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Social Sports World News **Fall Football Session Headlines**

It's been a crazy Football Off-Season. Here's the rundown.

Moving up award:

  • Craigslist Killers won D4 and moves up to D3
  • Fresenius B.I.G won D3 and moves up to D2
  • Qur QB is Better Than Allen won D2 and moves up to D1
  • Remember the Beer moves up to D1

Division 1

  • Two teams from D2 make the jump to D1. After a battle in the D2 championship with Qur QB is Better Than Allen taking the title Remember the Beer was not having it. They are chasing Allen and entering D1. D1 is new territory for QB Allen and for Beer. Do they have what it takes to beat the Wanderers?
  • Slurpees making their return. Gordon and Early are bringing the band back together and have 1 thing on their mind. . . ..Take the title. Do they have enough fire power?
  • Totes McGoats and Talent Juice! in D1, no more. Totes McGoats, in rebuilding mode, have dropped to D2, where they will look to compete for a Championship.
  • Talent Juice! Captain Tim Sugrue, with a broken elbow, elected to put the Talent Juice! name on hiatus. " Only Sugrue's have QB'd Talent Juice!, and that's how it will stay". Can anyone repeat what Talent Juice! Accomplished during their time in D1? Two Championship appearances, and the only team in the past 7 years to take down the Wanderers and claim a D1 title.

Can anyone beat the Wanderers? Is everyone afraid of D1? Few teams have voluntarily moved themselves into D1. Most pass at the opportunity..We get it, who wouldn't want to win a division and then move up? Wanderers are seeing it as teams being scared. Is there a Talent Juice! in D1 this year to bring them back down to earth?

Golden Keg Division!

It is going to be a fun ride.

  • North Buffalo Knights already changed their name to "North Buffalo Knights Championship Team" Has the Golden Keg already been claimed. Only time will tell.
  • Will Goatsack! Avenge their D4 Championship loss from last season?
  • Ampadu's started the spring session off HOT, but cooled off as the temps got warmer. Will it be the reverse for the Fall Session? Will they get hot at the end of the season and carry that into the playoffs, the championship?
  • Will Balls Deep get out of their own way and be victorious? With all their newfound free time, will the Goungo's return to the field in peak form, having trained all off-season?
  • All Razzle No Dazzle and Still Running take a step back into D4 where they hope to compete for a championship. It's been a rough ride in D3 for All Razzle but with second year QB Clay back at the helm, they hope to make a run at a D4 title. Still Running is looking younger and faster, and with another year under his belt at QB, Al is ready for another Championship.

Division 3

  • Lava Covered Ninjas are back! Marty and Steff Finucane said "Bye Bye" to Laces Out! and brought back an old team from the grave. Are the new look Lava ready for D3?
  • Is this the year for the Kings of the Regular Season Laces Out! To earn their first Championship?
  • Touch Football Mafia! A successful Spring Session saw them fall short of a championship, but with a majority of the squad returning for Fall, they hope the continuity will propel them to the finals this season.
  • Aloha Brohas, looked to be the most prepared team at scrimmage week, with each player having the playbook on their wrist, allowing them to audible at the line of scrimmage. Not much is known about this squad, but first glance says, they ain't messing around. Look for them to make some noise in D3
  • Tap That Pass nearly pulled off the perfect season in D3 last year, but fell short to the B.I.G. in the championship game. To say they have some unfinished business is an understatement. They are the odds on favorite to win D3.

Division 2

  • Touchdown There returns after taking the spring Session off.
  • It's for fun returns, after taking off..::checks notes:: the past 8 years off as Captain Austin last participated in Spring of 2013. Welcome Back!
  • The Hulks have been up and down through the years, on both ends of the spectrum. Will this be the year they put it all together?
  • Just Get Open, Just get the Stunners back together.
  • Can't Two Hand Touch this is just a couple of plays away from a top D2 team or even. A D1 team. Can they put it all together and make the jump?

The door is wide open in D2. The top 2 teams from last session moved up. This is a prime opportunity for someone to take down the title and join them in D1. Hulks? Stunners, I mean Just Get Open? Will Totes be 1 and done in D2? Will Can't Two Hand Touch This be changing their name to Can't #1 Touch This? Can the B.I.G. Make it back to back? Touchdown There makes their triumphant return. Their final game in Fall of 2019 saw them fall to Remember the Beer, a game that comes with an * as Touchdown there was without their star QB Tony at the helm. Is this their year to ascend to D1?

As Chris Berman famously said. "That's why they play the game"

Pre-Season Rankings:

Golden Keg Division:

  1. Still running
  2. GoatSack!
  3. North Buffalo Knights Championship Team
  4. Ampadu's Assets
  5. Show Me Your Little TD's
  6. Kiss My Endzone
  7. Boozin and Losing
  8. All Razzle No Dazzle
  9. People's United TFC
  10. Balls Deep
  11. Shattered Dreams


  1. Tap that Pass
  2. Laces Out!
  3. Touch Football Mafia
  4. Doesn't Matter
  5. Aloha Brohas
  6. Lava Covered Ninjas
  7. Craigslist Killers
  8. Boats and Hoes


  1. Totes McGoats
  2. Just Get Open
  3. Touchdown There
  4. The Hulks
  5. Can't Two Hand Touch This
  6. Fresenius B.I.G
  7. It's For Fun


  1. Wanderers
  2. Bad Friend Squad
  3. Sizzurp Slurpees
  4. Qur QB is Better Than Allen
  5. Remember The Beer

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