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Bar Madness - Field of 64 Match Ups

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South Buffalo Division

#4 The Bar-Bill Tavern vs #13 Potters Field Restaurant & Pub

Bar-Bill had a strong start to the season but stumbled during conference play, and failed to make their conference championship. But historical they have done well in the tournament.

Potters Field Restaurant & Pub relatively unknown outside of the conference, are ready to turn some heads in the tournament this year. They live and die by the age old motto. May you never lie,cheat,steal or drink. But if you must lie, lie down like all of our opponents do in our wake. If you must steal, steal the ball from your opponents and score points. If you must cheat, do it like the patriots and get away with it. And if you must drink, drink with us, your friends and your new favorite team in this tournament.

#3 The Barrel Factory vs. #14 Overpass Pub

Both squads are new to the game in this years tournament with but have come on strong in their young history.

The Barrel Factory's tag team duo of Lakewood Spirits and Pressure Drop Brewing, allow them to work the ball down low, but drop the ball in from just about anywhere on the court. Each component of their offense works seamlessly together to churn out an offense that runs like a well oiled machine. Braketologists have them make it as far as the Elite 8 in this year's tournament.

Overpass Pub having recently overhauled their program this past off-season are a relatively unknown squad and might be making some viewers do a double take. Who? But don't let yourself be a band wagon fan down the road when this squad makes a deep run in the tournament. Their whole squad has bought into what their coach is selling and win or lose as a team. Expect them to spread the ball around perimeter to get the open shot from downtown.

#2 The Blackthorn vs. #15 Talty's Tavern

Pubs have always been places to gather and chat and the Blackthorn is no different. A program that conveys its warmth and character to their recruiting class. They treat fans as family and are always assuring the bandwagon is never full. The people, after all, are the heart and soul of their program. Look for them to win over the hometown crowd early.

Talty's Tavern feature an old fashion style of play. They are true to their roots in the heart of South Buffalo. Their fans often get into the game (after a few stouts start flowing) with their program's many fight songs. They may not be dominate during conference play, but in March, when games matter, they thrive. Look for them to make a run at the #2 seed Black Thorn. Bracketologists are predicting a close match as these two South Buffalo Establishments square off against one another.

#7 Duende at Silo City vs. #10 Mammoser's Tavern and Restaurant 

Duende at Silo City. A squad that jumped out to the selection committee. Their creativity on offense is truly a work of art. It causes an "unexplainable stirring of the soul that happens in the depths of creating and experiencing great art." They are the evocative expression that calls to your creative self. To say they are must see, would be an understatement.

Mammoser's hails from out Far South Conference in Hamburg, NY. Their hometown fans love them and have shown their unconditional support since they launched their program decades ago. They thrive on defense and look to keep the score with ball control the ball, often running the shot clock down to zero. They will have their hands full with Duende well crafted offense.

With two different styles of play this game is anyone's for the taking!

#5 Swannie House vs #12 Ebenezer Ale House

Swannie House, a program historic in nature. Their existence in this scene predates the invention of Basketball as a sport. Your great grand parents have stories about their time spent here. They have seen it all and are a resilient squad. They will have no issue taking on any opponent in this tournament and will be well prepared for any game plan they may face.

Ebenezer Ale House clinched their spot in the tournament after winning their conference finals for a third straight year. They are favorites in their neck of the woods, and have a fan base that is willing to travel to support their squad. Coaches Nate Springer and Shawn Schweis have worked tirelessly to build this program since 2011 and have been destroying the competition in their region ever since they came onto the scene. They are primed to make a deep run in this tournament.

#1 Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern vs. #16 Daly's Bar

Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern, a selection committee favorite is poised to make a run deep in this tournament. A team that once they get their fingers on the ball thrive driving to the basket. The fan experience during halftime features their legendary ring toss game who's "winners" receive a mix of "prizes" for their participation. Their star bartenders are fan favorites and often pack the house long after the game has ended. They will look to put up points and get the crowd going early!

Daly's Bar. A small program with big ambitions in this tournament. They take the underdog mentality and embrace it to it's full extent. Much like their counterparts in the South Buffalo Conference they have a lot of fight in their game and are sure to put one up in this match up. Expect them to come out in the full court press in an attempt to get Adolf's off their game early as they look to upset a ranked team in the tournament.

#6 O'Neills's Stadium Inn vs. #11 Nine-Eleven Tavern

O'Neill's Stadium Inn knows how to work a large crowd, gain their trust and put on a good show. A great place to hang out with your friends. O'Neill's often find them in the center of it all, each and every year. They consistently make a deep run in the tournament and look to do so again this year. But they face a squad in 911 Tavern that is looking to make noise with an upset win.

Nine-Eleven Tavern often spoke of highly among the best at their craft in the region. They have a game plan and run it to perfection. They stumbled during their conference play this season, but came on strong in the conference tournament and were granted an at-large bid by the selection committee. Their fans love them, and are always out to recruit supporters for this neighborhood establishment.

#8 Doc Sullivan's vs. #9 Gene McCarthy's

We have a close match up between this district rivals. South Buffalo vs. Old First Ward. Only one shall pervail and move onto the field of 32.

Doc Sullivan's has overhauled their program in the past few years and have been on the upswing. A program rich in it's Irish History, located in the heart of South Buffalo. They feed off of the culture surrounding their facility. They are a gritty squad who likes to work the ball down low and play strong aggressive defense. They often get teams into foul trouble, and beat you at the free throw line.

Gene McCarthy's with some strong investors in their program over the past 8 years which had injected new life into their training and treatment facilities keeping their players healthy all season long and in peak physical form on game day. They come in as an at-large bid by the selection committee who favored their play at the beginning of the season during non-conference play. Their showing in the B12 Conference (Brewery 12). New to their play sheet this season, the Teleporter, a play that when executed correctly is nearly unstoppable will be difficult for teams to stop in this tournament.

Downtown Buffalo Division

#3 Misuta Chows vs. #14 Sidelines Bar and Grill

Misuta Chows had a dominating undefeated season, but fell in the Main St. championship to Matinee. A triple overtime game where both teams scored over 200 points. Records fell every which way. It must have been all the arcade game practice for Misuta Chows, or the selection committees infatuation with the arcade game Off-Road, that gave them the highest seed for an at large bid in the tourney. Misuta Chows, with their high-powered offense, is going boom or bust on their way to a Bar Madness championship, but first they have to get through:

Sidelines, with the model of consistency, never fell to far behind, or got too far ahead of their opponents. Always in the top 50 but never able to crack the top 25 rankings. Upending Misuta Chows in the 1st round would prove their growth over the last year. Analysts have found about a new secret late game play, called the "Hey there Brother!" Insiders believe they have a secret friendship with Hulk Hogan.

#6 Big Ditch vs. #11 Angelica Tea Room

After dramatically winning Buffalo Brewers Conference Championship over Resurgence, Big Ditch received an automatic bid to the big dance. They continued doing what they have been doing all year long, throwing Hayburners, whoops, haymakers at their opponents in the final ticking seconds of each game. Word is that Big Ditch originally was seeded higher, but after a refusal to provide the selection committee with haymakers, whoops, Hayburners, their position was relegated. They were quoted as saying, "Our product on the floor speaks for itself." The selection committee apparently tried slurping the floor after this comment.

Angelica's Tea Room has natural talent. Some say they like antagonizing their opponents into making mistakes. Cynthia, the Assistant Manager, Captain, and overall underling to Angelica, said "We play our game within the rules, if you Rugrats don't like that, go play somewhere else." Angelica's Tea Room is looking to continue their ascension. They won their finals in the Tea Conference, though the selection committee is looking into this matter. It appears they are only team participating in the Tea conference. The selection Committee is looking into their bylaws to get them moved into a more "competitive" division.

#4 Lucky Day vs. #13 Local Kitchen + Beer Bar

Local, with a very worldly defense, is tough to beat in the paint. Only perimeter offenses had any "luck" against them this season. They like to hold their ground, drive down low, and take it to the rim. Ironically in their "to the point" offensive mantra, their defense has catered to exotic looks from as far as Australia and China. Look for this team to cross up the competition, while looking for the upset.

Lucky Day does not need "luck" to overcome the opposition. With a sophisticated offensive structure, melding power and agility, they have had some nice balanced finishes to their games, some would call it old fashioned. This team releases shots, pinkies up, with a cool swish sound in the air.

#2 Maitnee vs. #15 Sky Bar

#2 Matinee has one of the best scouting departments in the tournament and the region overall. They often study film from as far back as the early 1900's, when film was first coming onto the scene, with motion pictures. They know all styles of play and how to match up with their opponents. Their ability to make in-game adjustments keeps them in the game until the end, and it is something their fans love and appreciate. It keeps them coming back all season long. They are a selection committee favorite and well deserving of a two seed in this tournament.

#15 Sky Bar has the endurance to keep up with any team in the tournament. They train at high altitudes, allow them to outlast the opponent and deliver that knockout punch when the clock is ticking down. Their favorite play. The Alley-oop. And they run it to perfection, putting the ball up there for all to see and slamming it home for the points. This is fun a bunch to watch and they treat the court like a dance floor. Look for them to try and win the local crowd over early on.

#7 Labatt Brew House vs. #10 Bottoms Up

The Labatt Brew House all though it's venue is young, their program is rich in history. They often are changing up their game plan to keep opponents from focusing on any tendencies they might have shown on the coaches tape. With ties to the northern land, they are a friendly and but uber competitive. They will knock you down and offer to help you back up. They find themselves in the tournament after beating Lockhouse in the Cobblestone Conference Finals, by a margin of 67-65. A nail biter that came down to a last second shot.

#10 Bottoms Up. A squad that throughout the season always has a slow start to games, but are always strong to finish. They often get hot late in the game, and once the ball is rolling, there is no stopping this team. It's party til the end. It's where fans fall in love. Some of the best memories have been made in their arena. Many have been forgotten. We don't see that being the case in this years, tournament. Bottoms up is poised to make you remember and braketologists have them making a run to Sweet 16 in this years tournament.

#1 Founding Fathers Pub vs. #16 Electric Avenue

Founding Fathers comes into the tournament as the number one overall seed in this tournament (or at least the selection committee member who is writing this feels that it is). Founding Fathers is a squad that always keeps you guessing. And you may never have the write answer to defeat them at their own game, which through years of practice they have perfected. They always keep the fans coming back for more year after year. They are that entertaining to watch. Their long-time head coach Mike Driscoll, is the winning-est coach in this tournament. His legacy will live on forever with the program, and in the hearts of the City of Buffalo. They are the favorite to take it all.

Electric Avenue is a place that if you haven't been, you should check it out at least ONCE, in your life-time. I don't think you can say that you have lived life to its fullest without having been to a game here. And not just poked your head in. You need to watch the warm ups, the game, and see the staff come through and clean up the arena. Electric Avenue comes into this tournament as a 16 seed, and they may have the toughest match up in the tournament. But do not count them out. They are low key, some people's favorite bar to bar to visit, it's a guilty pleasure. They play a full court press, and don't mind playing a physical. They have outlasted many programs throughout the years, and though they may not win this year, we can assure you they will be back. They are reliable and you can count on them to be there for you at any hour of the day. Expect them to make a strong push against Founding Fathers.

#5 Fat Bob's vs. #12 Curtis Hotel

Fat Bob's is off the beaten path, but those who know where to find them, love em. They boast a savory play sheet that packs a lot of flavor. Each play is the brain child of their head coach whose nickname is the "Texas Smoker". They like to play their game "low and slow!". They take all the time on the clock that they can, and work the ball down low to their bigs. This style of play is something they have developed since the beginning of the millennium, and has garnered them several championships throughout the years. They will look to grind this one out against the Curtis Hotel.

Curtis Hotel also feature a slow game and they are all about ball movement, often dishing the rock around, and around, and around, and around the arc until they find the open shot. They love shoot from outside the arc, and rely on 3 pointers to win them ball games. When they are on their game, they can put up some points. If the Fat Bob's stick to their game, Curtis will have their hands full with this game.

#8 Bada Bing vs. #9 Soho Buffalo

The seeds may be close in numbers here, but the selection committee has been feeling an upset ever since they selected these two at large bids into the tournament.

Bada Bing after having built a new arena a few years back has been all about the presentation, and what there fans want to see. Don't let their name fool you, this isn't the mobster team you may be picturing in your head, or the college party bar you are envisioning. This program plays by the rules, and there is only one way to experience it and that is to see it with your own eyes. They have the widest variety of talent that can appease the likeings of any fan. If there is something you want to see, trust us they have it. They are in the entertainment district and that is what their squad does is entertain. Look for some electrifying plays and top 10 highlights from this squad.

Soho Buffalo, is a program that through their history has been able to adapt to the current times. Their offense is always evolving which has kept them in the tournament on a consistent basis. Their arena is one of the most visible in the entertainment district, and the fans love the site lines. It one of the best places to take in a game. Their squad relishes the opportunity to show off their talents and create a fun atmosphere, that keeps the arena packed.

West Buffalo Division

#5 Nietzsche's vs. #12 Sports City Pizza Pub

Nietzsche's has had some of the best unknown (at the time) star power come through their program before hitting it big in the Pro's. Their head coach knows how to get the best out of any players skill set and gel them together on the court. They will be a tough match up for Sports City Pizza Pub who's program has come on strong over the past few years during conference play. They finally made the push this year and won their conference tournament to land them a spot in Bar Madness. They hope to make some noise by upsetting a Top 25 squad who is no stranger to the big stage.

#8 DBGB's vs. #9 Hardware

DBGB's loves to put on a show and they know what to do with the rock in their hands. They are loud and proud and will certainly look to win over the local crowd early on in the game.

Hardware. The name says it all. This place has the tools to win against anyone, and they always have something in their back pocket (or room) to keep their opponents on their toes. Their ability to work both the frontcourt and backcourt is unparalleled in the tournament and will prove difficult for any opponent they may face.

#4 Allen Burger Venture vs. Casey's Black Rock Tavern

Allen Burger Venture like to slow down the pace of the game, before delivering the knockout punch to their opponent. Their play sheet (menu) is, given their style of play, considered one of the best in the tournament. (Essentially their burgers are amazing and you should make a trip to see them play in person.)

Casey's Black Rock recently overhauled their program, but have officially completed their rebuild and are ready to get back in the game (literally). Their style of play is a modern version of the what made teams amazing in the 80's. They like the ball movement and can hit a shot from anywhere outside the arc. Look for them to put up points in this one!

#1 The Place vs. #16 McGarrets

The Place comes into the tournament as a selection Committee Favorite. Played a solid 2-3 zone all season. They follow their game plan meticulously and have played an amazing perimeter game. Their "Tom & Jerry" set play led them to the #1 seed. McGarrets has squeaked into the tournament after winning in the Finals in OT to Nine 29. They are an entertaining squad who often feature live music to pump up the crowd upon their entrance. They are at their best when playing on their home court, so we will see how they fare on a neutral.

#6 Sportsmens Tavern vs. #11 Falley Allen 

Sportsmens Tavern comes in as a 6 seed going head to head with the #11 seed Falley Allen. Sportsmens had a consistent regular season with their high low offense. Their roster boasts players of all ages, and if they are not in scoring form while on stage they're rocking out every weekend with strong defense. Their home venue gives fans a view from above, and they rely on their home court advantage during league play.

Across they way they will find an up and coming opponent in Falley Allen. Their Allen St conference is packed with seasoned vets, this team burst its way onto the scene with young talent. Falley Allen is a perimeter shooting team that could dance their way to the final 4.

#3 Essex St. Pub vs. #14 Brick Bar

Essex St Pub, like their team, could be a low key hidden gem in this year bracket. If they're not shooting 3's from anywhere, or as they would like to call it "shooting pool" they are blasting their opponent with new and exciting music from their bench. Don't let the look of this team fool you. They're here to play and compete with the best of them. In order to move on Essex's will have to go through one of the staples in this bracket.

The #14 seed Brick Bar. Tales have been told of this team in every generation. In the early years they were running a basic offense they called "Ovi splits". In recent years they moved to a more exciting form of offense to please the younger generation. Don't let the low seed make you think twice. This team of 4am'ers and touchtune players can win it all.

#7 Lenox Grill vs. #10 Cantina Loco

Lenox Grill comes in as a #7 seed and via an at-large bid from the selection committee. Their wide variety of beers gives them the versatility to appease even the casual fan. They are a well coached team with an offense that keeps players open all day all week (even on Sundays). They appreciate their fans, and typically pack the house in on Monday's with their widely popular $0.64 cent wing night.

But Lenox Grill can not look past their first round opponents. With a match up against #10 Cantina Loco, they will have their hands full. Cantina likes to work the corners on offense and utilize a 2-3 zone on defense nicknamed the 2 Tequila 3 Taco as they have the size down low and guards on the outside with an uncanny ability to force their opponents into making bad decisions with the ball.

#2 Gabriel's Gate vs. #16 Thirsty Buffalo

Gabriel's Gate, year in and year out, no matter the turn over in the program, have solid squad that has them at the top of their division and a top seed in the tournament. Their players along the wing are always elite, due to the culture their program has instilled over the years. They are often the top destination when it comes to recruitment from outside of the region and for good reason. They do not disappoint.

Thirsty Buffalo, is just that. Thirsty. They are made the Tournament playing fast and look to put up points. They can hang with anyone in the tournament, and employee the volume shooter mentality. After expanding their facilities a few years back they have been able to increase their enrollment. This has paid dividends in their recent recruitment efforts.

North Buffalo Division

#2 Cole's vs. #15 Caputi's Sheridan Pub

Cole's. Tried and true. A well established organization who has a culture surrounding it that other programs look to emulate. Coming in a number two seed bracketoligists are predicting them to make a deep run in the bracket.

But Caputi's should not be overlooked. Their non-conference play to start the season sat well with the selection committee and resulted them getting their seat in the tournament this year and they are not going down without a fight.

#7 Dwyer's Irish Pub vs. #10 Snyder Bar and Grill

A tough match between these two squads. Dwyer's ability around the wing and has been a stable in their game plan year in and year out. Much like the Irish in their name, their ability to throw it back is matched by few. Their opponent is a neighborhood favorite and the committee liked their strong play in the conference semi-finals, enough to grant them an at-large bid into the tournament this year. Their transition game has given teams fits throughout the year, and they will look to do the same in this match up.

#3 Elmo's vs. #14 Devlin's Deuce

Elmo's has played well all season. Their "Double Dip" offense has scored them high points all season. They have their eyes set on the sweet 16 and beyond. Lets hope they're not looking to far in advance as they play Delvin's Deuce (Deuce)in the first round. Don't over look this scrappy team from Tonawanda. Their strong following will travel and cause some noise. Deuce's defense will have to show up in order to keep up with Elmo's. Deuce is known to run their signature offense. Deuce runs specials all week, lets hope they have something "special" in their bag to come away with the upset.

#6 Central Park Grill vs. #11 Sidebar

Both of these blue collar teams fought their way through their conference brackets with tough defense and cheap drinks. CPG karaoke their way around the competition to secure their spot in the tournament while Sidebar had to relax on their patio for a couple of days to get their minds ready for the big games. Both earned a spot and both are looking to advance.

#5 Oliver's Restaurant vs. #12 Sterling Tap & Wurst

Oliver's, rich in it's history, secured their spot in Bar Madness following their conference tournament victory over Hutch's, punched their ticket to Bar Madness. Oliver's game features a high level of finesse with an exquisite play sheet. Sterling Tap & Wurst feature a more "Blue Collar" gritty style of play and will look to rattle their opponent by playing strong in the paint and crashing the boards. Each unique in their own right, this one should be a good match up!

#1 Del's taking on #16 Gecko's Bar and Grille

 Don't let the rankings fool you, this one will be a close match up. Both squads are known for their ability to run up and down the court all game for a full 40 minutes (All Day) game and at the end of the game (night) neither should be counted out.

#8 Mes Que vs. #9 Lloyd Taco Factory

Both squads are very technical in their approach, often mixing several ingredients into their game plan?. Look for Mes Que to come out of the gate early (sometimes as early as 8 AM. But Mes Que is known mostly for their Soccer Program and Lloyd, in their signature green, will look to slow down their cross street opponents and Lloyd has been playing at an ELITE Level coming out of the conference finals! This one is anybody's game!

#4 Dalmatia Hotel vs. #13 M T Pockets Bar

Dalmatia Hotel comes into the tournament with an at-large bid and are a selection committee favorite. Their game features a wide variety of shots (sauces as they call them), they can score from just about anywhere on the court. A squad that can appease just about any fans palate.

M T Pockets love the full court press and taking it to the hole and beat you at the foul line.

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