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Bar Madness - Field of 32

North Buffalo Division

#1 Del Denby's vs. #9 Lolyd Taco Factory

#1 Del's took down Gecko's Bar and Grille, in a game that came down to the wire. But with less than a minute to play Del's was strong at the foul line, and able to pull away with a high scoring 90-83 victory.

Lloyd Taco Factory pulls off the upset victory over  Mes Que in a high scoring affair. Mes Que came out of the gate strong, but was ultimately unable to overcome the Lloyd. Head coach Yuri has built a juggernaut of a squad, who carried over the elite play we saw in the conference tournaments to the big dance. This is a squad that looks primed for a run to the final four. Any team that's path to the championship goes through Lloyd is going to have a tough time.

But Del's has a resilient team who knows how to grind out victories at the end of the game, while playing lock-down defense. Head Coach Elizabeth Daly has faced elite squads in the past and is not afraid to take on their Hertel Avenue Conference Rival. Expect this one to go down to the wire. There's a lot to love about both teams. This will be a game the masses will want to tune in for!

#4 Dalmatia Hotel vs. #12 Sterling Tap and Wurst

Sterling Tap and Wurst come away with our first 5 over 12 upset of the tournament with a 77-55 win over Oliver's Restaurant. Sterling Tap & Wurst played to their strengths and when the shots weren't falling, Tap and Wurst hauled in the rebounds. Oliver's fell into foul trouble early on, they had difficulty with defending against the drive to the hole, and trailed the entirety of the game.

Dalmatia Hotel was able to clear the bench in this one. Even the towel boy got to play a few minutes in what was an out and out blow out victory 212-77 over M T Pockets. Fans were stunned in this one. Perhaps M T Pockets were out a bit too late the night before.

Dalmatia may have coasted into the second round, but their match up against Sterling won't be an easy one. They are going to have to make sure their shots are falling early, as Tap and Wurst will take advantage. If the shots are falling for Dalamtia and they can stay out of foul trouble, Sterling Tap and Wurst might have a tough time going shot for shot with the fine folks at the Hotel!

Another solid match up! Look for Dalmatia to put up points early and fast to build up a comfortable lead.

#3 Elmo's Bar and Grill vs. #6 Central Park Grill

The Deuce's defense proved no match for Elmo's double dip offense as they fell in a landslide 109-45. Elmo's got off to a big lead early, controlling the pace of the game for all 40 minutes. The Deuce fans were sad to see their team exit the tournament so early, but they came out to greet their squad as the bus pulled back into the team facility. Making the tournament this year was a success in itself, and they hope to be back again next year.

Central Park Grill would also dominate their opponent in their first round match up taking down Sidebar 169 to 89. Despite a strong defensive showing throughout the regular season, there isn't much you can do to defend a team that is draining 3's from anywhere behind the arc, and that is exactly what Central Park Grill did. The Main Street staple played fearlessly in the first round, and if they can carry that play into their matchup against Elmo's they may find themselves sitting in the Sweet 16 come next week.

The two higher seeds have advanced in this match up, and the crowds are excited for what should be an offensive battle between these two cross-town rivals. Central Park Grill was one of the first bars to open in Buffalo and has succeeded this long due to its atmosphere driven by its superb staff and assistants. Their stellar nutrition program always has their athletes at their best on game day. They are hungry and ready for an upset over Elmo's. If they can stay hot from outside the arc in this second round matchup, they will see themselves dancing into the sweet 16. Elmo's will look to stick to their game, as it has not failed them yet. The Gourmet Magazine favorites to win it all, will look to execute their double dip offense and put it on CPG to figure out how to stop it.

#7 Dwyer's Irish Pub vs. #2 Cole's

Dwyer's ran Snyder Bar and Grill up and down the court all game, and the Amherst favorite, could not keep up. Dwyer's was dominant in all phases of the game. Their ability to pull up from behind the arc while in transition and drain the three, proved to be unstoppable as they rolled Snyder Bar and Grill 125 - 42. As the clock winded down, their fans, as is tradition for all of their victories, chanted their team motto - �?�¢??May the luck of the Irish Lead to happiest heights, and the highway you travel be lined with green lights, Sl�??�?�¡inte!�?�¢??"

Cole's almost let their matchup against Caputi's slip away from them early on as Snyder Bar and Grill came out firing on all cylinders. Their lead was as large as 12 during the first half. But once Cole's settled into their game and started working the ball around the arc like a carousel and feeding it down low, they were able to take control of the game and even the score by halftime. Caputi's were on their heels the rest of the way and Cole's took advantage ultimately defeating Caputi's 204 - 104.

Dwyer's vs. Coles. This is going to be a good one. Expect a fast paced game with a lot of offense. The fans are excited, WE are excited. Expect this one to come down to the final seconds. Our resident psychic is predicting Dwyer's winning it at the buzzer with a three pointer from 35 feet out.

West Buffalo Division

#1 The Place vs. #9 Hardware

It would have been a big upset if the number 16 seed, McGarrets overtook the perennial powerhouse and number 1 seed, The Place. The younger crowd didn't show up against the tough competition and The Place overtook the game 67 to 53. The Place will face off in round 2 against the number 9 seed Hardware on Allen. Hardware comes into round 2 after defeating DBGB's 72 to 54. It was a close match down to the finish. The late night crowd at DBGB's couldn't pull through against Hardware's well known in the front and party in the back. Round 2 will be a fierce competition between these two well established Buffalo bars. Can the Tom and Jerry upset the mullet? We will be watching on the edges of our seats. Get your votes in and share away.

#12 Sports City Pizza Pub vs. #13 Casey's Black Rock

Who is Sports City Pizza Pub and where did they come from? The number 12 seed SCPP dominated the veteran number 5 seed Nietzsche's 113 to 80. SCPP will go on to face the number 13 seed Casey's Black Rock in round 2. Casey's enters round 2 after they wiped the floor with the number 4 seed Allen Burger Venture 179 to 98. Allen Burger Venture's defense couldn't hold strong against Casey's never ending party. Fans packed the arcade to watch the big game and celebrated the victory into the early morning hours.

#6 Sportsmen's Tavern vs. #14 Mulligan's Brick Bar

After a fight broke out in the 3rd quarter, the number 14 seed Mulligan's Brick Bar stumbled past the number 3 seed Essex St Pub 120 to 112. Brick Bar will face the number 6 seed Sportsmen's Tavern in round 2. Sportsmen's Tavern is a new and promising bar on the scene and they are sure to give the well seasoned Brick Bar a run for their money. Sportsmen's Tavern pours their way into the round 2 after defeating the number 11 seed Falley Allen 125 to 49. Fans of Falley Allen circled to the bar in support of their team but they just couldn't get it together as Sportsmen's Tavern dominated on all levels.

#10 Cantina Loco vs. #15 Thirsty Buffalo

Some say it was an upset and some say it was certain. Number 15 seed Thirsty Buffalo upset number 2 seed Gabriel's Gate 165 to 120. Gabriel's Gate wings and chicken sandwich couldn't catch a break against the well established Thirsty Buffalo atmosphere. Buffalonians of all ages flock to Thirsty Buffalo and it powered them through round 1. In round 2, Thirsty Buffalo will take on a relatively newcomer establishment to the Buffalo Bar scene, the number 10 seed Cantina Loco. Its Elmwood Ave vs Allen St. The American grill vs margaritas and tacos. Cantina Loco comes into round 2 strong after defeating the number 7 seed Lenox Grill 102 to 95. Can the burritos of Cantina Loco upset the bros of Thirsty Buffalo? Keep an eye on the polls to find out.

South Buffalo Division

#1 Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern vs. #9 Gene McCarthy's

Adolf's flexed their muscles as a power 5 program, as they obliterated Daly's Bar 247 - 83. Head Coach Mike Burns told his star bartenders Maureen and Mel to take control of the game and that they did. The two would combine for a total of 221 points, 75 rebounds, 22 steals, 35 blocks and 45 assists. Both achieving the rare single triple, quadruple-double.

Gene McCarthy's took the opposite approach in their 72-58 victory over Doc Sullivan's. A low scoring game that saw Gene McCarthy's control the time of possession, taking the shot clock down to at least 5 seconds on all their possessions. Their ability to finish was the key to their success, and they thrived on the mistakes made by Doc's throughout the game.

Word among-st the beat reporters is that Gene McCarthy's has a special game plan brewing to stop the startenders of Adolf's. Only time will tell which one of these Old First Ward staples will be moving on to the Sweet 16. Click on the image below to send your favorite bar to the next round!

#5 Swannie House vs. #13 Potters Field Restaurant & Pub

Swannie House continues their streak of making it to the field of 32 with as they took care of business with a victory of #12 Ebenezer Ale House. There was nothing flashy about this game, just good solid fundamental basketball by Swannie house, as they take down the West Seneca Favorite Ebenezer Ale House 86-43.

Swannie will be taking on #13 Potters Field Restaurant & Pub who upset the Top 25 Ranked Bar-Bill in a high flying, high scoring game that saw over 399 points scored between the two teams. Unfortunately for Bar-Bill, 257 of those points were scored by Potters Field. This neighborhood bar came to play, and took advantage of Bar-Bill peeking ahead to their potential match up in the second round. They celebrated their victory as is their program's tradition, drinking with their friends!

Can Swannie stop Potters Fields Momentum? Or will we see another massive upset in the second round!? Vote to find out! Just click on the image below to send your favorite squad to the next round!

#11 Nine-Eleven Tavern vs. #14 Overpass Pub

Blue Chip vs. Up and comer. Staple vs. Newbie. This next match up is one for the ages. #11 seed 911 vs. #14 seed Overpass Pub.

911 has been a must see for years. Always providing their best while staying low key to the media. 911 cruised past O'Neils in the first round 75-47. 911 used their secret sauce to dominate O'Niels. O'Niels didn't think the game started until September. Let's hope 911 doesn't over look Overpass in this round.

#14 Overpass had a tough fought matchup in the first round bearing Barrel Factory 88-78. Barrel Factory had their full starting lineup of Lakewward Spirts at PG. Elevator Alley Kayaks at SF. Pressure Drop Brewing at C and Buffalo Best Cucina at PF. It still wasn't enough to take down the Cinderella story in the making, Overpass Pub

The O/U on this game is 150. With these high powered offenses averaging 79.5/per game I would bet the house on the over. Take you winnings and run.

Prediction: Overpass

#2 The Blackthorn vs. #10 Mammoser's

With Spring in the air and the last of the snow and ice melted, the bicycles are back on the pavement in the city of Buffalo. Groups of riders flocked to the hidden gem and number 7 seed, Duende at Silo City as they took on the number 10 seed Mammoser's. It was a low scoring game as Mommoser's surged ahead to round 2 defeating Duende 63 to 36. 

Mammoser's will take on the Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub who enters round 2 after beating Talty's Tavern 91 to 25. Mammoser's, the local tavern and restaurant, is ready to go head to head with the well established Blackthorn Pub. Both venues are featured on the Buffalo Wing Trail and fans will need to show up to root their favorite South Buffalo haunt to victory.

Downtown Buffalo Division

#1 Seed Founding Fathers vs. #9 Soho Buffalo

Founding Fathers cruised past Electric Ave into the Second round, while SoHo won a nail biter against Bada Bing.  Two very even teams in SoHo and Bada Bing, took it down to the wire. Bada Bing couldn't overcome the full-court press to get a clean shot away to send the game into overtime.  Founding Fathers knows they are in for the long haul in this Tourney.  Coach Mike has the team running like a well-oiled machine. Just trying to chip away at each round, focusing on making it to the Final Four, hoping that no games land on the first Tuesday of the month.  SoHo, now knowing how to win the close game, hopes Founding Fathers looks past them and takes them lightly.  Will SoHo, somehow come on top against the over Tourney #1 seed?  Or will Founding Fathers continue to cruise these questions towards the Championship?

#4 Lucky Day vs. #5 Fat Bob's

Fat Bob's and Lucky Day both played well in their first round matchups and made it look easy.  Now they each look to this matchup as their first real test. Neither team has any glaring weaknesses to exploit.  Fat Bob's with their low and slow game plan, taking advantage of every second on the clock. Some things are just better slowcooking, errr slowplaying them. 

Lucky Day will continue their balanced offensive attack, which can be deceiving.  You may think that they are going quick to punch you in the mouth with their scoring, then they take a subtle shift down low, with a smooth finish to the net.  

Which team has the game plan better tailored to play against their opponents?  The low and slow time management offense of Fat Bob's, or the balanced 1-2 punch and counter of Lucky Day?

#6 Big Ditch vs #14 Sidelines

Big Ditch threw their Hayburners, I mean Haymakers at Angelica's Tea room, coming out with the Dub.  It goes to show that when you win a conference by default, those teams just are not ready for the Big Dance; it was visible in Angelica's Tea room's play.

Sidelines pulled off the upset over Misuta Chows.  Either it was the Hulk Hogan inspired gameplay, or the fact Misuta Chows had other things to worry about.  In a post-game interview, Misuta Chows was noted as saying, "We know this is a letdown, but we are making internal moves like a daft punk to come back harder, better, faster, stronger"

Will those Big Ditch Hayburners, err, haymakers keep knocking opponents out and Make fans Want To Stout? Alternatively, will the model of consistency in Sidelines, with some Hulkamania level play, outdo and upset another higher seed to move on?

#2 Matinee vs. #7 Labatt Brew House

When Matinee made their grand entrance to the floor, Sky Bar was shook.  Skybar was obtuse to the acute skill disparity between the teams. Whichever angle they looked at it, Skybar was overmatched. With plays from all eras, because they are students of all game film, Matinee reeled in the win.  Skybar had no chance out of the gate, while Matinee came to play with more highlights.  

Labatt Brew House, with their wildling friends to the North, topped off Bottoms Up.  After saying "sorry" Labatt invited Bottoms Up to their grand Hall for a feast. Some with horns, others with steins, everyone present revealed in the folk songs of glory and comradery.  "To the next one" heard among the raucous crowd, but to the next game or the next beer is the question.

Will Matinee have enough classic game film on Labatt Brew House to continue their march in Bar Madness?  Will Labatt Brew House, overcome the reverie and drudges from their grand soiree, to pull off the upset? 

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