the long ball will get stuck in 3-2s, and 5-1s deep in their own end. This will be another shootout and a fun one to watch.

      Doesn't Matter -5.5

      All Razzle No Dazzle vs. Peoples United TFC

      All Razzle No Dazzle and People United TFC meet in week 2 trying to avenge their struggles in week 1. Both are coming off of losses with games that got away from them. All Razzle dropped down to D4 to rebuild and get some chemistry. Their QB can make plays and just needs better decision making in early downs. People United didn't have the firepower last week against a vet team in Boozin and Losing but if they keep that same style of play with some big pops on offense they can keep up with All Razzle.

      All Razzle No Dazzle -7.5

      Our QB  is Better than Lamar vs. Sizzurp Slurpees

      Our QB is Better Than Lamar struggled to move the ball against Slurpees with their back up QB in. This week will be different. Slurpees got lucky facing Lamar with their QB out and their best WR having to play QB. Bad Friend Squad showed why they are the 2nd best team in D1 last week against Beer. If you need a game to watch this one will be it. Both teams have speed, good QB play, and fast WRs. Turnovers are going to be the deciding factor in this one. Justin will need to take what the defense is giving him and utilize the 10-12 yard plays and not force the long ball. A must watch game.

      Bad Friend Squad -4.5

      It's For Fun is dropping to D3 to regroup while Craigslist Killers are moving up to D3. This will be a fun game to see where these teams sit. I take nothing away from Its For Fun's first game. I think we will see a completely different team this week playing against the right competition. Fun has some weapons and utilizes them well while Craigslist is not a flashy team, but a very smart team. I see this one getting away from Its For Fun late. Prove me wrong Its For Fun?

      Craigslist Killers -10.5

      Week 2 Power Rankings:

      D4 - Golden Keg Division:

      1. Still Running
      2. GoatSack!
      3. North Buffalo Knights Championship Team
      4. Boozin and Losing
      5. Ampadu's Assets
      6. Kiss My Endzone
      7. All Razzle No Dazzle
      8. People's United TFC
      9. Shattered Dreams
      10. Show Me Your Little TD's
      11. Balls Deep

      D3 - Purple:

      1. Tap That Pass
      2. Touch Football Mafia
      3. Laces Out!
      4. Lava Covered Ninjas
      5. Boats and Hoes
      6. Aloha Brohas
      7. Craigslist Killers
      8. It's For Fun

      D2 - Yellow:

      1. Totes McGoats
      2. Just Get Open
      3. The Hulks
      4. Doesn't Matter
      5. Can't Two Hand Touch This
      6. Touchdown There
      7. Fresenius B.I.G

      D1 - Orange:

      1. Wanderers
      2. Bad Friend Squad
      3. Sizzurp Slurpees
      4. Our QB is Better Than Lamar
      5. Remember The Beer

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