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Bar Madness Sweet 16

West Buffalo Division

#9 Allen Street Hardware v #13 Casey's Black Rock

We have made it to the sweet 16, folks. The number 9 seed Allen Street Hardware upsets the number 1 seed The Place 120 to 81. They will advance to the sweet 16 against the number 13 seed Casey's Black Rock. Casey's comes into round 3 after crushing the number 12 seed, Sports City Pizza Pub 266 to 196. It was a hard fought battle with a lot of fans showing up for their team. In the end, the seasoned guards for Casey's Black Rock kept hitting their 3s which ultimately powered them into the sweet 16. 

#6 Sportsmen's Tavern v #15 Thirsty Buffalo

The number 6 seed, Sportsmen's Tavern, will take on the number 15 seed, Thirsty Buffalo in round 3. Both teams come into the sweet 16 after dominating their opponents in round 2. Sportsmen's Tavern beat the number 14 seed and much beloved late night Buffalo Bar, Mulligan's Brick Bar, 96 to 57. Mulligan's Brick Bar came out ready to play but just didn't have the stamina to pull through for the win. Thirsty Buffalo comes into the 3rd round after defeating the number 10 seed, Cantina Loco 132 to 63. The Thirsty Buffalo offense hit the court hard and never let up, while their defense seemed to stay a step ahead of the opponents at every turn.

North Buffalo Division

#9 Lloyd Taco Factory vs. # 12 Sterling Tap & Wurst

#9 Seed Lloyd Taco Factory marched onward to the Sweet 16 after taking down their Hertel Avenue neighbors, and #1 seed in the North Buffalo Division, Del Denby's 110 - 65. A statement win for Lloyd. It has become clear that head coach Yuri has his squad playing with a chip on their shoulders. They have used their #9 seed as bulletin board material in the team locker room. "The selection committee didn't believe in you!!" "They didn't think you had what it takes". It's safe to say Lloyd is happy to be in the Sweet 16, but they are not yet satisfied. They want the championship, and anything less will be unacceptable. 

Sterling Tap and Wurst, another underdog squad playing with a purpose, took down Dalmatia Hotel 59-44 in a close low scoring affair. Sterling Tap & Wurst did what they do best, controlled the pace of the game, rebounded well and played with solid fundamentals. The shots did not fall for Dalmatia in this one. Their hot streak that we saw in the first round did not translate, and with Sterling Tap & Wurst slow pace of play, they were unable to get into a rhythm. 

But Sterling Tap and Wurst are going to need to put up points in order to stay with Lloyd in this one. The squads are both familiar with one another, as their playing facilities are just steps from one another. With the way Lloyd has been playing, they are going to be a tough match for anyone. We expect to see them standing among-st the Elite 8 this time next week. 

#3 Elmo's vs. #2 Cole's

Cole's game came down to the wire as Dwyer's Irish Pub gave them a run for their money. But at the end of the game, Cole's showed their ability to finish a close game with a 75-71 victory. They were strong at the foul line, which is an area teams need to excel in if they want to make it far in this tournament. 

Elmo's is proving they were worthy of their #3 seed in this tournament. Their offense may not have put up a ton of points in their victory but when your defense only allows 31 points over 40 mins, they don't need to. Elmo's takes the cake here and moves onto the Sweet 16 with a 51-31 victory over Dwyer's. 

Elmo's vs. Cole's. #2 vs. #3. This one is going to be a battle for all 40 minutes of the game and it will get heated. Expect a few coaches to get "T" up in this one. It's tough to make a prediction on which of these two powerhouses will prevail, but polls are showing the scale is tipping towards Elmo's coming out on top. Our resident psychic predicts a pull up jumper from the foul line will put the icing on the cake for Elmo's as the buzzer sounds. 

South Buffalo Division

#14 Overpass Pub vs. #2 The Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub

The Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub was always popular in Buffalo, and after taking a trip to flavortown with Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-In's and Dive's they burst onto the national scene.Their program has flourished since, and after taking down Mammoser's 58-15, they find themselves sitting in the Sweet 16 for the fourth straight year. A game in which Blackthorn's defense was stout. Their full court press to start the game kept Mammoser's from even getting close to the basket, and once the game was in their hands, they locked it down and rode out the clock. 

A Cinderella story is exactly what they are as #14 Overpass Pub takes down #11 Nine-Eleven Tavern 230 - 114 to advance to the Sweet 16. It is safe to say that several teams in this tournament underestimated newcomers Overpass Pub who have taken the nation by storm. They have become a fan favorite of the tournament. Everyone loves an underdog, and the fans of teams that have been knocked out of the tournament have jumped on the Overpass Bandwagon. 

Overpass will have another tough matchup against Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub, but they have shown they are not afraid of any opponent in this tournament. Blackthorn will need to put up more points in this game if they want to advance to the Elite 8.

#1 Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern vs. #13 Potter's Field Restaurant & Pub

Adolf's star tenders Mel and Maurine continued their hot streak, as they led their team to victory over Gene McCarthy's 184-102. Gene McCarthy's played a solid game up until the TV time out at the 8 min mark in the second half. From there on, Adolf's dominated that game and are sitting pretty in the Sweet 16. They will be taking on Potter's Field Restaurant & Pub who advance to the Sweet 16 after the selection committee was made aware of a points shaving scandal involving their opponent, resulting in their disqualification from this year's tournament.  

Adolf's has proven themselves as a Top 5 team in the tournament and worthy of their #1 seed in the South Buffalo Division. Will Potter's Field be up to the challenge? Who will move onto the Elite 8? Can Potter's field get back their groove from Round 1 to challenge the Star-tenders? Only time will tell. 

Best of luck to both teams! 

Downtown Buffalo Division

#1 Founding Fathers vs. #5 Fat Bob's

Founding Fathers just continues to roll through the competition, downing SoHo in a game that got out of hand way sooner than expected.  Coach Mike preps and questions his team on the hour, just making sure that they stay on point. Fat Bob's on the other hand, won a nail-biter against Lucky Day.  Lucky Day tried for the rare 4-point play with seconds on the clock to tie; making the first foul shot, then intentionally missing the second to go for a three pointer.  That failed as they actually made the second foul shot, dooming their chances for overtime. 

Founding Fathers continues to cruise.  Does Coach Mike have the team mentally prepared for a close game that may go down to the wire? Fat Bob's winning a by-the-nose finish, has their mental game ready for any type of game to be played.  Will that be enough against the dominating force that is Founding Fathers? 

#2 Matinee vs. #6 Big Ditch

Big Ditch toppled one the Tournament darlings in Sidelines.  Big Ditch's win looked comfortable, but they were never out of Sidelines striking distance.  It must have been Big Ditch's Berry good Vision, keeping Sidelines at arm's length the whole game.  Matinee on the other hand, won again by jumping out to a big league, never looking back at Labatt Brew House.  Questions now circle, asking why Matinee was not a #1 seed. Most believe it is because they play in the toughest division in the bracket, the Downtown Division.Will Big Ditch continue to have 2020 Vision and Lock in to the Elite 8 with a big upset?  Their tough schedule this year prepared them for games like this. Can Matinee, with their mantra of "Good Times.  Great Vibes" continue to streak like lightning into the next round? This will be a matchup of Hayburners, err haymakers, vs. elegance.  Will strength or dexterity win this one?

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