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Bar Madness Final 4

North v South

#9 Lloyd Taco Factory v #1 Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern 

The #2 seed Cole's came out to a fast start in this one against the #9 seed Lloyd Taco Factory, but Lloyd had been saving their secret play for just the right moment. A play they picked up from watching reruns of the Nickelodeon Television show Hey Arnold. Down by two with the clock winding down Sarah, one of Lloyd's star-tenders, was fouled while driving to the hoop. After Sarah drained the first free-throw head coach Yuri called a time out. "If we make a two pointer instead of a free-throw, we win the game. Let's do that play we worked on at the park, the one from Hey Arnold. Sarah, you put the ball where it needs to be and the team will take care of the rest." Instead of making the free throw to tie the game, Lloyd purposely missed the shot, snagged the rebound, kicked the ball out to the perimeter and worked it back around to Sarah at the top of the key. Swish. Game Over. Lloyd Taco Factory is headed to the final four. A heck of a game to get them there. Congratulations to Lloyd for winning the North Buffalo Division of this year's Bar Madness!!

But their season does not end here. No. They will be taking on the South Buffalo Division Winners and #1 seed Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern. Possibly Lloyd's biggest match up to date.

Adolf's took down the #14 seed Overpass Pub 223 - 137. We can't go any further before giving our hats off to Overpass Pub for their strong showing in the tournament. Coming into the Tournament as a 14 seed, and making it all the way to the Elite 8 is a heck of a season and one they will look back at fondly. We hope to see them back here again next year. Can anyone stop Mel and Maurine? This tag team duo will go down in history as one of the best Bar-Madness has ever seen. In their match up against Overpass Pub they were unstoppable. You try to double cover one, they feed it to the other. Drive to the hoop or pull up a jumper. Three pointer, or alley-oop. Doesn't matter. They can do it all. There are a few weak spots in their game. And despite their best efforts, Overpass could not "overcome" this opponent (pun intended).

Lloyd will have their hands full with this one. They will need to step up their game on all fronts if they want to find themselves in the final championship game. Adolf's will need to stick to their game plan, and keep doing what they do best! Scoring Points!

Best of luck to Both Lloyd and Adolf's in this North Buffalo vs. South Buffalo showdown.

East v West

#13 Casey's Black Rock v #2 Matinee 

The #13 seed Casey's Black Rock powered through their final West Buffalo Division match up against the #6 seed Sportsmen's Tavern 302-256. Both teams had tremendous support from their patrons who have stuck by their side throughout the tournament. As predicted, the game started fast with both bars dropping 3's and driving hard to the net. Fans were on their feet at tip off and never stopped cheering. The environment in the arena was electric. Casey's defense showed up big after halftime and gave them the edge. Their offense drove up a lead and never looked back. Sportsmen's Tavern worked hard this year and won some impressive match ups in this year's tournament, but despite a valiant effort came up short in the final West Division game. They hope to be back here again next year, and we expect to see them.

Casey's will go on to challenge the Downtown Buffalo champions and #2 seed Matinee. Matinee comes into the Final Four strong after a massive upset of the #1 overall seed in the tournament Founding Fathers by a score of 306-96. Founding Fathers, a veteran club in this tournament, were a fan favorite to win it all. Their traditional style of ball was not enough to keep pace against the younger crowd at Matinee. The game started out fast with each team putting up points and matching one another, shot for shot. Once Matinee settled down during the first TV time-out they figured out quickly how to pick apart Founding Fathers defense, drew up a scheme on the fly and following the break surged ahead by 50 points before the half. Founding Fathers could not catch up and the fans at Matinee began celebrating the win early, downing their favorite craft beers. Fans at home could hear through the TV broadcast chants of "MAT-UH-NEE, MAT-UH-NEE" as the final minutes ticked off the clock. Casey's Black Rock v Matinee will be a big contest against two strong competitors. It will be a game for the ages. Fans will be on the edge of their seats for this one!!

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