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Bar Madness Elite 8

Downtown Buffalo Division

#1 Founding Fathers v #2 Matinee 

#1 seed Founding Fathers found themselves in a very close match up against the #5 seed Fat Bob's. This game went into overtime after being tied 72 a piece. The Founding Fathers offense was working the Fat Bob's defense end to end, driving through the paint and stepping back to the 3 point line. Both teams left everything they had on the court with the towel boys getting plenty of action on the sidelines. With 30 seconds on the game clock in overtime, Founding Fathers called a timeout with possession. It was again tied at 113 a piece. Founding Fathers quickly huddled around the dry erase board as they reviewed their final play. The whistle was blown, the ball was put into play and the crowd was hushed. Founding Fathers moved the ball around the court as the play clock and game clock ticked down. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...swish, 2 points at the buzzer.

With a 115-113 win, Founding Father's will match up against the #2 seed and powerhouse Matinee. Matinee comes into the elite 8 after dominating their opponent the #6 seed Big Ditch 241-116. Matinee has stomped through their competition as they relentlessly drop shots from the 3 point line. Their crafty play calling moves them around the court with ease and opens their offense for point after point. They are just as quick on defense, moving aggressively to block shots and intercept passes. Matinee will be a strong competitor for veteran establishment Founding Fathers. Both teams will fight hard to win their spot in the final 4.

West Buffalo Division

#6 Spotsmen's Tavern v #13 Casey's Black Rock

The #9 seed and veteran to the Buffalo bar scene, Allen Street Hardware, falls to the #13 seed Casey's Black Rock, 282 to 68. Casey's Black Rock will advance to the elite 8 against the #6 seed Sportsmen's Tavern. Sportsmen's Tavern comes into the match up after defeating the #15 seed and fan favorite, Thirsty Buffalo 185 to 142. It was a regular tennis match between these teams as their offense went end to end putting up point after point. As the final minutes ticked away, the Sportsmen's Tavern defense became a wall that Thirsty Buffalo could not pass. 

Both Casey's Black Rock and Sportsmen's Tavern enter the elite 8 after putting up big points in the preceding rounds We will be looking to see if the Sportsmen's Tavern defense can show up once again and slow Casey's offense. They will need to if they want to make this round a good fight.

North Buffalo Division

#9 Lloyd Taco Factory vs. #2 Cole's

Sterling Tap and Wurst had Lloyd on their heels and playing from behind the entire game up until the final TV timeout at the 4 min mark. Head Coach Yuri, rallied the troops and gave what some have called "the best mid game pep talk they have ever heard". His squad came out of the break on fire, going on a 20-0 run to take the title and seal themselves a spot in the Elite 8. 

Cole's has not done anything flashy throughout this tournament, but have been a mass that has been difficult to move off of its course. They took care of business with a solid victory over Elmo's who appeared to loose some of their steam as they got deeper into this tournament.
This is going to be a tough match up for Cole's. Lloyd is on a path to the final four and the country believes in them. The spread on this one is +20 and the over/under is 175. The talking heads are picking Lloyd in this one.

South Buffalo Division

#1 Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern vs. #14 Overpass Pub

Adolf's star-tenders have become fan favorites ten-fold in this tournament. And, after another dominating win, they are etching their names in the Bar-Madness history books. With a whopping 234-78 win over #13 seed Potters Field, Maurine and Mel led their team to victory, but have yet to celebrate. They still have business to take care of, and the Elite 8 is not where they want their season to end.They will be taking on Overpass Pub who rode their fan support all the way to the Elite 8 after taking down #2 the Blackthorn 236-146. 

The upstart program at Overpass Pub has set the tone for themselves in future seasons. Their fans are going to expect greatness in future tournaments, and those of us here on the selection committee feel they will have no issue delivering on that in the years to come. Overpass will face it's biggest challenge yet in this tournament as they take on Adolf's who have dominated the competition throughout. Will they continue to use their underdog mentality to power them through to the final four? Will Adolf's overlook this next match up and spend their week playing ring-toss instead of studying game film in preparation? If their star-tenders stick to the weekly routine, and Coach Mike can keep them on course, we will be seeing them in the Final Four come this time next week.

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